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I have officially completed my goal of one full month on the Warrior Diet–and the results were beyond what I expected. While I am pleased with the aesthetic outcome, the benefits have gone far beyond the tangible. Liberation and productivity! No more waking up in the morning and needing to worry about cooking a decent breakfast, packing food for the office, or needing to head out to buy lunch–throwing a one-hour interruption into the most productive time of my day, and causing a zero-production food coma for the next two hours following lunch. I love food more than ever before. After going the first 10 or 12 waking hours of the day without food, it feels like my taste buds explode when I do eat dinner.
Weight has come off almost effortlessly (while increasing strength). Any other time in my post-college life, when I have wanted to try and get cut, I have been able to do so only by nearly killing myself with high-intensity cardio 5 days a week. Overall sense of well being and happiness. My close friend (and co-author on this website) Timmy Kal and I have often talked about the value of enthusiasm, and how it seems like it fades as we get older. Your body is on fat burning mode in the morning, and the Warrior Diet exploits this . I really believe that weight loss is no more complicated than calories in vs. It is extremely easy to follow. Okay, the first four days WILL be difficult while your body adjusts. The main downfall of this diet for me is that it is sometimes difficult to consume enough calories, especially going grain-free like I have been for the most part. Even though my one-month experiment is complete, I have no plans to discontinue my Warrior Diet. Avid fitness researcher and tech enthusiast that enjoys reading clever humor writing and putting mustard on nearly all of his foods.
I’ve been exploring for a bit for any high quality articles or weblog posts on this sort of thing.
Great transformation, I’m on some kind of a variation of the warrior diet too, but I started at 200 lbs and similar lifts, Hopefully I can get to 175lbs before Sept.
I’ve just started this diet and it seems well enough easy to follow, my struggle is that i like a detailed meal plan.
Anyway, I will try to get some of my main recipes up here this week (I am trying to make time for regular updates), or at the very least will try to add some resources from other websites that you might find useful. I believe that this diet works for women, and in fact, my girlfriend had very positive results. Although, since you mentioned that you tend to overeat, maybe the Warrior Diet would mesh well with you. I’m fascinated by nutrition, fitness, finding new local products, researching, etc (side hobby). I def have more questions for you on this diet but I think they will prob be answered in the book. There are several studies out there that show that there is very little difference in overall metabolic rate in gorging vs. I really believe that your body will not enter starvation mode as long as you are eating ENOUGH calories during your feasting window.
I did the Warrior Diet for about 1 year and 3 months, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.
If my schedule changes back to a more strict 9 to 5 workday, I will definitely be switching back to the Warrior Diet. How big of a difference do you think it would be if I ate a small breakfast (scrambled eggs, coffee, juice, maybe a toast) after the workout (at around 8 am) and then eat the rest of the calories during my main meal at 5-6 pm (with the exception of maybe some snacks during the day i.e. Question, I know during the week it’s probably easier to keep yourself busy without thinking about eating because of work but how did you keep yourself on track during the weekends? La dieta del guerriero e un regime alimentare ideato dallo statunitense Ori Hofmekler, con il testo di riferimento “The Warrior Diet”, scritto in collaborazione con Diane Holtzberg. Nel secondo periodo si cerca di introdurre tutte le calorie necessarie, mangiando fino a sazieta ma rispettando comunque alcuni schemi nutrizionali raccomandati dall’autore.
Anche in questa fase pero e sempre sconsigliata l’assunzione di zuccheri semplici, polialcoli, prodotti raffinati, OGM e vitamine sintetiche attenendosi come base nutrizionale, in via generale, alle linee guida della Paleodieta. Nel dare un giudizio sulla Dieta del Guerriero bisognerebbe avere alla mano dati supportati da qualche studio su un numero sufficiente di individui. Le restrizioni si applicano in particolar modo a tutti quei soggetti con problemi metabolici (diabetici, soggetti con patologie biliari) dove il parere del medico e fondamentale. In definitiva non mi sento di approvare o cestinare del tutto la Warrior Diet, bisogna sperimentare, capire se il metodo si adatta al proprio stile di vita, alle proprie esigenze e ai risultati che si vogliono ottenere tenendo bene a mente i pro e i contro. For the past two weeks I have been following a modified version of the Warrior Diet and I absolutely love it! I highly recommend the warrior diet to any individual who is too busy or doesn’t have time to eat food during the day. Sounds crazy but my energy levels during the day have actually been elevated since I started the warrior diet.
As far as macros I tried getting at least 1g to 1.25g of protein per lb of bodyweight on both training and non training days.

Ori Helfkmer On Intermittent And Fasting The Warrior Diet The Warrior Diet is an eating plan created by Ori Hofmekler and detailed in the book of the same name. My appreciation for food has really increased, and I find myself experimenting with new flavors and enjoying the process of cooking. But once you get over the hump, you won’t be battling hunger pangs all day, because your body knows it will be getting its nutrients and calories in the evening, and starts expecting it.
I have had to rely on some calorie dense foods to fill in the gaps, such as peanut butter, coconut milk, olive oil, etc. If you have any questions, advice, etc about the Warrior Diet, please post them in the comments section below! I certainly will make certain to not forget this website and give it a glance on a relentless basis. I think it is probably best to drink in moderation, and should probably wait to drink until after you start eating. To me, it no longer feels like a diet, it is just the way I eat now, and I can’t imagine going back. I really believe you will feel an increase in energy around the 4th or 5th day, and you can decide if you want to continue. But I think you will find that all the marketing that has been thrown at us has a lot to do with that fear. It will definitely be difficult the first few days… but make sure you commit to at least a week so that you can start to see how it really feels once your body starts adapting! Not yet as I have something in progress but when it’s finished in august, watch out body.
The other thing is you mentioned you’re a believer of the calorie in calorie out theory, I presume you would still be fairly conscious of the proportions of the different macronutrients you’re munching? I think the best time to workout is first thing in the morning and I usually do it around 5-6 am. I did a strict water fast, then ate my main meal after working out, and I couldn’t sustain it. The things that interest me about this is the more energy throughout the day and the fact that you lost weight while gaining strength but you weren’t a newbie to lifting weights. Il consumo del pasto va a stimolare il sistema Parasimpatico (stimolazione principale del Vago), rendendoci piu docili e calmi, condizione adatta proprio al periodo di riposo. If you haven’t checked out Michael Keck’s post on his version of the Warrior Diet, check it out here. The diet involves changing your eating New Revised Warrior Diet Book - Defense Nutrition Store However, you must know that this way of eating is NOT meant for gaining weight. Lastly, whenever you are fasting, the things that you DO put into your body are absorbed and utilized more efficiently. In my current Warrior Diet plan, I am only doing cardio twice a week, for about 20 minutes each time–either on the stairmaster, or jogging on the treadmill. Plus, you can really eat as much as you want in the evening, so it hardly feels like a diet at all. I would say wine and liquor without sugary mixers are best, but I doubt a beer or two would really sabotage your results. I typically just wait until I am hungry before I eat, which tends to be about 2:30 or so in the afternoon. It just sounds SO foreign because it goes against the norm, and against everything we have ever heard about nutrition. Over-stuff yourself to help your body adapt, and pretty soon it will expect that pattern, hunger pangs will go away, etc. My first few days I just ate plain greek yogurt, blackberries, and almonds to get me through until my post-workout feast. Plus avocados are a great as a healthy, calorie dense food to help you hit your calories during your feast.
I actually just switched off of the Warrior Diet a couple of weeks ago, just for the sake of trying something new. I’ve been back on it for 2 weeks, and my lifts have all gone up after being stagnated for weeks.
I will then have another small feeding like a muscle building smoothie or tunafish around 3pm or my post workout meal (protein oatmeal).
Unlike most diets that leave you feeling hungry late at night, the warrior diet lets you go to bed feeling satisfied.
While I still have a lot of work to do, I am 2 weeks in and I am loving a modified version of the warrior diet.
The warrior diet, which is a method of intermittent fasting, is for Episode 114: Ori Hofmekler author of The Warrior Diet The Warrior Diet An interview with Penthouse editor Ori Hofmekler by TC. Weight has come off on nearly a daily basis, and my strength has increased fairly significantly over the past month.

If you have a friend that IS excitable and enthusiastic, I bet you notice it, and also would bet that you enjoy being around that person. If you choose to eat four 700 calorie meals throughout the course of the day, or one massive 2800 calorie meal in the evening (or even in the morning instead) it is all the same–because you are still at a deficit. Trust me when I say it will be difficult to over eat your daily calories in such a small window of time. The only reason I could see myself deviating from this plan, is if I decide to strive for more muscle gain.
I tend to make really simple, basic meals, with more emphasis on the health factor and function it provides me, rather than adding in a bunch of extra ingredients for taste.
The reason I say that, is because it is very important that you eat enough calories in the evening after your workout. I would recommend limiting the grains, and getting your starches from potatoes if possible.
But by the end of my Warrior Diet run, I was the strongest I have ever been, and was at the same weight that I played ball at in college. Every once in a while, I ll run into someone with a new idea about Eat Stop Eat vs The Warrior Diet - Fitness The Warrior Diet, a system of 18 or more hours of fasting followed by one huge meal (at night!), shocked the world.
I have never felt that I NEED coffee, I just like the taste, along with the routine aspect of it.
HOWEVER, the reason that the Warrior Diet is superior, is that when you wake up in the morning, your body is in fat burning mode.
Therefore it doesn’t really take any EFFORT to restrict calories, it more or less happens naturally.
For someone with the sole goal of losing body fat, this may not be a concern or obstacle at all. I am down to about my college-sophomore body weight (although now stronger), and I don’t really desire to lose any more weight.
For example, one of my go-to Warrior Diet dinners, is a pound of ground beef (I try to get the organic grass-fed kind from Trader Joes whenever I can), a can of red kidney beans, and a can of diced tomatoes with peppers. Lentils are a great thing to binge on (lots of protein), and you can also add some high fat items to your diet like coconut milk or oil, olive oil, etc to increase satiety. The reason for my skepticism is the concept seems like it would actually slow down your metabolism into starvation mode versus amping it. From one of your comments it seems like you switched to a Leangains type of fasting, are you having the same results in terms of energy and keeping a low body weight cause maybe that would work best for me. I was just eating because it’s been 2 ? to 3 hours and I needed to eat to eat my metabolism up.
On this diet, I recommend drinking your coffee and tea without sugar, and staying away from energy drinks all together, in order to avoid the aforementioned sugar crashes. Not to mention a massive protein shake with peanut butter and a a little bit of dark chocolate, a bowl of raspberries, veggies with cheese sauce, and a huge bowl of gourmet popcorn. Sure enough, I found a potential linkage between ghrelin (the hormone that increases during times of fasting) and Dopamine?–the chemical in the brain that regulates mood, EXCITEMENT, MOTIVATION, as well as cognition, memory, etc, etc, etc!
In most eating plans, you sabotage this as soon as you eat breakfast–especially since many of us eat starchy, high-GI breakfasts that include bread, cereal, oatmeal, etc. I will now try to tweak the Warrior Diet (possibly by reinstating grains and increasing carbs) for more of a muscle gain plan and see what kind of results I see. Protein and dietary fat from good sources (not junk food), will help fill you up and keep you satisfied without spiking your insulin and causing your body to store fat. After awhile this type of lifestyle just isn’t practical, nor was it yielding good results.
Not only that, but studies have shown that a lack of Dopamine can lead to Parkinson’s Disease?, therefore increasing ghrelin (via fasting) could also have very important preventative effects.
The Warrior Diet EXTENDS the fat burning window throughout the course of the entire day, until your feast begins in the evening.
If you must eat grains, it is best to do it after a strength workout, when your body will more likely use it to replenish your muscles. So with a messed up digestive system, little to no results and constantly focusing on food,  I made a decision that I wanted to go in the exact opposite direction and try something completely different than what I have been doing. I have been overcompensating lately with poor choices like starches which I know is the cause of my weight gain.

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