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Blowing raspberries: These are the first pictures of the six-week-old, who was born on January 12 Tamandua are found in Central and South America, west of the Andes.
When they clash with rivals, usually those who have strayed into another of the same sex's territory, the animals shout, lash out with their large curved foreclaws and even sometimes even sit on each other.Males are generally slightly larger and more muscular than females, with wider heads and necks. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Over 30 of Dorset’s leading tourism businesses have been selected as finalists in the inaugural Dorset Tourism Awards which will be presented at a prestigious ceremony in October.
The Dorset Tourism Awards were launched in spring 2013, with the support of Saffery Champness, the Dorset LEP and other sponsors.
Tinkham Lane, named for William Tinkham, a mill owner, runs from the Clocktower apartments, through the parking lot, and meets Main St.
Your tour guide, Betty Mencucci, president of the Burrillville Historical and Preservation Society.

This clock tower is part of the original Stillwater Mill complex, now an apartment building on Tinkham Lane. They are solitary animals and are generally more active at night, when they forage in and around trees for food, such as ants and termites.Adults of the species generally grow to about 3ft 11in in length and command a territory of one to one-and-a-half square miles, which they will defend from others of the same sex. But visual sex determination can be difficult since sexual organs in males are located internally.The animals mate by contact transfer, generally becoming pregnant with single offspring. Join one of the organised events with resident historians or try one of the self-guided recommendations.
Their main aims are to highlight the many excellent businesses operating across the county as well as to promote Dorset itself as a top quality destination. For more details of these cookies and how to disable them, see our privacy policy and cookie usage page. Their large foreclaws mean mothers can't grasp their newborns so, as with EJ and MJ, they carry youngsters until they are self-sufficient.

Try our audio walking tour of historic Harrisville, one of the main villages in the town of Burrillville. Find out what it was like to work in a woolen mill in the late 1800s, meet the industrialist who embraced profit-sharing and paid vacations before most others had even heard of such practices, and follow the rise and fall of a town whose fate has been intertwined with the textile industry - until now. You can download the audio for the tour to your smart phone or MP3 player, or simply listen to it, right here.

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