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The Warrior Diet presents a brilliant and far-reaching solution to our nutritional woes, based on a return to the primal power of our natural instincts.
David Chaisson: Ok bro not sure what habits you have but plenty water and more rest will give you the boost you need to drop even more without harming yourself. Drawing on a combination of ancient history and modern science, The Warrior Diet proves that humans are at their energetic, physical, mental and passionate best when they "undereat" during the day and "overeat" at night.

Once you master this essential eating cycle, a new life of explosive vigor and vitality will be yours for the taking. Not just a diet, but a whole way of life, the Warrior Diet encourages us to seize back the pleasures of being alive--from the most refined to the wild and raw. Things like fresh fruit and veg, some lean protein, perhaps a low fat dairy product.You then eat your main, high protein meal in the evening.

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