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We are almost two months into the new year and most of us are still hopeful that those last 5 kilos will get lost and not be returned to sender. Health up your happy hour! Meet your friends for a stroll on the beach or try out a fun adult fitness class like ballet or surfing together. Write short-term goals on sticky notes and put it against your bathroom mirror, so you are constantly being reminded what you are working for. Lastly, always remember this golden rule: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
Beach trip on the way and you suddenly realize you never did lose that weight you gained over the holidays? Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. So you want easy ways to lose weight because you don’t want to put too much effort into it. Many people start making an effort and then give up, because it seems so hard to lose weight. It costs nothing to do a parkrun other than the cost of your transport to the venue and back. Okay, if you absolutely think that you cannot get to a parkrun every Saturday morning or any Saturday morning at all, then at least start keeping yourself busy for an hour or so at least once a week, when you wouldn’t normally be doing that activity anyway.
You know it, you do, that feeling when you start feeling a little full while eating a large meal.

You can also flavour the water, even with something slightly sweet like just a tiny little bit of low fat mix cooldrink, or with some other flavouring that isn’t fattening at all, or perhaps with flavoured ice blocks. Choose 1-2 meals a week where you can have whatever your heart (or tastebuds!) desire and don’t feel guilty afterwards.
Make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy yogurt, fruits and greens and keep healthy snacks like lean biltong and Vital crisps in your cupboards. Keep your goals realistic for example climbing Lions Head, run your first 5KM or do a trail run. This is probably the dream of many who want to lose weight – to find very easy ways to lose weight. Register online, and you get a barcode you show at the end of each parkrun, and you can monitor online how you’re doing each week. Or, you could put the food in a small container in the fridge, and eat it the next day on a slice of bread or add it into another meal you’re having the next day.
Put bigger helpings of those low fat foods on your plate and less of the things that are fattening. The mouse will shut off automatically and enter sleeping mode for saving power when it's not used for a long time. If you click on a link and then view, join, purchase, or perform other actions, I will receive an affiliate commission. Walk around the block, join your nearest Park Run or do sit-ups and 30 second planks between each TV advert.

Imagine, though, if you’d started to lose weight gradually, bit by bit, a year or more ago, how much weight you would have lost by now. Even walking around doing some window shopping (look at clothes or other things, not food!) at the nearby shopping mall. If you do this, remember to try eat that day-old food first, if it’s not mixed in with your other food, so when you STOP again before finishing this new meal, only a part of the new food gets put into the fridge for the next day.
Get up and go get a glass of nice cold water, or put a bottle of water into the fridge so it can be nice and cold later. Do not let any health concerns or legal concerns wait because of anything you have read on this site. Even if you are in another country, CLICK HERE to select YOUR country and see what people from your country are saying! While you are busy doing this new or extra activity each week, at the very least you won’t be eating at the same time. Consult with a medical professional or legal professional about your health concerns or legal concerns. You may find the 2nd one, even on exactly the same course, more tough than the first, but hang in there – it will get easier from the third one on!

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