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Health magazine rated the Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer as one of its best products. This pedometer is a great tool to use in keeping track of your workouts, whether you walk, jog or speedwalk. This allows you to keep track of your steps and distance walked all day, not just during your workout.  Which helps you achieve your 10,000 step daily goal. According to many studies, pedometer wearers clock 2,000 more steps a day.  It serves as a constant reminder to walk more.
The Omron HJ-112 unit measures the number of aerobic steps, defined as the number of continuous steps taken in 10 minutes or walking more than 60 steps in a minute. A memory function on the Omron pedometer shows data for seven days so you can track your progress whether you are training for an event or just trying to keep track of your daily workouts. Like the disciplines of counting calories, carbohydrates, and fat grams, it’s important to count your steps to realize how much you are really moving in a day.

Step measurement can be accomplished a few ways; the most effective is to make the small investment into a quality pedometer.
It is so easy to use that you can keep track of your steps, distance and calories burned when you are strolling around the mall, walking to your car or running after your children. Intensity and duration of exercise are important in achieving a cardio benefit and in burning calories. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
There’s merit in understanding that your evening ice cream habit or Saturday beer bash is sabotaging your weight loss efforts!
If you wear it all day you’ll quickly discover small ways that add up to large step counts. Ultimately though, every successful weight loss program will boil down to burning more calories than you consume.

The point is, unless you measure your steps, you won’t have accurate knowledge of where you’re starting and what you need to do to accomplish your goal.
This is one of the most effective ways to transform from a sedentary person to an active one. If you know you want to lose a certain amount of weight before going shopping for a new bathing suit, getting married, or going on vacation, you still need break down what that actually translates to in your daily habits.

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