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Consistently praised as the most unique and successful week long weight loss boot camp in Europe. We were the first to introduce the concept of residential weight loss courses and are respected as the most professional boot camp in the marketplace. Our bootcamp courses are tailored and designed with your specific weight loss, fitness and toning goals in mind and our long term results speak for themselves. We are proud of the sustainable weight loss results being achieved. Join us for a life changing experience that you'll never forget.
A whole new team joined us in 2015 and the level of our staff’s qualifications is astonishing and unique.
A week at The Camp will transform your life in more ways than one; we will guarantee your safety, while bringing you consistently outstanding results of sustainable weight loss and body fat reduction.
We are a bootcamp in name only, as although we use a military system, you will find the course nurturing and encouraging. Following your week at The Camp, you will have continued access to our team, the programmes and our chef’s legendary recipes, ensuring your long term goals are achieved and your life is enriched. In just one week, we will help you safely achieve rapid weight loss, improve muscle tone and improved health at our beautiful and secluded locations in Scotland, Spain and Morocco.
Our 2016 Best Weight Loss Camps Directory includes information on some of the Best Day and Overnight Summer Weight Loss Camps and Summer Weight Loss Programs in America, including: Best Weight Loss Camps for Kids, Best Sleepaway Weight Loss Camps, Best Youth Weight Loss Camps, Best Teen Summer Weight Loss Programs, Best YMCA Weight Loss Programs, Best Weight Loss Camps for Girls, Best Weight Loss Camps for Boys, Best Weight Loss Adventure Camps, Best Diet Camps, Best Christian Weight Loss Camps, Best Healthy Living Camps, Best Weight Loss Sports Camps, and many more. Many of our Weight Loss Camps are still adding to their info on their 2016 Summer Camps, Programs, Activities & Classes.
You can contact each camp you are interested in to get the latest info on all their 2016 Summer Weight Loss Programs for Teens and Kids.

Many of our Weight Loss Camps offer Summer Weight Loss Programs, Activities, Workshops & Classes starting in July, 2016. Be sure to check the "Year-Round Programs and Other Camp Info" headings of each camp listing for specifics, or give any Weight Loss Camp you're interested in a call to check on Summer dates, times and availability.
Many of our Weight Loss Camps will be hosting Summer Reunions for their previous campers, and Summer Open Houses for interested new campers and families. Contact the camp(s) directly to see if there are any Camp Reunion or Open House Plans for July, 2016. Many of our Traditional Day & Overnight Weight Loss Camps also offer Family Camps, or Family Camp Sessions during the month of August.
Many of our Best Summer Weight Loss Camps also offer Year Round Weight Loss Camp Programs, Classes, and Activities. To check out our current state-by-state Best Weight Loss Camps Directories, just click on the state you're interested in below, or click on the FIND YOUR CAMP link above. Losing weight and getting fit at summer camp is becoming more and more the specialized focus of some great weight loss and fitness summer camps here in the US and Canada. Many summer weight loss camps now focus on dietary and physical lifestyle changes, in addition to just calorie counting and physical exercise -- old school 'fat camps' are things of the past. Part of what makes our 2016 Weight Loss Camp Directory unique will be the inclusion of WEIGHT LOSS CAMP VIDEOS from each camp within the camp descriptions. In addition to our 2016 Summer Weight Loss Camps Directory we have also created quite a few SPECIAL INTEREST CAMP DIRECTORIES, and have included brief descriptions of these and links to their dedicated websites on the 2016 CAMP GUIDE page.

You can go directly to any of our other 2016 Special Interest Camp Directories from the list in the black bar at the bottom of this page. Our instructors are all ex UK Special Forces Military Instructors, backed by our qualified nutritionists, sports physios and medical experts. You will want to 'interview' each camp carefully to make sure their program fits your exact physical, health and dietary needs. We do not endorse or recommend any of the camps whose information or advertisements appear on any page of this website (or in any linked or referenced media, websites, directories, or web pages) and we cannot confirm the accuracy of any information that appears herein.
Our list does not include basic camp clothing & sundry items, like T-shirts, shorts, socks, toiletries, etc.
One of the best tips to knowing exactly what to bring to Sleepaway summer camp is to find out about the weather. When you click on an iem you can start a shopping cart on Amazon, then return to this page to click on the next item(s) to browse. Many of our Best Day Weight Loss Camps also list their exact hours, and if they offer before and after camp activities.
Rain usually means mud, so be sure to ask your chosen camp EXACTLY what the campers will need to wear, including rain gear and boots.

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