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Hmm Tuesday, a day I'd been sort of looking forward to, and sort of dreading at the same time. After a rest day yesterday, and way too many days prior to that without a play ride on Margot, it was time for me to get out on her again and so into town I went to pick up my train tickets for my Maycation, which is now less than 48 hours away, choose some new glasses as mine seem to have disappeared down a black hole and grab something for the Slimmer of the Week basket at group.
As soon as I got in, I got started on the potato salad, a fave of mine that I really should do more often, but something I only seem to remember when it's sunny! Anyone that says it's expensive to follow Slimming World should note that this bowl of soup is about a quarter of what that little lot made, for a total of probably a few pence over a quid. I hopped onto Margot and into town, picked up Hague some sudafed as he has a cold, brought that back to him and then rode back into town again. After group, where as I had to count the votes for Man of the Year I discovered I'd been nominated - note to self, best get the upper lip waxed - I headed home to a dinner waiting for me, courtesy of my poorly Hague. Syn free and bloody handsome it was too, there are a couple of the low fat Quorn sausages lurking under the eggs too, I followed it up with some grapes which I demolished before I remembered to take a picture and then resumed my sitting and relaxing regime until the worms demanded more feeding and so I put together an eclectic plate to nibble on whilst catching up with the online world. Picture of my potato salad there for you at last, along with some Quorn chickeny thingums, my Babybels and a HiFi bar, which I washed down with a chocolatey cuppa in the bath. When I got off those scales today, I really wasn't overly surprised, or bothered about my gain, but having had the time to mull it over, I'm rather annoyed at myself.
In the new Slimming World magazine, the new Woman of the Year has written a letter to her 14 year old self, detailing the life her adult self missed out on, and what she is now achieving.
Just some black forest fruits, which had merrily defrosted themselves all over the fridge, topped with yogurt and the Weetabix chocolate minis, which are rather yummy, and also good as a little picky snack. Whilst we were at Harbour, the station manager, BiggNevv finally caught up with us about doing a radio show of our own and wants us to think through some ideas and get back to him!
Once we got in, I was rather peckish, and so did an incredibly quick lunch of gnocchi and salad, all of 5 minutes in the making! Once "lunch" had gone down - it was eaten at about 6pm - I decided to take Boo out for a stroll as it was still sunny outside, luckily I had the sense to pick up a jacket though as it was freezing in the shade and on the beach.
It wasn't too long before I realised I was hungry, but I had no idea what I wanted, just that I definitely wanted some Jersey Royals, and so it was a while before I cobbled together my final meal of the day.
Bit of an extreme close up there for dinner, but it was the spuds, with broccoli and sprouts, some cottage cheese and a Quorn gruyere cheese escalope, something a bit different there.
Rather a yummy food day today, and it was nice to mix things up a tiny bit with the extravagant synnage on the escalope.
No food pics today, as after my perfectly on plan breakfast of overnight oats the day headed a lot off plan, I'm not going to worry too much about it though.
The day started rather early as Hague was working, and so we were up at just after 7 when I had my oats (phnar phnar) and then I took Hague to work, and after that it was straight to Norwich for my Race for Life. We seemed to be missing a few of our group when it was time to start, but at 11am I was ready and waiting! We had such a giggle, it's been years since I've been on a Waltzer, and on the Twister, for the first time ever, my arse wasn't in the "Largest Person In This Seat" side. I also decided to compare pictures from last year's Race for Life with this year's too, to see my progress.
Lovely mix there of the couscous, plums, grapes, yogurt and my HeB of weetabix chocolate minis.

Bit of superfree rebellion there, as I really didn't fancy it, although I did have some fruit for dessert. Onto today then, where we had quite a lot planned, work for Hague, shopping, browsing and general moochage, plus boring old food shopping and watching the FA Cup Final. To get the best possible experience using the web we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version of your web browser or give another one a try.
Borlotti beans, pasta and veg make this stew a real comfort food treat, and it's ready in less than 30 minutes - bellissimo! Place the shallots, garlic, celery, carrots and red pepper in a saucepan and stir-fry over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes.
Add the dried herbs, chopped basil, tomatoes, tomato puree, pasta and stock and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover and allow to cook gently for 15-20 minutes or until the vegetables are tender and the pasta is cooked.
Now she’s four dress sizes smaller and matches her twin sister in confidence as well as looks. I'm sure most of you will understand what I mean if you've been away from the scales for a while! I even managed to remember it was a taster tonight and so grabbed the ingredients for a potato salad.
Speaking of which, lunch was a vegetable soup I'd lobbed in the slow cooker last night as one of the many, many packs of reduced vegetables that I can't seem to stop myself picking up at Tesco had split, and so it was added to a tin of tomatoes, tin of beans, a stock pot, mixed herbs and some lentils, and an empty bean can full of water to magically become soup.
No-one made me go off plan, no-one has made me relax to the extent I have over the last few weeks, and on the plus side, I've proved that I really will have to attend (and weigh in) at Slimming World for good now, so that's that question answered, but I now weigh what I did 6 months ago, that's a shocking waste of time. I woke up pretty late today, something to do with trying to stay up last night on not much sleep at all I'm sure, and so breakfast was a rather late affair, eaten at around 1ish.
Dessert wasn't so different, although it did contain the Benefit bars which have re-appeared in my local Aldi! Very exciting to know that we're going to get a radio show as well - it will be more chat based than music though, and will probably focus on health and fitness as well as the sweetly random place our minds seem to reside, laid out for the world to listen to - yes, the actual world, as it's an internet radio station, which you can find HERE Hague is already on a couple of times a week, as sidekick to Keith on a Monday and Friday, and it's looking like we'll be on Wednesday evenings, as I said, I'll keep you updated of course!
I've been so excited about it that I barely even slept last night as if I managed to jog the whole way, it's an item gone from my Bucket List, which is hugely exciting don't you think?
I won't lie, in the heat, and running on the grass, and with the inclines it was tough going, but I did it. I'm reasonably sure the yellow thing is a dried kernel of sweetcorn, and there is rice, pasta and what seems to be grass in there too.
After a few cuppas and a bit of a chill it was time to head to work, yet another glorious day, at least it was the last one before my week off. Me and TOK shall have the best the eighties have to offer flying through our ears next weekend.
I was going to get up around midday, and then accompany Hague to kickboxing, before a good old mooch around town whilst he was there, alas, he wasn't feeling too great and so he joined me for a nap, and that was the last we saw of the world until 2.30 when we both woke up feeling much better and so headed out into the beautiful sunshine for a couple of rather pressing errands, including picking up a Matalan order and trying to find some pink running shorts for tomorrow.
That’s only ?5 to join and ?4.95 weekly, making a total of just ?9.95 to pay at your first group! I tried not to dwell too much on thoughts of weigh in and started my day reasonably early at around 9.30 with a cuppa before deciding on my fast becoming the norm breakfast of fruit and yogurt - today's was with some muesli added in.

I wasn't surprised at group, I'll be honest, I knew it'd be big, and what's the point in getting upset about it? Once we were back home, and I'd warmed up with a cuppa or two, I snuggled up with a book whilst Hague continued to watch Prison Break. It's been happy, emotional, with unexpected fun and glorious sunshine, and it's not over by a long shot yet. I kept jogging the whole way round, something I've wanted to do ever since I first did Race for Life many, many years ago, and I actually did it!
To some people that wouldn't be such a big thing, but 2 years ago even walking 500m was a struggle, and at last year's race I walked, and crossed the line after 48:48.
We stopped at MaccyD's on the way home - very naughty I know - but we decided to celebrate, and whilst there I got a text from my Mum to let us know that her and my Dad, plus my Sister, Bruv in Law and my Nieces were at the Pleasure Beach and did we want to join them, if my legs were up to it. Extremely odd to say the least, but hats off to Holland and Barrett, who responded very quickly to my FB post and Tweet and are sorting it out as we speak. I was hoping to get away without catching the end of week clean and changeover, but nope, for the third time in my 3 week rotation I had that pleasure!
We started out far too early, with my alarm going off at 7.20 to ensure Hague got to work for 8am, as I was going to keep him company, the plan was to go food shopping straight from there - but we were rather weary, and so I had a light breakfast and then headed back to bed. Last year I walked the race in a pair of sz20 jeans, and that was after losing 6½ stone!
At least it led to a chat with the manager at Costa (the OH of one of my lovely local SW ladies), and a promise that he'll try and get some more sugar free flavours in :o) I also picked up some nail varnish to get my nails all prettified ready for my MayCation which is now mere days away!
With a couple of Chai teas to get me all chilled out, and my nails painted all pretty and purple and sparkly, it's almost time for me to head to bed, and hopefully see a bit more of the daylight that I managed today! So plans for a bath and a nap were thrown aside as we got in, got changed and headed down to the Pleasure Beach (all of a 5 minute walk for us)!
Funnily enough, I put that bag to one side, as there were still a few rogue bits of randomness in there, and opened a new one for breakfast!
Suitably happy we headed home, and despite having a good old lick of speed going on we didn't quite make it home in time for the kick-off of the footy and missed the first goal!
I have four days away planned with my fabulous TOK, where we have many plans to explore Bristol, Bath, Cheddar and Wookey Hole.
We also have much food based fun planned - but once I'm back in Yarmouth on Monday, that's it.
We had to leave after an hour or so as Hague had put some pork in the oven, and so we came home to a lovely roast dinner, which I followed up with a long soak, and a failed attempt at a nap.
Then it was work again for Hague before us heading back home, where we shall be enjoying a few drinks, and a bit of off plan snackage whilst watching all of The Hangover films.

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