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This technique is also known as Ardha Matsyendrasana, spinal twists works on your abdomen and back. Yoga is something that is normally associated with relaxation, meditation, or looking inwards spiritually.  There are certain styles of yoga, on the other hand, that can be quite intense physically – begging the question, is yoga a good way to lose weight? This depends largely on the the style of yoga; while some styles which are more about long and deep stretches and relaxing your mind are perhaps not the best way to lose weight, other styles offer a more intense regimen of moves that can be good for both cardiovascular exercise as well as building muscle.
Power yoga, which is popular at gyms and health clubs as well as yoga studios, is more intense (and hotter) than Ashtanga yoga, and it does not always repeat the same series of poses, so if you like to do something new every time (and if you want to get the most intense workout you can from yoga) the Power yoga is probably your best bet.
Styles of Hot yoga, like Bikram or Moksha, are also quite intense, and done in a hot room as well.  While Bikram, like Ashtanga, follows the same series of poses each time, Moksha, while otherwise very similar to Bikram, has a little more variety to it as far as poses go.

But if you have to spend hours working out in a gym or hours running on the tracks outdoors, it’s tedious as well as expensive.
Made popular by yog guru Baba Ramdev, this breathing technique is a very helpful weight loss exercise. Each of these poses is accompanied with sequenced breathing which if done with concentration and accuracy promotes weight loss toning up your entire body.
Whether you’re a working gal on the go or a mom busy at home, we’re an online women’s magazine that has great tips and advice for you. Place hands on your knees with palms facing upwards, the tip of your thumb and ring finger pressing one against the other.

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