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It is estimated that one third of all North Americans are overweight…that’s millions of people. The objective of the study was to have one of the groups try to lose weight and the other group make no attempt to lose. Researchers found that people who lose weight who had borderline high blood pressure, which means they could develop it, were less likely to develop high blood pressure if they lost weight. Shifting this acidic pH with diet alone can take months, but it still doesn’t get rid of the free radical damage. The fastest way to get rid of acidic body waste and free radical damage at the same time is to drink  Cerra alkaline, ionized water.
It has more ionic minerals to supply your body’s electrical needs and protect your bones, organs and teeth. It helps detoxify the body, freely floating away toxins and metabolic by-products to be eliminated. It promotes weight loss because as the toxins are eliminated, the fat stores that have been built to store them are no longer required. It acts like an antioxidant as the electrolysis creates more oxygen ions to neutralize and repair free radical damage. It is microclustered to create smaller particles that are more easily absorbed by the body.
And now, I’ve produced a book and DVD that can help you lose that baby weight for good.
Perhaps you’re a new mom or maybe a mommy of two or more, and you’re ready to drop a few pounds, and get back in your pre-pregnancy clothes. The journey to reach your fitness goals is not a selfish one because a stronger mom is a better mom. As a working mom, I don’t have endless hours to waste on time-consuming and exhausting workouts.
A 12-week post-pregnancy weight loss program to help you burn the baby fat and build lean sexy muscle. Worksheets for goal-setting and compliance, as well as workout logs and a measurement tracker. From start to finish, I take you through the many challenges that new moms and busy moms face when starting an exercise and post pregnancy weight loss program, and help you find ways to defeat the excuses and take on the challenges head on.

From fat loss meal programs to easy recipes, to dealing with birthday parties, holidays parties, travel, and other diet “saboteurs”, this book will compel you to make the choices that help you towards your goal.
Click here to learn more about me and my team, or click here to see what people say about us and our reviews! Unbiased, of course, means we’re not owned by a supplement company or affiliated with anyone in particular.
Amazing FREE publication introduces you to 5 simple, clinically proven fat burners that you can try for nickels per day!
Body Lift after massive weight lossView larger, more detailed photosClick the images for a larger, more detailed view of this Body Lift after massive weight loss patient of Southeastern Plastic Surgery.To contact Southeastern Plastic Surgery and set up a consultation, click here to send them an email. I have been flooded with questions and messages from some of you guys ever since I mentioned in my Dresses for Your Shape video that I dropped 15-20lbs when I was in my teens. Me on my 18th birthday (weight around 135-130lbs)Sorry for the crappy pic, it's a picture of a photograph taken with my phone! Me a week ago age 23, wearing the same dress (weight around 115lbs)A screenshot from my video. I really hope this post will help some of you who are trying to lose weight, as I know how difficult it can be. Some of them are children, which statistically shows that they will probably grow up to be overweight adults. Researchers wanted to see what correlation there was between blood pressure and body weight. Overall, the participants in the weight loss group shed pounds, while some in the other group gained weight. But, the drop in high blood pressure disappeared when participants regained the weight they had lost. One night in 1998 - after watching an infomercial for a bogus weight loss “miracle pill” - UFB was born. Drink lots of green teaI drank A LOT of green tea especially when I was studying at the weekends! Say no to fast foodI don't think I ever ate fast food when I was a teen, whether I was trying to lose weight or not. In the weight loss group, where weight was regained, blood pressure gradually crept back up to nearly the same level as it was when they started the study.

They become a grave problem because unless they are neutralized by anti-oxidant activity or anti-oxidant enzymes, they ricochet around our body, burning holes in our tissues by snatching oxygen molecules and regenerating. These articles were meant to inspire and motivate moms to maintain the healthiest, strongest body while pregnant and post baby. A guided, step-by-step program that will help you achieve the same results that I did, and help you eliminate the many mommy excuses for being unable to achieve weight loss after your pregnancy. The weight loss group struggled to maintain whatever weight they had lost over the three year period but only 13 percent were able to maintain their weight loss. Normally, if the body has adequate water stores, the little osmotic pumps in the cell walls shuffle out the waste and it is carried away very efficiently to be eliminated. This group had the highest gain in overall reduction in blood pressure, while those that lost some weight had an initial reduction in blood pressure, only to regain the weight which resulted in a corresponding rise in blood pressure. Research estimates that over 90 percent of the population has some degree of dehydration, enough to affect their health. I also played piano which took up a huge chunk of my day (I practised for an hour every single day!). The biggest problem that the weight loss group had was keeping the poundage off that they lost.
As we get older, the tissues become inflamed by this oxidative attack and the signs of aging begin to appear. The water molecules that come out of a bottle or a tap are in too big a cluster size to be absorbable efficiently by the body. Even as children, oxidative stress and its accompanying silent inflammation can be the result of a poor diet, dirty air and acidic water full of free radicals.
Small clusters of water are more easily absorbed by the cell.  Do your body good by drinking Cerra Water. Most cells of the body need to be as near to neutral as possible, in other words, zero acidity.

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