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Everyone knows that walking is a great way to lose weight but sometimes it is hard to know where to start. This Walking Weight Loss Printable will take you on a journey over 6 weeks and start with 3 short walks and gradually increase your time, speed and amount of walks. If you do not have time to do your whole walk at one time feel free to split it up into 2 shorter walks. To get the most weight loss benefit participate in a Cross Training Activity such as Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, Swimming, Dancing, Bike Riding, Jump Roping, Hula Hooping, etc. Printables are such a great way to stay motivated and visually see your progress and not feel overwhelmed. While running burns a lot of calories, the calories burned walking aren’t too shabby either. Here’s how to up the ante and turn a regular walk into a challenging workout that will boost the calories burned walking, help you lose weight and tone your body. To get in the target zone, walk at a pace where you feel as though you’re walking with purpose, that is walking faster than usual, and slightly out of breath. An easy way is to guesstimate using a scale of 1 – 10 (called a Rating of Perceived Exertion scale or RPE).
Adding hilly terrain to your walking route will increase the intensity of your walking workout, activates your glutes and hamstrings and is easy on the knees. Walking on uneven surface, such as walking on trails, grass, sand, gravel, snow or maneuvering around rocks, ups the intensity, burning more calories and making your muscles work harder. If walking is getting easier, and your fitness and strength levels have improved considerably, try adding weight. Using Nordic walking poles really is one of the best ways to increase the amount of calories burned walking, tone your whole body and to speed up weight loss.
Walking with good posture means your back and butt muscles can work more powerfully, and you’ll be able to walk faster and boost calories burned walking. To target your butt muscles even more and to get that Brazilian bottom, squeeze your glutes together as you push off with your back foot. Incorporate thirty-second or 1-minute intervals during which you slow down and do knee lifts (lift your knees towards your chest before stepping forward), soldier kicks (keep legs straight), walking lunges or even jumping jacks. Check out the infographic below on how to burn more calories walking to lose weight, tone up and get fit.
Im 5’3 115lbs, 31 years old, Happily married with 2 kids, one is 8 years old, second is 2 years old. So to me if somebofy says, what else can I do, obviously theres a lot of Work ahead to be really HEALTHY. How I Gained It: I started getting "fat" after about 16 years old and sort of let myself go. Breaking Point: One day in my office I went to take out the trash and as I bent over I felt my jeans rip.
I know what a struggle it is to be "fat" in this society, and losing weight without the aid of surgery is so hard, but it can be done, and I'd like to think I'm one of the people who exhibit it. Are you tired investing in weight loss programs or memberships that just end up not being the best fit for your lifestyle or budget?
Vickie Maris with one of her performance llamas, Betty, who is a great trail hiking companion. Vickie Maris is an instructional designer and director of professional development programs for lifelong learners at a Big Ten university.
This email was sent by an Independent Beachbody Coach, and its contents do not necessarily state or reflect Beachbody’s opinions, attitudes, or policies.
I’d be delighted for you to pin an image from this page to one of your Pinterest boards! If you have never been one to walk on a regular basis the idea of getting out and walking can be very daunting.
This will help so much with New Year resolutions and plus just trying to stay healthier for the rest of the year.
This table gives a good general idea of the calories burned walking for 30 minutes on a level surface. Start walking at a pace as though you are on your way to an appointment with little time to spare. First, use this heart rate calculator, to convert 65% and 85% of your maximum heart rate into actual numbers. An average person walks at a speed of about 2? to 3 miles an hour (about 20 minutes a mile). It’s a great way to add variety to a walk, avoid boredom and to stop your body from getting used to doing the same workout in order to keep burning as much fat as possible.

Nordic poles change walking from a predominantly lower body exercise into a whole body exercise. Swinging your arms generates power and momentum, which propel you forward, help you burn more calories and build upper-body strength. To maintain good posture and to tone your tummy muscles, pull your tummy muscles in and up, but continue breathing normally (don’t hold your breath!).
But to add variety and work your legs muscles in a different way, increase your stride length.
Just like running, swimming, cycling or any other exercise you can add intervals to your walking workout. Changing direction challenges your muscle in new ways, works your thighs, glutes, calves, abs, and obliques, from different angles and improves balance, all of which mean you burn more calories and firm your body. Again this challenges your muscles in new ways, keeps your body guessing, adds intervals, increases calorie burn, builds muscle and boosts metabolism. Keep reading if you’re tired of your sedentary lifestyle and want to start feeling better, lose weight, gain more confidence, tone your muscles and get fit! To provide you with options for getting started in fitness, you can choose the type of fitness activity that best fits your style and your pocketbook, and join the next Challenge Group.
She is also an Independent Team Beachbody Coach who would like to help in your life transformation to better fitness and eating.
Start at your own pace and add a few minutes each day until you reach the 20 minutes and then begin this 6 week plan. There are some other areas you should focus on too, of course, but diet and exercise definitely take priority.
Walking is so underrated, it’s almost as good as swimming in terms of impact to the body. To increase fitness and slim down you need to walk at the right intensity, which we’ll call your “target zone”. If that pace seems too easy, try walking at a pace as though you were several minutes late for an appointment. For example, 65% and 85% or your maximum heart rate might be 125 beats per minute (bpm) and 165bpm.
To lose weight and get fit you should aim to walk at 3? to 4 miles an hour (15 minutes a mile).
Walking on a gentle incline massively increases the calorie burn compared to walking on the flat. Nordic walking (walking with Nordic poles) gets almost all the muscles of your body involved – 90% of your body’s muscles.
Keep your shoulders back, down and relaxed (not high and tight!), your eyes looking ahead and your chin level. Taking larger steps helps get rid of cellulite and firms your legs by working your inner and outer thigh muscles. Walk slowly on an even surface, free of obstacles and dangers such as traffic, trees and potholes. If you’re worried about bulking your calf muscles read these tips on how to slim calves. You walk, swim, bike, dance or do your in-home DVD fitness program at a time and place convenient for you. Fitness Focus for 30 In my monthly online group, you pick your preferred form of exercise (it could be use of a Beachbody in-home fitness program or walking for exercise, swimming, biking, mixed martial arts, Zumba, working out with a trainer, or another exercise form of your choice.  When you participate in my online support group (a Facebook group set to private), you can do your exercising on your own time (at least 3 or more days a week) and benefit from the support of the group members as you collectively work on healthier eating habits.
The focus of her journey has also allowed her to reap benefits of a better ability to deal with work stresses, and a reduction in blood pressure and migraine headaches! Just by getting up and increasing your steps everyday you can start yourself on a journey to a better you! Then when you’re out walking and wearing your heart rate monitor, you know you need to walk at a pace that gets your heart rate between 125bpm and 165bpm.
Increasing your pace from 3 mph to 4 mph means you’ll burn about one third more calories. Using Nordic poles engages your arm, shoulder, and back muscles, increases heart rate and strengthens the upper body. Have a look at this infographic on running posture; from head to hip, it’s pretty much the same as for walking. For example, walk at a moderate pace for 5 minutes, then for 1 or 2 minutes walk faster (just below the point where you would break into a jog) or actually jog, then return to your normal pace to recover for 5 minutes, and repeat. I ate out every single day -- Chinese buffet maybe four times a week, plus Denny's breakfasts, late night stops at IHOP for a full breakfast, Krispy kreme donuts, soda all the time, candy, junk food -- I just ate to eat, without control, with no understanding of portions, just eating so fast and gobbling up whatever was there.
I ask that group members report in at least daily throughout the 30 days to the Facebook group and commit to exercising at least three times a week.

Contact her at clientcare at heartsongfit dot com, for information about using any one of the many Beachbody products for fitness and health, or for details about joining one of her challenge groups of like-minded people connected online to encourage each other in a 30-day challenge towards improved fitness and health. We have created a handy Walking Weight Loss Printable that you can keep with you so you will always know what the game plan will be. Climb anything you can, walking up a hill, climbing stairs, walking parking-garage ramps or increasing the incline on the treadmill (if you’re walking indoors). If you choose to wear a backpack, fill it with water, sand, or even kitty litter so that the weight is distributed evenly. Walking using Nordic poles has been shown to increase calorie burn by up to 46%, even though it feels just as easy or easier as regular walking! This will also open your chest and improve posture, helping you get the most out of your walking workout. This gives you more power and burns more calories, but also recruits your calf, hamstring, and butt muscles, helping to lengthen your leg muscles for leaner, longer looking legs and working your gluteus maximus, to firm and lift the butt. This will massively boost calories burned walking and your fitness levels, increase your walking speed and will keep your metabolism elevated for hours after your workout.
Each time I would attempt to walk a little further without feeling like I was going to die because it was so hot and I was so heavy. I also ask that you be an active participant in developing or maintaining healthy eating habits during the 30 days. This will help you on your road to success and soon you will look back and realize all you have accomplished. Nordic walking sticks are super easy to use and decrease stress on the ankle, knee and hip joints.
And with the right technique you can burn a ton of calories, lose weight, tone up and get fit. It’s better to tackle a moderate hill and maintain a good pace and momentum, than to slow right down for a steeper one. If you are the sociable type, there are Nordic walking clubs all over North America and Europe. In my experience as a Beachbody coach through the years, I am seeing participants have better results if they make Shakeology a part of their daily routine. It’s such an easy way to get a dense dose of daily nutrition and helps with digestion, weight loss, reduction of cravings and more. If you are overweight or have health issues that rule out high-impact activity, walking is a much better and more feasible exercise than running.
Select a Challenge Pack If you are interested in using an in-home fitness program on DVD from Beachbody plus Shakeology, then choosing a Challenge Pack is the most economical way to go. The Challenge Pack selector gives you opportunity to choose your fitness program and your Shakeology flavor (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Greenberry, Vegan Chocolate or Vegan Tropical Strawberry). You also get a free, 30-day trial membership at the Club Level in Team Beachbody (access to the meal planner and a 10% discount on purchases), plus your Shakeology order (with the 30-day bottom-of-the-bag guarantee) on home direct. This is the name of the auto ship program from Beachbody which discounts your shipping to $2 per shipment and allows you to receive your new supply of Shakeology each month without having to remember to place your order. Making the commitment to a healthier lifestyle is not easy I will admit though, if you’re trying to go from a relatively sedentary lifestyle to one of better health and fitness, it will take a commitment of time on a regular basis just like you would do for anything else in your life that you deem important.
Mo Amin, the mixed martial arts trainer I have interviewed for my podcast, Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris, compares the development of a daily fitness routine to brushing your teeth! It clears my mind, makes me sweat, and puts me on one of those endorphin highs that you get when you exercise. And the results I’m getting in weight loss, muscle toning, fewer migraines, blood pressure is in safe ranges without medication, and increased core strength are such wonderful perks. And you get daily support, motivation, inspiration and accountability from the active participants. I recommend ordering your Beachbody product (whether its a fitness program, a nutritional product or a Challenge Pack) at least 10 days ahead of the start date of the group so that you have it in hand when the group kicks off.
We already have some great energy going in the current group, and I’m certain that my participants will be meeting their individual fitness and weight loss goals. If you don’t already have a Beachbody coach and would like to be in the group, all you have to do is set up your free Team Beachbody account here and then sign up using the Google doc.

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