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Breastfeeding process helps in burning about 400-500 calories a day and aids in quick weight loss. You can also improve your stamina and mood by doing simple exercises like walking or jogging. If you don’t rest and you are sleep deprived for days together, it will be difficult for you to shed weight.
Cardiovascular exercises will increase your heart rate and will help burn your baby fat quickly.

When you are stressed out, the body releases cortisol along with other stress hormones that can trigger weight gain. Also, drinking water at regular intervals will help you stay back from all those fatty munchies. After delivery, a female body undergoes a lot of dramatic changes before reaching its normal state. If you have undergone a cesarean section, check with your doctor for the right time to start a work out.

So hydrate yourself to stay fit and to avoid those extra calorie cravings that can bloat you up. It is very common to retain a few pounds immediately after delivery, but there are ways to get back your curvy figure by following a few tips.Here are some tips for losing weight after pregnancy.

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