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The number one fitness and fat loss system engineered to get results consistently and succeed where other programs fail. CANCELLATION POLICY: Elite Fitness Training requires a 30-day notice to cancel memberships. For the camper who really wants to shed pounds over the summer, a weight loss camp may provide just the right environment for success. Nutrition, exercise, behavior modification and fun activities are combined in a weight loss camp, where individualized attention and group support abound. If your child is overweight, avoids physical activity and has poor eating habits, discuss with him or her benefits of attending a weight loss camp dedicated to helping participants achieve fitness goals. In a camp designed to promote weight loss, your child won't be singled out for her size – everyone is in the same boat.
There are many options available for children who aren't interested in a traditional camp experience.
A wilderness camp can teach survival skills and allow participation in rugged outdoor activities, experiences your child may have thought were to difficult to try. Some camps revolve around health and fitness from the inside out, offering a spa-like program of self-improvement and personal fitness training that emphasize a holistic approach to achieve personal and physical well-being. Whichever weight loss or fitness program is best suited to your child's personality and interests, it is vitally important that his expectations and the program's goals are parallel. Valerie has been with us for over a year since we opened Rancho, she has gone from an inactive lifestyle to hyperactive! Lynn began her transformation before finding The Camp but has been with us for about a year and just look at the transformation! Rebecca joined The Camp for what she thought as a temporary thing, but now it has become a way of life for her.
It’s one of a kind and you have to preserve it as best you can for a great quality of life.

For more info on eating clean come to our next grocery store tour on March 19 at 6pm Sprouts in Chino. Watch Alexandra 7 FREE Videos and learn the secrets to slimmer, sexier body in the next 90 Days.
WellBalance, a leading fitness and weight loss camp with a location in northern California for ages 10 – 20, proudly announces the hiring of Christine Johnson.
WellBalance campers will learn the ME Plan designed to Motivate & Educate on what works for lasting teen fitness and weight loss.
WellBalance by the Bay fitness and weight loss camps in Santa Cruz, California opens June 24 and runs for 8 weeks. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Your information will not be shared, sold or exchanged with anyone outside of the scope of this service. Campers take home a feeling of confidence that can manage and maintain a healthier lifestyle. In a program where all the campers face similar challenges, your child won't have to be afraid of being teased or looked down upon. Instead of starving campers and exercising them to the point of exhaustion, today's programs involve nutrition counseling, personalized exercise regiments, behavior modification techniques and group activities that center as much around fun as they do around fitness. In this setting, your child's self esteem can blossom and continue to grow long after camp has ended.
Kids are not punished for being heavy – they are taught to recognize why they may overeat and are given methods to make different choices to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many camps combine adventure, wilderness, dance and sports themes around a weight loss program. In a safe, structured environment, your child can get involved without the worry of being the slowest, or not having the physical strength to undertake tasks.

A focus on positive body image, self-esteem, physical fitness are key aspects of camp of this nature, much the same as weight-loss camps, but reflective activities are also on the roster that offer inner body training as well as outer body, like tai chi, yoga and meditation. Kids who achieve the most access will have found the summer experience empowering and motivating.
Johnson will lead children, teens, and young adults at WellBalance weight loss camp in Santa Cruz, California.
Founded by professionals and guided by experts who have led some of the largest behavioral health, mental health, and treatment programs in the country, WellBalance is working to become the leader with a focus on improving an individual’s overall health.
There's no stigma in attending weight loss camp anymore, there's just possibility of a learning a healthier lifestyle. The emotional benefit gained from whitewater rafting, climbing a rock wall or achieving a physical goal that stood in the way of your child's confidence, is unmatched. A summer weight loss camp can be the first step toward a healthier life, a healthier future for your child or teen.
WellBalance developed the WellBalance Health Score© to rate a person’s overall medical, emotional, and fitness health status as well as show a person’s progress towards health norms. We’ll guide you through the pleasure of healthier living, helping you appreciate better food and fun activity. WellBalance operates weight loss summer camps, local programs, and fitness programs for adults.

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