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This is an extremely useful and well-designed fitness app which comes with many methods of abs workout. Sleep and yoga- this is the best and powerful use sleeping aid app which comes with many melodies which can help to put you at sleep. This is a personalised training app which can prove to be effective for those who wish to lose weight. This is an exceptional quality app which can help to tell you your heart rate and is great for heart patients. This is a very good and useful fitness app which keeps track of your path of running, walking , jogging etc.
This is a highly useful app for all those who wish to calculate their heart rate regularly.
This is a free to download fitness app which is like your personal trainer and will help you perform push ups regularly. My fitness pal- This is an app through which you can calculate the number of calories that you are consuming to make sure that you don’t have more than a certain number of calories.
This is an app for all those who wish to build a six pack abs and get a very well-toned and fit body. This app uses GPS to track your running every day and motivates you to do better each time. This is another app which helps to calculate your calorie intake and is great for those who wish to limit themselves.
This is basically an app for all kinds of medical or health information and consists of decision support tools as well. This is a superb BMI calculating app which can motivate you to lose weight and that too in a very effective manner. This is surely one of the best fitness tracking app which makes use of the GPS on your Android device. Water is the most important ingredient for our body and this apps reminds us to drink water on regular intervals.
This is an app which teaches the right way to do push ups and is extremely useful for those who wish to perform push ups on a regular basis.
This app also uses the GPS on your phone to record your pace, time and distance and keeps track of your records. This is an app which can help you get information about many healthy recipes from friends and family members. This is an app which comes with videos and images to help you work out properly and become fit and well-toned. This is the highest rated sports and fitness tracking app which tracks running, cycling, jogging and walking etc. This is an app which counts your steps and makes sure you walk as many steps as a human is required to walk in a day.
This is a very useful app which keeps track of your sleeping habits and comes with a sleep cycle alarm as well. This is an extremely useful app which keeps track of your running every day and provides a good record of your speed, time and distance etc. This is an app which will help you to workout daily wherever you are and provides daily workout sessions training.
This app lets you analyse your fitness and performance whenever you engage in a workout session.
This is an app which uses GPS and tries to track your walking distance, speed and time etc every day.

Weight loss-this is an app which helps you resist cravings and eat health food every day in order to lose the desired amount of weight. This is the ultimate personalised training app which helps you become fit, well-toned and very healthy. This is an exceptionally awesome sit up app which helps you build your body in the right and most healthy manner.
This app is designed to help you perform squats properly and in such a way that you can gain maximum benefit from them. This is a virtual cardio trainer which helps you perform the cardio exercises in the best way. This app uses real time voice coaching and the GPS on your Android device to help you be fit and workout properly. This is a fitness app which tracks your cycling every day and maintains previous best records etc. This is an app for all those who wish to record their cycling records and face challenges to constantly outperform themselves.
This is a great fitness app which tracks your sleeping, exercising, diet and eating and makes sure that you are fit and healthy at all times. This is one of the highest rated diet assistant apps in the world and proves really good for all those who are on a diet. This is a pedometer app which uses GPS and accelerometer to track your steps and count them. This is an app which encourages you to do push ups regularly and also comes with a customisable setting system and rest time etc. Sport, workout-this is a very helpful app for all those who are into gym training and wish to do workouts at home as well. This is a beautiful health and fitness app which makes sure that you do squats exercises properly.
This is a wonderfully designed app which helps you do physical training and maintain a healthy and fit body. If you wish to work on your abs, then this app will prove to be a wonderful personal trainer and companion. This is a popular yoga app using which you can learn and do many yoga exercises every day and become fitter.
Your device must have atleast 19.5 MB of space to download and install ProTracker Plus Watchers Nutrition and Exercise Value Tracker, Database and Calculator.
So you've got a few pounds to lose and you've tried everything but still have no significant results? Carrying a pen and paper with you all day is not the most practical way to keep a food diary, but with ProTracker Plus you'll always be just one touch away from your food diary.
Ok so I think it's ok but the reason for the 3 stars is one, the fruits and veggie comes up with points until you click the fruit and veggie button then, it comes up as zero. I have been following WW Smart Points but intend to go back to Points Plus when I reach my goal weight,10 more lbs!
You earn points for exercise, and have the option to use those earned points first before you use up the "bonus" points that you get for each week. This is a great app for someone who was successful with WW in the past in the old points plus system. Have been using it for over 8 months and find it easy to use and an effective diet monitoring tool. I purchased this app as an alternative to paying for weight watchers since they changed their points system.

I have been really frustrated with the changes made with my weight loss program and then I found this app and I'm back to shedding pounds!!! I purchased this app in hopes that I could go back on Weight Watchers Points Plus, since I hate Smart Points.
Well look no further because it is a proven fact that people who write down what they eat can nearly triple their weight loss, and ProTracker Plus does just that for you. You can now view a summary of your day from your notification centre by swiping down from the top of your screen.a€? Added a switch to quickly mark items as fruits or veggies. However, a big part of any WW type of app is reliability on the points of anything you search. So you have a daily allotment of points, a weekly allotment of points (so you can enjoy a meal out once a week and have dessert!), and you have exercise points.
You can input information from the nutrition label, or take your best guess about the exercise you're doing, but it seems very limiting.
I use the app as general guideline and a reminder as I try to unlearn 40+ years of lousy eating habits. I also like that the exercises include an intensity which the old weight watchers didn't do. As someone who also hates the WW smart points system, I'm so happy to have a tool that allows me to do points plus while also giving me data analysis and handy graphs! My account info had expired and I de used that I could use an app since the WW one had changed and made me frustrated.
Once they changed their points system to 'smart points' I could no longer keep to the daily allowances etc.
This forces the items food value to zero while still tracking the nutritional info.a€? App has been fully localized to French. I would also like it if it could sync to Apple Health so it can calculate my steps and automatically go to the app. Lame and a waste of time, especially compared to other similar apps that have a much larger and working food database.
I've found that the app points allowances are similar to WW Points Plus, but have been a member long enough to realize that this apps points are a little more forgiving that Point Plus. I have told many of my weigh watcher friends about this app and I would recommend it to anyone. It's helping me get back to my pre-baby body in a healthy way by telling me how many points is appropriate for my exact build and lifestyle. It is so fast and easy to use I often use it while grocery shopping to check the points values before I buy.
I've tried both and have seen more results after I switched back to Point Plus (this) from Smart Points. I don't trust it so I continue to look each one up in the WW pocket guide or search the Internet for the correct PP value.
I like My Fitness Pal because it has a distinction between calories that users just submitted and "verified" calories. Would be nice if there were more specifics on defining workouts as I have some extremely tough workouts but could still sing while doing.

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