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Can anyone add some actual insight into the grain-free movement (better than my very non-chalant, laissez faire approach lol)?
Well keep in mind that the USDA recommendations are based on average weight, sedentary people and it is the MINIMUM recommended amount of avoid malnutrition. In comparison to other sites I’ve checked, I should be getting around 80-100g based on my height, weight and activity level. As I mentioned, grains tend to be a trigger food for me (leave me alone with a bag of Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Flour Olive Oil tortillas and I will devour each and every one in one sitting and still feel ravenous).
I noticed how low your protein was in the last post, but I didn’t comment because I know a lot of people feel better with higher carbs and lower protein, especially people on vegan diets. You’ll notice that there is a pretty healthful mix of fats-carbs-protein (especially compared to how I was eating before!).

I am also interested in research (I use this term loosely) I’ve read that proffers that grains are inflammatory foods and may interfere with mineral absorption.
They research things 10 ways from Sunday before they write an article and I trust that they’re not just spouting the latest garbage or bro-science.
I am (what I feel is) rare among the vegan community in that I eat a higher protein diet (usually around 30% of my daily calories from protein) than most other vegans eat.
I also want to mention that with the 2 tbsp of nutritional yeast, I get my daily recommended intake of B12, and with the (huge) amount of edamame and pumpkin seeds, I get my daily recommended intake of iron. I have no idea why there is such a large discrepancy… At least with this new diet plan, I am getting a sufficient amount.
Again, I’m doing this more for experimental purposes and more to avoid binges than anything else.

Good luck with your experiment – I know eating fewer grains (though I still eat them) helped me with bingeing. In addition to a great website and members forum, has a podcast, which wonderful Binge series, too.

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