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First of all, stop thinking of your program as a path to a certain destination-an ideal weight, jean size, etcetera. Studies show that when it comes to accomplishing something, the best motivation is intrinsic motivation, and not a concrete prize. Once you have changed your mindset, you have to make clear to yourself the aim of your path.
Keep in mind that this will take time, and that occasionally a break in your routine is okay. Lastly, remember that health and fitness are one of the few aspects of life where the efforts of somebody else will not help you out. Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week. Even if you are losing kilos, losing centimetres, getting fitter and eating better it is hard to stay focused 100% of the time. It’s so easy to lapse back into old habits (like two sugary biscuits with every cup of tea) or reach for our old friend Mr Chocolate when we’re tired or busy.
So today we have put together a series of pointers that you can hopefully read through and feel the fire return to your resolve. Weight loss is a marathon not a sprint, so you do need to pace yourself so that you don’t burn out too quickly. Or perhaps you can now run for 10 minutes without stopping whereas you used to only be able to manage 3 minutes.
Another great tool is to use your ‘before’ shot as a way of motivating yourself to stay on track.
For instance you might notice that your tummy has shrunk down, or that your thighs are not as close together. Having the photos gives you concrete proof of the changes that are happening as a result of your healthier habits.

Having a reward to focus on (one that’s not food which could undo all of your hard work) is a great way to give yourself a mental kick in the behind when necessary. Instead of making cooking healthy meals a drag, why not cut down the time you spend on doing it? It is important to understand how the scales work and make sure that you take measurements too. As you begin doing exercise and light weight bearing exercise you will gain lean muscle tissue, a substance which weighs more and is denser than fat. This entry was posted in Challenge Groups, Challenge Packs, Coach Opportunity, Coaches, Get Ripped, Get Toned, Motivation, Nutrition, Recovery + Mobility, Shakeology, Sleep, Stretching, Supplements, Transformations, Wellness, Workouts and tagged Alcohol, Beachbody, Challenge Groups, Cleanse, Feel Better, Fueling Performance, Get Fit Challenge, Get Healthy, Get Lean, Get Ripped, Get Toned, Health, Healthy Eating, Hydration, Improve Digestion Wellness, Independent Beachbody Coach, Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol, More Energy, Nutrition, Recovery, Results, Shakeology, Sleep, Sleep Better, Water, Weight Loss by Robbie. Yes, it is important to have a workout regime with days off from strenuous activity in order for your muscles to recover properly.
Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself, and exists within the individual rather than relying on any external pressure.
You can go out to a restaurant to eat, but try to order healthy meals because you know it is right for you. You are the only one who can be you, so as might as well make time in your body worth while. No one can eat more fruits and vegetables in your place, no body can run for you, and no body can lift for you. Being able to see how far you’ve come is the best motivator when you are having a tough day or week. Take one now if you haven’t already, and keep it in a drawer ready to peek at whenever you feel your motivation lagging. Make double and freeze them individually so that you can throw one in your bag in the morning for afternoon tea. Text your buddy and see if they want to walk with you to the park to let the kids run around.

Intrinsic Motivation is based on taking pleasure in an activity rather working towards an external reward Extrinsic motivation can be useful at times, but many times it actually inhibits the success of your endeavor.
Each day, try to aim to accomplish each of these parameters, even if you just do not want to. If your goal to become healthier will attest to the fact that motivation is a huge determinant in just how well your fitness program will turn out-even the most fit of them all. Chop it up and put it in a see-through container so that you can grab a quick snack when you’re hungry. They act on autopilot.(NOTE: Are you sick of feeling heavy and tired from the excess weight you carry? Find a friend or family member you can confide in who shares the same struggles.Tell them about your goals and what you’re trying to accomplish. Something like plain oatmeal with cinnamon and nuts on it.If you can establish this habit, you’ll also notice that making other healthy decisions will become easier as a result.
These spikes are as great (sometimes greater) than drugs like cocaine or heroin.Sound far-fetched? Mirror, mirror on the wall…Mirrors play tricks on our brains.We won’t dive much into this, but do you remember WHEN you started to gain weight? Did you see the slight amount of weight gain day after day, month after month?Probably not.I bet it happened sort of shockingly when one day you looked up and realized you were 10 pounds heavier.

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