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So can you eat whole foods that are naturally high in fat and maintain a healthy weight, or even lose weight if you need to? Eat Healthy Fats:  Avoid processed, manufactured fats like vegetable oils, crisco, and margarine.
I hope you will all feel comfortable leaving a comment to share how this journey has been for you. I have lost 50 pounds in 9 months after switching to real food, I couldn’t agree more. I started walking and then added light weight training and good body exercises (push ups, jumping jacks, skipping!). Love your site and then you led me to Carrie Vitt and my recipes are completely transformed.
All I can think of since you’re struggling to find energy and have been gaining weight is that your portion sizes may be bigger than what your body needs. Making the switch to eating real, whole foods impacts us far more than we realize, at least for me.
It seems that many people tend to overlook the ramifications of consuming large quantities of alcohol. Do I have to do more than workout 3 times a week and avoid alcohol and snacks to lose weight?
A team of experts at Harvard published a study in which they name the factors that are responsible for obesity. Potato: Potatoes prepared in any way are also on the list of most unacceptable items when it comes to losing weight.
Sweet and fizzy drinks: If you want to lose weight and keep that slim line forget those fizzy drinks. 14 Year Old GMO Activist Smackdown This Bullying ‘Shark Tank’ Entrepreneur 3:11 pm By Expert Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary is the host of a Canadian TV program. Our goal is to be healthy, not to have a Barbie doll figure (who, by the way, is made of plastic and is susceptible to having an arm or leg snapped off, just ask my brother). In addition, I craved more sugar since many low fat foods have sugar added to make up for the loss of flavor that happens when you take naturally occurring fat out of food.

I found that the food tasted so good that I wasn’t constantly disappointed with dry, tasteless food.
Yes!  I’ve watched friends arrive at a healthy weight once they began eating a real food diet.
My husband and I have started out this year committed to eating healthy whole food, after the first month we both feel so much better, and down 5lbs each! I, too, bought into the low-fat, high fiber myth for probably 25 years and thought I was so healthy, but as I got into my 40s, my joints started hurting, my teeth started shattering, and my skin was so dry I couldn’t stand it. Since so much of what the USDA has presented has been false or untested (ie the food pyriamid)what resource can I use to know that I am serving enough fruits and veggies. And I never, ever throw out the egg yolks anymore (gah- can you believe we did that at one time? Schwarzbein started her practice working with diabetics, and explains in her book how she discovered why the diet endorsed by the American Diabetic Association actually is making diabetics worse. In addition to the many major safety issues it can cause, it can also significantly impact your health. For as long as I can remember, we have been told from experts that eating a high fat diet is bad for us. Eat a wide variety of whole foods for a healthy balance that will meet all of your body’s needs. Coconut oil, real butter, and palm oil are all fats our bodies can break down and utilize for energy and nourishment.
I have trained several people who had super high percentages of body fat but looked skinny. I believe it is better for us(than shortening)because it is a naturally occurring fat, but I sometimes worry I am deluding myself.
In trying to save my teeth, I stumbled onto Ramiel Nagel’s research on Weston Price and began reading about so many things and switched about a year ago to raw milk, making my own yogurt and sour cream and eating lots of butter. I’ve always been physically active and a normal weight, but since incorporating raw milk, grass-fed beef, and many other real foods, into my family and I’s diet, I have lost more weight than ever and maintained it!
I thought that was just how I was made – lo and behold, it was what the medical establishment was telling me to eat!

Suzanne talked about eating real food too (and apparently was going to be a chef before being discovered and went to Hollywood).
I found that overall, because I was eating whole food in its original form, I felt so much better than I’d ever felt when I had been eating food that had been stripped of its natural fat.
You are supposed to pump at least 50& of the blood out of the heart and I was pumping 85%. My teeth are recovering, my skin is loving the fats, and my joints don’t hurt anymore. We love fruits and veggies and eat them everyday of course but apparently I am doing something wrong. Of course I have also noticed many of the other benefits that other peole have mentioned (setting an example for my family, more energy, clearer skin. But she talked about getting rid of sugar, and eating meats, whole dairy and veggies and fruits.
Been eating so much better and going light on sweets and at first lost 5 lbs.,but now gained it back. I can run with my dogs and children and carry large loads of laundry from the basement to the second floor without breathing hard, and I love the energy I have. My husband said he lost 5 lbs which is great and he attributes to the non GMO Wheat Montana we’ve been using. My biggest frustration is I found out that it is illegal to get raw milk here in WI so I have no idea what to do now.
Is there anything that is second best(that is that might be less processed than the random milk you pick up at Aldi’s say?) We live in a townhome and we can’t possibly have our own goat or cow here! My daughter is a ballerina and on swim team, and she uses A LOT of food for a 10 year old, and she loves green smoothies and asks me to make all her snacks according to our new knowledge. It explains what foods make you insulin resistant and make you gain weight, and the metabolic process that take place in your body when this happens.

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