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I’ve been a fan of Tim Ferriss for a while and was excited to get his latest book The Four Hour Body as a Christmas gift. I was only going to allocate one month to the muscle building program because I was already behind on the cycling plan. I used the exact progressive spacing of workouts in the book, and the rest periods between exercises during a workout. The diet, supplement, protein plan was getting complicated so I made a couple charts to reference throughout the day. Tim Ferriss would not approve of the Tanita body fat scale as a way to measure body fat percentage. I believe that to be true because at my largest my waist grew over one inch, and as I mentioned I started out soft in the first place. The good news is the muscle gains have remained and my gut is almost back to where it was when I started.
The number one mistake I made, that I’m aware of, is performing the reps too quickly. Now I use the Flip to record everything, and a big clock on the wall to help count the seconds. In The Four Hour Body Ferriss says to avoid artificial sweeteners like acesulfame potassium and sucralose, both of which are in NO Xplode and most protein powders.
Diet plan losing weight fast women & men hindi, Indian weight loss diet plan or chart tips for losing belly fat without exercises.
THE DIET PLAN is to feed you the information needed to realize your full potential as a bodybuilder.
Macronutrients are the structural and energy-giving caloric components of our foods that most of us are familiar with.  They include carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, and antioxidants that are essential for good health.
We recommend that you purchase a dietary handbook that lists not only the calorie counts of foods but also their macronutrient values: protein, carbohydrate and fat grams. A diet lacking in carbs can screw up the entire muscle-building process in two ways: by depleting precious muscle tissue and preventing you from producing maximum intensity and peak contractions during training. Beyond its value as a source of energy, fat keeps skin tissue healthy, aids in the cushioning of internal organs, helps to lubricate joints and plays an important role in the absorption of certain vitamins. Here are a few reliable sources of protein: fish, lean red meat, chicken and turkey breasts, and eggs mixed in a ratio of four whites to one yolk. To calculate your specific daily water requirement, multiply your bodyweight by 0.7, the product will be the number of fluid ounces you should drink each day. For bodybuilders at all levels, the classic three-meal-a-day eating schedule is not the best way to go. The bottom line is that a successful bodybuilding diet enables you to meet the nutrient demands of your muscle tissue throughout the day. To construct a bodybuilding diet, it’s essential to calculate the number of calories you need each day to gain quality bodyweight. Increasing daily caloric intake by 400 calories should help you add one to two pounds of quality body-weight per month.
Another important factor is the pre-workout meal, which should come approximately 60-90 minutes before you train. Shakes are quick to prepare and easy on the stomach (depending on the protein source and other variables).
Follow the diet plan faithfully and you should be able to add one to two pounds of muscle per month.
Example of calculations of bodyfat, and fat free mass, using the weight as 200lb, and a bodyfat percentage of 21%.

Below is a list of the best bodybuilding foods and their macronutrient profiles, with the information below you can build a diet based on your own particular goals, mass building, getting lean, or just basic maintenance of your diet.
My time, brain space, and money budgets were somewhat limited but was able to get three of the four before I started the protocol.
The deadlift is such a total body exertion that I was never sure if I was achieving a proper failure.
There are various rules of thumb for how much protein you need, Tim has his more precise calculation, but I made sure I was getting at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight.
To be honest, I think it’s bogus too, but the closest Bodpod to Asheville is few hours away.
I’m doing a consolidated workout just once per week now for maintenance and a whole lot of cycling training. In fact Ferriss suggests trying to lean out some before starting because most people are going to put on some fat. Now it's about new music, old records, live shows, stories, memorabilia, garage band demos, anything and everything else related to music.
Your body has the amazing ability to take the foods you eat and turn them into you and your muscles.  How incredible is that?  Whether you eat an apple, a steak or a kale salad, your amazing body is able to break that food down into its chemical parts and reassemble those parts into your cells and the energy you use all day.
An inadequate supply of carbs will force the body to look elsewhere for fuel; the source it typically turns to is protein (often muscle), which is converted into glucose and then used as energy. To spur anabolism (the creation, maintenance and repair of muscle tissue), the body must be in a state of positive nitrogen balance; the metabolic state in which muscle growth can occur. The body will tap into fat stores to fuel your day-to-day activities and low-to-moderate nonstop aerobic exercise.
Although fat is considered anathema to a bodybuilder, the plain truth is that your body can’t function without it.
More than half of the protein in an egg is contained in the white; the fat is housed in the yolk.
Complex carbs are superior to simple carbs (including table sugar, honey and corn syrup) because the former provide a long steady release of glucose into the bloodstream, minimizing the secretion of excess insulin and keeping fat-storing enzyme systems at bay.
The fat inherent in your protein and carb sources will easily account for the desired 15-20%. The daily water requirement for a 200-pound bodybuilder, for example, would be 140 fluid ounces (200 x 0.7 = 140).
Optimum muscle growth is better served by a system that feeds the body the right mix of nutrients every two and a half to three hours.
To pack on muscle, you must take in more calories than the amount required to sustain your current weight. Then, referring to your nutrition handbook, add up the total number of calories you consumed during that span.
Surpassing the 400-calorie mark is a mistake, as most of the gains in size will come in the form of fat, not muscle. Metabolically speaking, your body makes great demands for energy and nutrients in the morning hours.
Look for one that includes one gram of vitamin C, 50 milligrams of vitamin B complex and 400 international units of vitamin E.
In the accompanying meal plan, protein shakes are the principal component of meals two and four. Think of your training and diet as inseparable, with each relying on the other for optimal progress. Split your calories according to the following percentages: 60-65% carbs, 15-30% proteins, 10-20% fats. Bodyweight – 42 = fat free mass (200 – 42 = 158) (This figure is the total amount of fat free mass).
I’m a classic ectomorph, just over six feet tall and weighing between 155-160 since high school. In the Geek to Freak he mentions NO-Xplode so I bought some of that too, only using it before workouts.
All that said, I do think that about half of my weight gain, almost 10 pounds, maybe a little more was muscle. The Slow-Carb Diet does not work at all for cycling so I’m back to eating a wide range of carbs before, during, and after training rides. To achieve and sustain positive nitrogen balance, the body must be supplied with adequate quantities of protein on a consistent basis throughout the day. The consensus is that a bodybuilder needs a daily intake of one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight to achieve optimal gains. Do not neglect the yolk completely, however, as it contains the remainder of the egg’s protein. In other words, the more complex the carb, the slower it burns and the more sustained will be the energy release.

The body can most efficiently absorb only a limited number of calories and nutrients at one serving, so more frequent smaller meals ensure that little is wasted. This meal program ensures that your body is continually topped off with muscle-building nutrients and helps guarantee maintenance of a positive nitrogen balance, the condition in which muscle tissue repairs itself after intense training (as described in step 1). Divide that figure by seven to come up with the daily caloric intake needed to maintain your bodyweight (this assumes that you didn’t gain or lose weight during that week). After one month, if you have gained less than one pound, then and only then add an extra 300 calories per day to the diet, continuing to follow the macronutrient ratios outlined in step 2. Following an intense training session, the body undertakes special metabolic processes during which the absorption and utilization of carbs and proteins are especially critical.
The goal is to ingest only enough carbs and protein to help prevent your body from breaking down hard-earned muscle tissue in order to meet the energy demands of the workout. Add FormulaOZ natural testosterone booster TESTSET together with FormulaOZ Ecdysterone 98% – natural muscle grower. Vitamin C aids recuperation and helps keep infections at bay, so you should also take an additional gram of C at meals three and five. Also, they are often superior to protein-source foods because they provide a better balance of essential amino acids and are easier to digest. In your diet and in your training, consistency will yield steady progress and excellent results for the evolution of your physique. I had committed to getting back into cycling shape this year, but decided to give Occam’s Protocol a shot before piling on the miles and hours of bike training. Finally, I took everything I could digest and understand from those sources and came up with a plan. What I mean is, even though my legs could probably crank out a few more reps, my form would start to fall apart, my back would round, I couldn’t get enough oxygen, etc. To help keep on track I took pics of everything that went into my body for the first couple weeks. By March 5 I was essentially done, but did one more of each workout before completely changing my program to focus on cycling.
I decided to use my Flip camera to record lifts mostly because I wanted to focus on form and not counting reps. Mostly because I bike much less, lift three times a week, and have a good coach programming my workouts.
Use this handy seven-step nutrition primer to build the ideal personalized bodybuilding diet to suit your goals and aspirations. We recommend that you strive for 1? grams of protein per pound of bodyweight; hence, a 200-pound bodybuilder should try to consume a total of 250 grams of protein daily, split up among five or six meals.
Instead, bodybuilding is defined as an anaerobic activity, consisting of short high-intensity bursts of exercise during which the body is able to supply energy needs with little or no oxygen available. Finally, choose whole or natural foods over refined or processed sources of carbohydrates, which are usually high in sugar and low in fiber. Remember that high-protein bodybuilding diets promote dehydration, so it’s essential that you drink water throughout the day. By eating frequently, you will also maintain stable blood sugar, which leads to more consistent energy levels, better glycogen storage and superior fat metabolism.
It’s inaccurate to make a blanket statement, therefore, that each 150-pound person burns the same number of calories.
When you wake up in the morning, your body depends on a fresh intake of fuel to generate a metabolic response. Drinking even a few small shakes throughout the day, for instance, can help potentiate protein utilization from your protein food sources. The rule of thumb is simple: The better the quality of the protein source, the better the muscle-growth benefits. I decided to try Occam’s Protocol, the rapid muscle-gaining program in the book, to see if I could overcome my genetic predisposition to skinniness.
Finally, if you’re pressed for time, protein shakes are an efficient and convenient source of protein.
Instead of reaping the benefits of your workout, you will have now set the scene for muscle breakdown. What I discovered was that I was moving the weight way too fast, especially in the early reps. The sample six-meal-a-day plan presented on this page is suited to the needs of an athlete seeking approximately 3,500 calories per day.

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