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The whole buzz around Rihanna weight gain started this May, when one of her fans posted two photos of the singer wearing the same stage costume: one of them was taken in the beginning of the her tour and the second appeared to be made a couple of month later. When the starlet released her debut album Music of the Sun her reputation was more or less impeccable. Celebrities celebrity Weight GainSo, what are the reasons of Natasha Henstridge weight gain?
Natasha Henstridge weight gain happened because she began to live a healthy life, without any frustrating diets and starving. Natasha reveals the real reasons why her body used to look so perfect; it was due to the fact that she spent most of her time on diets that were called starving.
Natasha Henstridge weight gain seems a little bit too big, but she looks satisfied about her new curves and enjoys spending time outside and having fun.
Natasha Henstridge weight gain is happening because her metabolism is changing as she notes herself and because her eating habits have changed.
Natasha claims that when she was trying to keep fit she used to drink some kind of pills in order to have more energy while working out and she thinks that these pills are not for sale anymore, but they used to be and she though that they would not do any harm.
Further, she states that she has tried different things in order to clean her organism but that was no use, so she changed her lifestyle. I appreciate you sending the link for the Pyraid Response to Intervention classroom materials.
More: Tom Hanks, Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Rob Mcelhenney, Renee Zellwegger, Natalie Portman, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon, Jared Leto, George Clooney, weight loss, weight gain Getting into character for a movie role isn't just about putting on a costume and memorizing lines. Matthew McConaughey recently lost 30 pounds to play the role of a character with HIV in the upcoming movie The Dallas Buyers Club, but that's not out of the ordinary in Hollywood.
How she did it: “I first began stuffing myself with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but after a while I got sick of them,” said Charlize. Despite Charlize's less than healthy methods of gaining weight, putting her body through that torment paid off. Believe it or not, Rob requested to gain the big 5-0 because he thought it would make his character on the show funnier.
We hate to say it, but Russell was never really in a position to gain any pounds, let alone 63 of them. The worst part about Ryan's weight gain was that after being asked to gain the weight, they ended up never using him in the film!
This is one of the few times when moviegoers cheered at one of their favorite stars putting on an excessive amount of weight.
Although working out five hours per day is pretty extreme, we have to give her props for having the "healthiest" method for gaining or losing weight on this list!
The normally ripped 50 caused a sensation on the internet when he posted this emaciated-looking photo of himself on Twitter, prompting a brief round of rumors that he was dying!

Anne doesn't exactly have much weight to lose to begin with, so her 16 pound drop was so dramatic that a doctor was hired to keep an eye on her!
In the world of Hollywood, there are celebrities out there who will do any and everything to keep themselves looking as perfect as possible, even if that means adhering to an absolutely insane diet that most people wouldn’t ever attempt to try. The New ‘American Horror Story’ Teasers Will Raise Every Hair On Your Body + More Top Stories! Kylie Jenner Surprised Fans with Her New ‘Kyshadow’ Eyeshadow Palette In Person: See their reactions! The fan suggested that during the last couple of months the starlet has packed on some additional weight. You can add content to this area by visiting your Widgets Panel and adding new widgets to this area. Many people thought that her perfect body shape had genetic reasons and she looked so perfect only because of this, but they were wrong. Finally, she decided to reveal all of the damage that she has done to her body and how she done it and the basic reason for this was that she had a lot of pressure from the society to be perfectly slim and beautiful. Natasha admits herself that her body has changed a lot since her popularity as an actress was higher, but she thinks that these changes are good. She also states that being a popular actress is hard, because this king of business can ruin your life and your health, due to the fact that famous people have to keep to their expectations.
She states that coming clean from different kind of pills that she took was hard and her metabolism has already changed, because Natasha might have gone a little out of control when it came to using them.
Natasha Henstridge weight gain happened because she started to eat in a normal way and exercises by doing things that she likes for example goes on mountain biking or does other active sport. Lots of summer activities can work against our efforts to stay at a healthy weight (campfire s’mores and backyard barbecues, anyone?).
Celebrities sometimes need to gain or lose a couple of pounds too--or maybe 40 to 50 of them!
A-listers are often asked to go the extra mile for their mega-paychecks by gaining or losing crazy amounts of weights in a short period of time, which leads to a whole bunch of methods no doctor would ever advise! His role ended up being given to Mark Wahlberg and Ryan quickly returned back to his normally hunky frame. Her role was universally popular in theaters and even ended up leading to an Oscar nomination. That's exactly what happened to George on set when he was forced to remove working out from his schedule in order to gain the weight. She also went to the other extreme by gaining 15 pounds to play Etta James in Cadillac Records.
If you look at the pictures really closely, the difference is actually noticeable- her belly and legs do look a bit thicker.

After the comments on her alleged transformation appeared on the internet, the singer posted “Yasss! However, as the years went by Rihanna’s image started to change and her stylists started portraying her as a “bad girl”.
Also Natasha Henstridge weight gain does not get in the way for her fiance to love her and admire her because she looks feminine. Summer means picnics and barbecues — activities that revolve around an unlimited spread of food. From Beyonce to Ryan Gosling, check out the 14 craziest celebrity weight losses and gains of all time! Even though her lines can seem to curvy for other her inner beauty is perfect and her confident about herself can be clearly seen on her face. Avoid this by aiming for a specific goal, like volunteering, mastering a new skill or working at a job. She also made it to the headlines due to the public fights with her abusive and violent boyfriend, Chris Brown. Make sure your summer days have some structure — like getting up at the same time each day and eating meals at set times. Around the same time her fans have noticed that Rihanna has lost a considerable amount of weight. If you love being outdoors, try joining a local pool or move a regular run or soccer game to early morning or evening.
If you have time on your hands, offer to make dinner a couple of nights a week so your family can enjoy a sit-down meal together. Those who have followed her career know that back in the day when Rihanna ascended to stardom with the songs “Pon de Replay” and “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” she was much thicker than she is today. According to her, the pounds started melting because of her tight schedule and constant stress. To be fair, a solid part of her fans (at least the male part of the audience) admired the starlet for her feminine curves, rather than her powerful voice.
If this is the true, recent Rihanna weight gain might actually be the sign of her recovery. It would not be much of exaggeration to claim that in the mid 2000s Rihanna was widely regarded as one of the hottest and the most attractive woman in the world. Maybe the young singer has finally decided to pull herself together and start leading a healthier lifestyle.

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