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Turning your body into a fat burning machine requires a few important factors: strength training, cardio and diet.
Aerobic activity burns a significant amount of calories, which aids in overall fat loss as long as it's done properly. For the purpose of this article we will just be focusing on exercise, even though a healthy diet is crucial to fat burning. The best time to perform cardiovascular exercise is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. For a quick and efficient training session, perform 8-10 high intensity intervals on any cardio machine or outdoors. The strength related exercises should be done at a different time than the cardio to give your body a chance to recover. The exercises below challenge every muscle in the body, burning a significant amount of calories.
Every year you might be making a New Year resolution to burn belly fat and get rid of those extra calories. The first and the most important way to burn belly fat is to do the proper exercise required which will affect your belly muscles and will also help to burn fat.
For having and retaining a slim belly and a beautiful body, you have to quit sugar, sweets, soft drinks, packed fruit juices, alcohol and chocolates (excepting dark chocolate). Drink a glass of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner as this will make your stomach full and you can only eat selectively and won’t gorge on the food that is served in front of you. Along with these simple steps if you could just check on your, and be conscious about what is getting inside your mouth.
Squats, pushups, situps and other body-weight exercises are great for losing weight and toning up.

When it comes to exercise, the combination of lifting weights and performing high-intensity cardio activity is the most effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle. Strength training boosts the number of proteins that take glucose out of the blood and transport it into the skeletal muscle.
While long duration aerobic activity at a moderate pace does burn calories, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best "cardio" option if the goal is fat loss.
Come into a straight-arm plank with feet slightly wider than hip width, while holding a set of dumbbells directly under shoulders. You may long for an hour glass figure but cannot achieve that because of your tight schedule or simply because you don’t want to come out of your comfort zone. Pull-ups, crunches, lunges, leg raise and push-ups for at least 20 times in a set should be your routine activity. All of these junk foods contain sugar which makes your belly fat and can even affect your liver. Statistical data shows that protein helps to reduce your food craving up to 60% and also helps in burning belly fat and calories fast. When you do not consume enough water, you body gets dehydrated and as a result, it holds back water making you flabby. Stop having potatoes, rice, and flour rich foods like pizzas, tortilla, burgers and other junk foods. Keep a check on your daily calorie intake; do not swallow the food as it will not help in digestion. You can be a movie buff and want to look like the hottest celebs but all your efforts go in vain when you don’t look good in a body hugging dress primarily because of your belly fat. Any kind of sweet dishes can cause obesity and other insulin resistant diseases like diabetes.

So if you want to have an hour glass figure, include protein rich foods like egg whites, chicken, soya protein and dairy products. You can avoid water retention by increasing your daily consumption of water as this will help your body to bid adieu to excess stored water leading you to burn your belly fat easily and get a flat tummy in no time.
You can rather opt for fiber rich foods as it takes quite some time to digest and will help you to get slimmer and trimmer. Bend knees, shift hips back and lower down so thighs come close to parallel with the floor. You must be thinking that it is impossible, but don’t worry, you can halt or take a small pause after completing 10 push-ups or pull-ups. Take proper rest; sleep at least for 8 hours daily, the reason behind having a proper sleep is that your body tends to overeat when it does not get enough sleep. While doing these exercises if you want to feel motivated, you can turn on some loud music to sync in with your heat! Excess sugar in the body also causes insulin resistance for which you can have high blood sugar level.
Water not only helps to detoxify your skin but also help you to reduce weight and have a slim figure. Follow these simple steps and you can burn your belly fat easily and can finally achieve that beautiful figure you ever dreamed of.

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