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There's been plenty of talk recently about Marilyn Monroe, namely her curvy figure and retro beauty (channeled so beautifully by Michelle Williams in "My Week With Marilyn").
The obvious point, of course, is how different beauty was back then than it is now, how the most beautiful stars of the Fifties had soft, womanly shapes as opposed to the yoga-toned, ab-tastic bodies of 2011.
As if there was any doubt as to how far our body ideals have shifted, Retronaut has dug up (and Jezebel has promoted) these vintage ads from the 1930-1950s that promote weight gain. It's as if all our modern notions of body image have been flipped on their heads -- replace the word "add" with "drop" in the vintage spots and they could just as easily fit right in today, when we're encouraged to drop pounds and lose curves. Below, take a dizzying trip back in time to an era when "curvy" wasn't a euphemism for fat and "skinny" was truly a bad word.
Once you have reached the point at which you realize you want to make changes and lose weight, do you find that you are hopeful of a quick solution? However, online there is a wealth of information at the official Rice Diet Web site including the actual diet plan as well as recipes and forums.

There are also support forums, including one specifically for the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Plan (MWLP). Yes, the diet does work, especially the MWLP, as it helped me break a two-month long weight loss plateau when I had just 10 pounds to go to reach goal weight. You would be well advised to undertake this only under medical supervision in a setting where you are given the actual HCG and your health is monitored. It is not a long-term solution, and it is not suitable to lose a lot of weight and keep it off. So let’s look at some ways to jumpstart weight loss, as it will boost morale and help with motivation.
Sugar, more than just empty calories, will wreck havoc with your blood sugar and insulin levels, and it is this which contributes to weight gain. So it makes sense to eliminate what’s causing the weight gain as a point of departure.

We know the challenge is not just to drop pounds fast, but the long-term view is just as important. Her weight loss tip: -  I have realised that going with an empty stomach for days will not help me in any way. Look no further than tonight's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where the models will hit the runway with little to no body fat and plenty of toned, tanned muscles.

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