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In your first lessons, you will learn the movement fundamentals of functional training, and you will progress at your own pace.
Dress comfortably so that your movement is not restricted, but try not to wear clothing that is too loose fitting.
Arrive ten minutes early at least for your first appointment at Athena Warrior Fitness to allow time to complete your health questionnaire.
It depends on the results you want to achieve and how quickly you would like to achieve them.
Athena Warrior Fitness specializes in corrective exercise and functional movement based training. If you change your appointment from one trainer’s shift to another trainer’s shift within a 24-hour period, you will still be responsible for the first teacher’s fee. If you have not shown up within 20 minutes of your scheduled session time, you will be charged the full session fee.
Trainer’s are subject to change due to scheduling or emergencies, and that if another teacher is made available, you are still responsible for keeping your appointment if it is within 24 hours of the session or class time. Athena Warrior Fitness is NOT responsible for a change in a teacher’s schedule, nor the trainer leaving the employ of Athena Warrior Fitness.
You can still be active on your “off” days from the gym by taking a 20–30 minute walk or doing something that you enjoy and you consider active.
As you get further into your training experience, you may find that you are able to recover faster and increase the number of days you are training to 4–5 per week.
Ideally, an advanced trainee will do 2–3 strength workouts and 2–3 metabolic workouts each week for optimal results. Being sore is a part of the process, especially if you are just getting back in to a workout routine. If you are extremely sore or too sore to function, you need to address this with your coach so that we can adjust the program.
Find a time that is free of other distractions and that you can put in your schedule like any other appointment.
When you are beginning your fitness journey, 2–3 days of training will be enough to get you great results. Training too much can lead to your body being under too much stress, which can cause you to stop making progress. If you are eating right and doing everything else we ask of you, then 2–3 days of training is perfect for most people. At some point, if your goal is to get really lean, then you may need to add in a sprint interval day to your program. If you train early in the morning, it would be wise to have a whey protein shake or another form of fast-digesting protein 30 minutes prior to your workout. If you train mid morning or later in the day, you can have 20–30g of protein before your workout.
If you are looking for something in a hurry, JuicePlus is a great source of protein and carbs to help you recover.
Ideally, you want to take in 20–30 g of protein and depending on your goals a modest amount of carbs. Keeping fats to a minimum and avoiding fruits as your carb source during this period (within 60 minutes after your workout) is important.
1) High Quality Multi Vitamin—To ensure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals, a multi-vitamin is a must. 2) Greens Supplement—Even with a multivitamin we also recommend a Greens Supplement that includes probiotics to keep your gut healthy. 3) High Quality Fish Oil or Omega 3 Supplement—To ensure you are getting enough of this essential fat in your diet, a supplement is very important. 4) Vitamin D3—Although vitamin D can be obtained through adequate exposure to sunlight, most of us don’t get enough for us to have healthy levels. 5) Whey Protein—This is something that can be added in for convenience or to ensure you are getting enough protein in your diet. Finding a high-quality protein that has very few additional ingredients is important so that you are staying as close to the natural product as possible. On days that you work out, you should consume something 60-90 minutes pre-workout and within 60 minutes of your workout for recovery purposes. If you can’t answer yes to all three questions, you don’t need to increase your training to get better results. Now that we have removed grains and other starches from your nutrition plan and taken out processed foods, you need to replace those empty calories with healthy fats. Welcome to The Spartan Warrior, a blog dedicated to bringing the truth regarding nutrition and fitness to the public.My name is Daniel Brown and I am the owner and writer of this blog.
Click the picture to visit his blog and read about the fine details of what he did over his journey to becoming Thor.
Celebrating 5 years of The Garden Diet Programs, the 28 Day Transition-to-Raw Program (a 100% raw transition menu) and the 21 Day Raw Cleanse, I’d like to introduce you to some of my Participants and Lifetime Members and share with you the results they have enjoyed!
NOTE: It does not matter AT ALL which program you do first with the 21 and 28 day Programs!
The Raw Vegan Network: Find a Raw Food Delivery Service, Raw Personal Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach, or Raw Nutritionist in your area. There is currently a lot of skepticism around brief and infrequent high intensity strength training (HIST) regimes. With the aim to expose this thinking, I have decided to conduct a series of experiments to show you the benefits of high intensity strength training. Since our aim is to inspire and teach time poor professionals to get fit, lose fat, and build muscle in 15 minutes a week, I will stay true to this workout regime, with just 4 x 15 minute workouts performed once per week.
I have two rather extravagant birthdays to attend this month which will inevitably lead to lots of booze, processed food, and refined sugars. To give you an insight into my progress to date, I have been training using HIST once a week (sometimes once every 10 days!) for approximately 6 months, but I have only been doing a workout very similar to the Warrior Workout in the eBook for the last 5 weeks (workout details below). Before I met Nick, I was a huge fan of crappy fad diets and cardio was my best friend, I was a long distance runner and that was that. Being naive, I had always thought that weights were for men, and the thought of doing anything that involved them freaked me out. I have been training with Nick for a few years now on and off, although if it was up to Nick there would be no off. Nick is the most motivated and driven trainer I know, I’m a hard person to get motivated but he kicks me into gear!
Nick has created a tailor made program and diet sheet that works and fits in with my work commitments as well as my social ones.

I have known Nick for over 20 years but it was not until Jan 2013 that I decided to listen and take his advice. I could not believe how my fitness had increased too with what seemed to me not much time spent on cardio!
If you are in need of a switch and looking for some professional advice on weight loss or training plans then I cannot recommend Nick highly enough. If you are committed about training and think you are achieving your best I would urge you to think again and consult Nick to take you a step or two further. I have also had gout in my knee for the last four weeks and he has made sure I do everything the right way so i do not damage my knee further and to help me with my recovery. He has been very helpful with my diet plan and explained the large range of vitamins and proteins available. About NickNick has over 14 years experience and knowledge of successfully coaching numerous people in reaching their fitness goals, a background in amateur boxing, competing at club and championship level and a passion for all things strength, muscle and performance that spans 25 years. As a newcomer to Athena Warrior Fitness, we welcome you to take advantage of our introductory package* of four private lessons.
If needed exercises can be modify to accommodate any pre-existing injury, recovery from surgery, or movement limitation you may have. Private sessions will be conducted with complete attention to fine details and correction of muscle imbalances. If you fail to cancel prior to 24-hours in advance you will be charged for the full amount of the scheduled session. The trainer is not responsible to stay past 20 minutes if you have not called to say that you are coming.
However, life sometimes throws us a curveball, and we have to perform training on back to back days. Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, playing with your kids, roller skating, hiking, pickup basketball, etc., are all good ways to stay active on “off” days.
As long as you are working with a coach to manage your training schedule and recovery, this is perfectly acceptable. This balance allows for recovery while still providing you with enough stress to get the results you want. Foam roll over the sore areas for 30–45 seconds at a time a few times per day, drink plenty of water, and go for a 30-minute walk to loosen up and increase blood flow.
We can always adjust the program for you, but skipping the workout will not help you reach your goals.
As your body adapts, you may need to increase your frequency to 3–4 days depending on your goals and the rest of your activity. You can stay active on your off days and go for a walk, enjoy a jog, or do something else you love to do. Something like our JuicePlus would be optimal so that you can get the needed protein and carbs to fuel your workout. Your other meals should allow you to be well fed and prepared to handle the training session. This is the time that your body is starving for vital nutrients to help it recover and prepare for your next training session. Fruits don’t provide your body with the right type of carbohydrate to repair your muscles, and fats slow down the digestion process. This is a coverall and ensures you have the necessary components in your diet to keep you healthy. These supplements help with reducing inflammation, promoting gut health, and boosting immune function. Many people handle whey very well, and it makes for a quick and easy protein addition for snacks or meals. Fueling your body with good, healthy foods will go a lot further than trying to restrict your calories by not eating. Carbs help fuel your body for your workouts and provide you with nutrients to help your muscles recover from your workouts. We need to focus on the other factors first, and then we can help you reach your goals faster.
We are stressed at work, with kids, and at home, and we don’t get in proper nutrition or sleep.
Since it has more calories than carbs and protein, shouldn’t it make you fatter if you eat more fat?
One thing you should know right off hand is that I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.This website provides it's visitors with an ample amount of information backed by up to date science and research to arm them in the fight against "broscience" and misinformation.
We do suggest you complete one or both of these programs before doing the Raw Empowerment Program, our advanced menu planning program. We are not medical professionals, and we don’t claim to be able to heal or cure anything. The first is an analysis of my training, diet, and progress throughout the month of October with twice weekly blogs. I will eat 3-4 meals per day with snacks in between and I will aim to eat healthy food from the natural food matrix during the week.
In addition, I am off to Ireland for an entire weekend where I will no doubt consume more booze and unhealthy food. This was quite embarrassing because the old man out of shot thought I was a complete weirdo. Since working with Nick, I’d say my diet has dramatically improved and I’m confident on the gym floor. The biggest change I saw was my confidence, I wasn’t scared to be in a gym and I certainly didn’t feel intimidated by anyone in, or out, of the gym anymore. Whenever I text or e-mail with a question about a certain exercise or part of my diet plan, he always replies and goes above and beyond to give the information I need. His knowledge of how the body works, along with how it reacts with a good diet is, to say the least, impressive!
He also helps me keep motivated out of the gym with texts, Facebook and phone calls; it all helps, as I need that type of commitment. Because I had run and studied exercise I never thought there was much anyone could do for me. We have discussed all of the options thoroughly and he has given me lots of advice on how to achieve my goals through personal training. And a commitment to continual development as a coach and trainer, with influences such as; Charles Poliquin, Mike Mahler, Dan John, Christian Thibaudeau, Paul Check, Grant Cardone and Geoff Thompson, Nick strives to better not only himself, but all those he helps. Sneakers are required in the studio, non slip cross trainers are suggested to aid in performing lateral movements.

If you would like to complete your intake sheet in advance of your first training session, feel free to download it and bring your completed form with you.
If you are just getting back to working out, then we recommend 2–3 days of strength training each week. However, there will be times where you should “deload” or take a period of time to lower your number of training days to 2–3 for a week or two to allow your body to recover. Before and after your workout, drink another 12 oz, and you should be close to reaching your goals.
If you can’t stomach food early in the morning before your workout, you might be able to tolerate 5g of BCAAs prior to your workout to help maintain your lean muscle mass and recover from your workouts. If your goal is to gain strength or add muscle, shoot for 30–60 g of carbs after your workout. Both of these things can keep you from accelerating your gains and recovering fully before the next session. Men and women also have different needs, so you need to ensure you have a gender-specific vitamin.
The research is pretty clear that fish oil is critical for reducing inflammation in the body and keeping you healthy. Most people that want to lose fat need to keep their carb levels to under 150g per day, and probably closer to 50-100g per day. Increasing your training volume may not be the answer if you aren’t doing all the other things needed to get the results you want. This all leads to our bodies being overworked and inflamed, which keeps us from getting the results we want and forces our body to hold on to fat.
Not only will you be provided with invaluable research, but hopefully some sort of entertainment and a place where you don't have to leave feeling confused about your health. This is mostly predicated by conventional thought leadership in health and fitness that advocates regular, diverse, and long training sessions. During this first experiment, I will not eat to excess (consume approx 2,500 calories per day), and I will occasionally drink alcohol, and eat bad food. For example, in some exercises, the positive part of the movement might take as long as 10 seconds, and the negative will likely be similar. I have fallen off the wagon with my diet a couple of times, but Nick has always been supportive and understanding.
So I decided that if I was going to do this, I’d do it properly, I’d trust him whole heartedly and give everything 100%. There were visible differences in my body, the way it looked, how my clothes were fitting, how much more we could do every time I went to the gym. After two self-inflicted injuries, he went out of his way to find as much information as he could on my condition to put my mind at ease and speed up my recovery in the healthiest, safest way. That’s when I’m most motivated and push myself further because there is someone else there to celebrate my achievements with me. Nick continued to develop and manage my goals throughout the year with simple yet effective and easy to follow training plans. As a result of his training plan I managed 6-minute miling and finished in the top 100 of a 1000 strong field. We are aware that for most people this can be challenging so we will work with you to identify the ideal number of classes per week that will help you achieve your health goals.
Class sizes are kept smaller in an effort to ensure that each client is receiving a customized workout that meets their needs. Sitting down and getting up, especially from the toilet, can be a challenge, and you will notice that you are sore. These carbs would also only be consumed on days that you work out or perform strength training. If you want better results, think of what you are doing in the 165 hours you spend outside the gym each week before we add another hour to it!
The basic flavors were given to us by the natural kingdom that also gave us the basic colors, musical tones, and amazing scents. This is to show that despite a diet and discipline that is far from perfect, you can still get results.
The TULs shown below equate to approx 5+ reps per exercise till momentary muscular fatigue.
I have been given a few stern words now and then but they have always re-motivated me and got me back on track. His many years of experience within the industry and his fat loss expertise made it hard not to follow his plans with complete confidence. Although he is very professional, he makes an effort to get to know you as a person, which only adds to your success. His knowledge of training plans and how diet and the body work to achieve results is second to none. We take extra care to ensure that our student’s individual health goals and concerns are addressed.
However, you can do back to back days of training as long as you don’t do more than two consecutive days. The amount you need is very individual based on the time of year and how much exposure to sun you are getting naturally. Fat is actually stored on our bodies more easily from starches and carbs than it is from fats.
I’m currently on the leader board for women for the 20kg Snatch Lift and we are working towards smashing the Squat Gold, which currently lies at 87.5kg. He knows when you need the extra motivation, he knows what motivates you, how far you can push yourself, how far you’re willing to go to achieve the results you want, and how to keep you going when you feel like you want to quit. Within a week of providing my current diet Nick had sorted a new diet and exercise plan to cut the fat. And they seem to me to have been provided as building blocks for us to work with, to be creative and fill the world with all kinds of beauty.
And I think that with the advent of the raw-vegan culinary arts we are coming into an age of sumptuous orchestrations and true masterpieces to please not just the palate, but to invigorate the whole being!

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