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3 main steps to losing weight and how to get in shape and lose weight successfully and healthily. So here you are, determined to lose weight and you’ve tried every type of weight loss diet known to the world and his dog, taken every type of so called 'magic weight loss pill’ on the market, exercised so hard that even your personal trainer struggles to keep up with you and you’re STILL finding that you can’t shift that weight!
You look to the heavens in despair and pray that the muffin and ice cream gods will take you now!
Remember that, in addition to improving a poor diet, it is of equal importance to manage and improve (where possible) areas of your life that cause you prolonged stress. There is a simple solution to this problem, of course, and that’s to stay in fairly good shape, year round. Well, I’m going to show you how you can see a fairly drastic change in only a single week if you’re carrying a bit of extra belly fat. I really am not trying to enable or point this article in the direction of those people who never train but then suddenly decide to get serious with 1 week to go until their vacation! But hey, I know it will be mostly you guys who use this article so hopefully when you see the results that this intense week brings, you’ll be motivated to pick up exercise as more of a lifestyle choice!
Finally, before I stop blabbing on and get to the meat of this post, you need to know that the great thing about this intense week is that during your vacation you’ll have a window of a few days to be totally lax with your diet (Cause’ who want’s to worry about that on vacation??).
Now, this window is pretty awesome because it means that you’ll actually LOOK BETTER as the holiday goes eating junk!
Let’s keep things real – If you want to burn fat, you need to have a negative energy balance.
Use this calculator on my site to figure out a basic number of calories to eat for this week..and be strict!
Reduce your carbs to the point you’re ONLY getting them in from fibrous vegetables and greens.
The fibre from the veg will keep your digestive system and colon running smoothly in the presence of the high protein and essential fats you’ll be replacing your carbs with. By reducing our carbs, we’re also trying to deplete our glycogen levels (“muscle energy”, in simple terms) over the course of the week to allow the food that we do eat on vacation to be driven straight into our starving muscles. Increase your consumption of protein to at least 1.5 grams per lb of your bodyweight per day.
You’re trying to maintain your muscle mass and lose from the place it matters the most – FAT! Increasing your protein will allow you to do this while you’re in a calorie deficiet – Use sources like whey protein isolate (or hemp protein powder), chicken, turkey, lean beef, eggs, tuna, oily fish etc. I personally tried this for a good 3 weeks when I was preparing for my fitness model contest in April 2012 and I didn’t see any increase in fat loss what so ever or any drastic changes in my physique. Now, if you are allergic, and you might not even know you are, then you will see a reduction in your belly fat. You should be getting in 2 litres a day anyhow but if you’re in training that should easily increase to at least 3-4 litres a day.

70% of our body is made up of water so it only makes sense that we need to nourish it with what it’s made from! Drinking plenty of water has been shown to help burn fat more efficiently, gets rid of more water from beneath your skin to make your skin tighter (ironic eh? Hit this example routine 4-5 times in the final week before your vacation or 3 times if you’re not as experienced. Perform each exercise in a circuit fashion, using approximately 70% of your 1 rep max (if you’re not sure what these means, just pick a weight that challenges you for 12-15 reps.
2) You’ll be burning tons of fat during and after the workout with the “afterburn” effect you’ll cause.
Burn even more calories by doing either high intensity interval training cardio or just a steady-pace form of cardio for 40-60 minutes (hill walking at a steady pace has worked well for me).
On your days off from the weight training, perform a short intense ab workout after your cardio.
Admittedly, this isn’t something I have tried for myself just yet but after reading a few pieces of research, I’m certainly giving this a go before my next vacation and experimental fat loss phase. On the final day before your vacation, depending on when your flight is, try to abstain from food for around 16-24 hours.
So you’ll actually look BETTER as the holiday goes on (you’ll probably peak around day 3 or 4)!
While everybody comes back from their vacation moaning and depressed about the new “holiday weight” they are carrying, you’ll be back having not suffered very much damage at all! It’s a tough week to put yourself through but nobody said it would be easy…just totally worth it when you’re on that beach being hated on because of your washboard abs! I love helping people kick ass and get into awesome shape - in turn helping them to change their lives.
We offer personalized memberships so you get exactly what you want, everything you need, and nothing that you don't. Contact the club nearest you to find out what benefits you can access with a Holmes Place membership. Take small steps to achieve this and get the support of your partner, close friends and family to help when times are tough and you will be well on your way to shedding those kilos. Keyword here is a “bit” – The results are obviously less noticeable, the higher in fat you are. The week before your holiday, you’ll be depleting your body and as soon as you start refuelling, all of that good stuff you’ll be eating at the all-inclusive will be directed straight to your muscles! You’re not doing this forever..If you’ve been disciplined at eating crap for most of the year, then a week of being disciplined at this won’t kill you, will it?
I know for a FACT, and I have people who can verify, that I was eating bread and lots of it when I was the most lean I’d ever been in my life. Or at least you’ll see the “appearance” of drastically reduced belly fat because of the bloating that may have been caused by these foods and your allergy to them.

Remove these allergens – It won’t kill ya and you might even discover some foods that don’t agree with your stomach! A resistance routine with minimal rest periods and select exercises that are big, compound movements to burn maximal calories.
Which means you’ll be melting fat way after the workout is over and all throughout the week. This has many reported benefits such as burning even more fat and calories as well as increasing your fat burning hormones. You should now be looking a lot leaner and meaner after that intense 7 days of work and the funs just about to start.. You can pretty much go wild, totally guilt free because you’ve just set your body up in such a way that everything you eat (to a certain point) will go straight to your muscle and energy stores, rather than turn into unsightly belly fat! Be sure to bring your swagger to the beach on days 3-4 where you can put that new torso on display! You’ll lose a fair amount of fat for a 7 day period but this routine is far better to peak a physique that is in pretty good shape already and minimize holiday damage.
In addition to diet, there may also be some lifestyle factors that you haven’t considered, and may never have even known about, that are hindering your all-important goal of weight loss.
Getting adequate, uninterrupted sleep is important for the body, especially if you are struggling to lose weight. The big date, wedding, vacation or whatever has crept up on you and you need to know how to lose belly fat in 1 week..Or maybe you’re already pretty lean but want to take it to the next level for when you’re letting it all hang out on the beach? It took you longer than a week to get that spare tyre so don’t expect to torch all of your fat in a single week either! The only rest you’ll take between exercises is the time it takes you to walk to the next exercise.
It will be counter-productive for your weight loss goal, as these foods will lead to a sharp rise in your blood sugar levels, and this abundance of sugar your body are stored in your fat cells, which in turn can leads to weight gain. If your body isn’t getting adequate rest, it will remain in a stressed state and, as noted earlier, frequent stress can lead to weight gain and also make it difficult to lose any excess weight that you have. This is because your body stores toxins in your fat cells, and will not break down fat and release these toxins into your body (no matter how much exercise you do) if your liver is under-performing and unable to neutralize such toxins effectively. So things like milk, cheese, whey protein shakes, bread, pasta etc will need to go for this week. One should therefore try to reduce exposure to toxins as much as possible, consume fruit and vegetables that are high in antioxidants and also foods that stimulate the liver i.e. If I said You could either LOOK the way you wanted or see a particular number on the scales, which would you choose?…Thought so.

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