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During lactation the body loses weight naturally. It is advisable to wait up to three months to take care of calorie intake, especially if you are breastfeeding. Do not start a diet immediately after birth, as the body needs to recover, in addition may affect milk for the baby. Need the mother have all the energy needed to care for the baby and he needs the nutrients that occur. Therefore, we must consume foods prescribed by your doctor and not be restricted to the idea of gaining weight.

Choose healthy, energy bars, fruit and even sugary foods, as long as you do not consume too often.
To download them you need to consider how many kilos were added during the nine months and personal characteristics. Though not achieved immediately retrieve the waist, the important thing is to be happy with the new life of the mother and child grows up healthy.
Essentials to go kilos in reducing postpartum, is to follow a balanced diet with a consistent exercise routine.

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