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About the AuthorMorris Mendez is the author of a revolutionary new training protocol called Maximum Muscle Mass. When benching, the goal is to keep the shoulder blades pinned back and down through the whole motion. Pullups, Pulldowns and Rows are 3 compound exercises that work the Back muscles and the Biceps as well. For the triceps, exercises should be chosen to target all 3 heads, long, lateral & medial. Dieting is useless if you don’t factor in doing some exercises, if you plan around doing weekly weight lifting routines, a split routine can be considered by you to be done, and it is also a fantastic idea. The pulling muscles mean that your back muscles and biceps can be worked, while for your pushing muscles, your chest and triceps can be focused on to be built and shaped as well. Well, for Wednesday, the weekly weight lifting routines schedule can be a free day, so your body can be rested and it can be continued on Thursday by doing the push muscles like we mentioned before while Friday can also be a free day again.

Just like the previous schedule, Monday can be started with the weight lifting for your upper body covering back, chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps, and Tuesday can be continued with the lower body weight lifting and the gluteals, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and abdominals can be focused on by you. Making weekly weight lifting routines will really be useful for you rather than just doing a diet program. An often overlooked exercise is wide grip bar dips, which hit the bottom chest really well too. Supersetting with tricep exercises and dropsets are effective strategies for advanced trainees. One set of 10 to 12 reps, is a great place to start, but then you can increase it to two or three sets.  However, you need to make sure that your muscles are able to be rested, if you continuously target the maximum strength sets, you might find recovery difficult. You know, dieting is only helping your weight lost but your body will not be shaped as well, so if your serious about muscle gain, a decent schedule can be made and done routinely. Your leg, shoulder, and abdominal exercises can be trained whenever you want, as long as the schedules can be structured and started by you.

The pull muscles can be done again on Saturday and Sunday can be taken again as a rest day for your body and so on and so on just like that, you have a scheduled workout routine.  Your upper body can be worked one day and the lower body on the next day and your abs can also be worked on two to four times a week based on your need. Wednesday can be taken as a free day for your body, and Thursday can be continued again with your upper body.
For example like on Monday, your chest, triceps, shoulders, and lower body can be worked that are pushing muscles, and for Tuesday, the back, biceps, and abdominals can be focused on which are often called pulling muscles. Your body can be rested on Friday while for Saturday, the lower body weight lifting can be started again and Sunday you can rest your body again.

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