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Developed by Kellogg cereal Company, Special K Diet is a weight loss program which will melt away pounds from your body in mere two weeks. Special K diet program is a harmonious plan which doesn’t ask its dieters to weed out their favorite foods from the diet regime. Special K diet asks its dieters to eat 45 grams of cereal along-with half cup of low fat milk in two meals of the day.
If you wish to drop weight in short span of time, without spending much time on preparing and designing your meals, you certainly can stick to the program. Special K diet has not sided workouts and has included them in the mainstream of diet program. The plan will free your body from several diseases such as high cholesterol level, high blood pressure etc. You shall witness improvement in your concentration and memory while going along with the plan.
As compared to other food items eaten in breakfast, cereals are more effective in reducing your body mass index. The program might allure vegans the most because there are numerous refreshing and yummy flavors available for them.
Dieters need to have strong will to stick to the program due to dearth in variety of foods provided by the program, dieters are likely to feel bored and switch to their old eating habits. Cereals of special K diet are not made up of whole grains and therefore are unable to provide complete nourishment to your body.
Special K diet cannot be called a healthy diet program, it rather comes under category of fad diet plans. You can have one bowel of special K cereal with chocolate or strawberry flavor, milk, tea or coffee in your breakfast. One of the most insidious of these carpetbaggers is Kellogg’s and its Special K brand. Lots of sugar:  To make their bars, pastries, and drinks sweet, Special K pours on the sugar. Awakening people to Big Food’s deceptive tactics and changing how they think about food and weight loss products is no easy task.
Commenting Policy: Following the advice of a popular blogger, I'm running my blog conversation like it's my living room. I was once co-founder of a corporate food entity & have insights into how unethical they can be. Those 90-calorie bars have about 34 ingredients in them, of which I believe close to a dozen are sweeteners (sugar, HFCS, sorbitol, rice syrup, etc.).
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Use the form below to delete this Diet Shake Kellogga€™s Special K Protein Chocolate Mocha 4ct image from our index. There are several people out there who have been able to attain trimmed waist with reduced size of hips by using the program. Best part of the diet program is that you don’t need to count the number of calories consumed by you.
Apart from two meals, dieters are free to eat what they want to in their snacks and third meal of the day.
The plan is like a boon to dieters who have very busy schedule and don’t get much time to cook meals for them. Besides assisting you shed weight swifter, they shall also educate you how to track your progress. To save your body from becoming deficient of nutrients, you need to feed high dose of nutrients through fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. Dieters already finding it difficult to control their hunger might find it daunting to adhere to the plan because high sugar content of cereals will expand their appetite even more.
For instance, there is no intimation regarding the number of calories required to be consumed in third meal. Just like other fad diet plans, you might achieve your weight loss objective in short run, but as you will revert to your old eating patterns, you will resume your lost weight. While making selection of cereals and bars, make sure that you opt for high fiber and protein rich foods. In the items I reviewed, total sugars ranged from 6g-18g per serving and drove 25%-40% of the calorie count.
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If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but our blog will automatically receive a small commission. Just so you know, I won’t tolerate bad behavior in my living room, and I won’t tolerate it on here. I wanted to start this diet for 2 weeks but before that wanted to check how safe it is, luckily your blog saved me. As far as third meal is concerned, prefer adding plenty of high fiber and protein rich foods in your third meal and snacks. In addition to that, they shall endeavor to maintain a physically active schedule for the day.

If you consume a lot of calories in your third meal, you might fail to shed pounds from your body.
It’s pretty ironic if you think about it–the very same processed food companies that mislead us into eating more and more empty calories then turn around and sell us even more processed foods that pretend to help us lose weight.
In this ad Kellogg’s pushes its protein enhanced bars and shakes as a key to maintaining your diet willpower. From wholesome breakfast foods and savory snacks to shakes, sweet treats and so much more, all of our products were created to delight your taste buds. Rather than advocate eating more real foods, Kellogg’s has merely taken out their processed food toolbox to profit off the global obesity epidemic they helped to create. And with their big research and advertising budgets they’ve successfully dominated and controlled the conversation about food. Always know that we only recommend products or services we use personally and believe will add value to our readers. Be respectful, don't be rude, and for goodness sakes, don't post spam or self-promotional comments.
If you have ever tried a bowl of Special K in the past you would probably understand why it is considered a challenge to attempt to eat it for 2 weeks.
Protein rich snacks will keep check on your consumption of unhealthy snacks by keeping you contented for longer duration. Much like the carpetbaggers who went South for political and financial gain after the Civil War, these weight loss carpetbaggers don’t really solve any problems.
However, step by step real food believers like you and I are fighting back and spreading the word. It’s an entertaining thriller about a corrupt food company launching a revolutionary, new weight loss product (sound familiar?). For the full lowdown on how we're managing our online community, check out our Commenting Policy.
It does all sound like Kellogg’s are just out to make you buy their products and to be honest they are! In fact at the time I am writing this (15th April 2013) the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge has not even officially launched in the UK, it does not officially launch until June but you can still try out the challenge early if you know where to look.
I have started buying only whole organic foods and (trying to) never buy anything packaged. 19 July The Special K Diet Review - Healthy Weight Forum The Special K diet is a diet plan created by Kellogg, the manufacturer of Special K cereal. Officially known as the Special K Challenge, the diet Has Anyone Tried The Special K diet? We have to teach our kids the truth about chemicals and harmful additives and chemicals in certain food before they can be brainwashed by big food companies.
Losing special diet k weight can be difficult without the proper tools Special K Diet - LoveToKnow To help you lose weight you should increase special k diet your level of physical activity every day.
It does not have to be special k diet a large special k diet Special K Challenge by Kellogg s Pros and Cons Kelloggs Special K brand have been promoting their very own Special K Diet Challenge (for a number of years now).

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