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I often get asked about the Slimming World healthy extras and how I personally use them in my weight loss plan. You hear the word “diet programme” and assume that this will mean no carbs, no dairy and starvation. What I have learnt with them though is to not actually use a whole healthy extra but to split them in half and have a bit of everything. For example if I want naughty Slimming World chips I will have them with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and that will be enough oil for both Dominic and I. My old mentality (and probably why I used to struggle with it) is that I would want cereal and milk for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta in the evening – all while on an original day. I have learnt to look outside the box and properly plan my healthy extras and to get more with my main meals from the free food list. After all there is nothing that says that you cant have a fruit salad for breakfast or on an original day fill a melon boat with prawns. Another of my favourite mid week suppers is a meatball subway and using just one healthy extra with the wholemeal roll is a dream come true. I have put together the healthy extras for you below and just think how you can make the best use out of them. Whenever I follow Slimming World I always use my healthy extras first and then if I go over on them THEN I count them as Syns. For example living here in Portugal there is an obsession with extra virgin olive oil and we will often use this in our cooking and use 2 healthy extra B’s for it and because we are sharing a meal it will count as 1 HEB. In the same way I had cheese and biscuits the other night and I had more than the healthy A allowances and the remainder was considered as Syns. I find (especially with me being pregnant) that fibre and calcium give me a fantastic boost and try to use them up whenever I can. I get most of my calcium from cheese unless I am having cereal and then I use up my milk, but because I don’t drink tea and coffee (well only herbal tea) I never need to save my milk allowance.
Especially the red days – I was brought up calling them original days and now they are more commonly known as red days!
Though thankfully when I originally joined I had my mum with me who was already a member so that made it quite a bit easier to get my head around too. That’s why I try to devote some of my blog entries to talking about what specific things mean when you’re doing Slimming World. They also feature on Slimming World on all diet days whether you are on a green day or a red day.

For example if you normally have pork and vegetables in the steamer for lunch you could replace the pork with chicken to create a fantastic speed food meal.
Super speed foods on Slimming World include a whole range of things including berries, most melons, baked beans and various kinds of vegetables, meat and fish. Have a read on how I got on when I ate just super speed foods for three days, followed by just speed foods for a further three days.
After following a diet of just super speed foods, followed by speed foods, I created my dream tomato sauce recipe. Though for me with super speed foods its not just about rapid weight loss but more about having food that is healthy in your daily diet and here is a list of my favourite super speed free foods that you can enjoy without fat whenever you fancy…. You will probably notice that some of your favourite super speed free foods are missing and its just a case of personal preference. I also wanted to share with you some more information for those of you that are looking to be healthy, yet have a good weight loss too. The Tomato Sauce Cookbook – Now this is my new recipe ebook for 2014 and is all about eating the most delicious tomato sauce and then using it for the base of the 25 recipes that are included in the ebook. Plus like us, you can make it monthly place it in the freezer and then you could make the recipes as you want them. My Super Speed Challenge – You can read on this post how I invented (using the speed foods as a guide) my own six day super fast eating plan.
My Slimming World Journal – If you are looking for more reading material about Slimming World then go no further than my Slimming World category it is full to bursting with advice, tips, my ups and downs and best of all my love for healthy eating. With Slimfast they are there as an alternative to food and as a separate diet rather than as a main one.
With bananas they have never been considered as a fat burning food and even though they are still free foods that you can eat all the time on Slimming World and other diets, they will not speed up your weight loss as much as other fruits do. In a nutshell they are basically healthy foods that you can add to your day to day diet so that you are not missing out on certain vital elements while you lose weight. And my posts are all about be battling the pounds and getting back to the size 10 I was when I met my husband 13 years ago. Syns, Free foods, Green days, Red days, Healthy Extras, Extra Easy plan…it’s enough to make your head spin! Plus like any other lazy teenager my mum cooked me the Slimming World recipes so I didn’t have to worry too much about it at all.
If you’re not losing weight quickly enough, you’re supposed to up your intake of super speed foods, and it should help you lose weight a little bit faster.

Then there are general speed foods that only feature on one or the other such as beans on green days and chicken on red days. Plus if you have ever seen a nutritionist or being advised about what to eat at the gym they would have mentioned foods that burn fat quickly and these are very similar to Slimming World’s Super Speed Foods.
This features top super speed vegetables and led to me losing a pound a day over a six day period.  That was last year and now after perfecting my recipe I have created The Tomato Sauce Cookbook that features not only my super speed tomato sauce recipe, but another 25 recipes that are excellent for using speed foods for rapid weight loss. I am allergic to mushrooms so even though they are on everyone else’s plate they are not on mine! It will then help you plan your meals and help you with your change of lifestyle into more healthy cooking. So if you want to do Slimming World I would recommend making your own smoothies instead for snacks then they can be fantastic Syn free versions and they can be full of goodness and you won’t break into your Syn allowance.
Plus I find that if you are making a cheese sauce you need less milk with skimmed as it is thinner hence will cost you less in healthy extra allowances. However it was a different story when I signed up for the second time after the birth of our son.
I remember being confused when I heard this phrase for the first time, and I thought maybe it meant foods that gave you energy?
However, you’re not supposed to up your total intake of food, just replace some of the food you’ve already been eating with Super Speed foods. Secondly I like to taste my food so I put very little chilli on my food so this again isn’t on my plate. It is also about what we personally eat on a regular basis that has aided us to lose nearly 10 stone between us. Just think a week using these instead of the usual foods will take you to double your usual weekly weight loss.
The tomato sauce cookbook is also full to bursting with super free foods meaning that if you want to lose weight fast then this is the perfect starting point. During this time I enjoyed lots of my favourite foods and discovered a new love for eating healthy.

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