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Weight or obesity is a serious problem and there are various methods to reduce weight, but according to expert exercise is a best solution.
Leg lifting is another simple and effective weight loss exercise, this will help in Strengthen of legs and also reduce weight from legs. We present the easiest exercises, you can do it at home, which are very useful and will help you to lose weight, actually a few inches off the waistline.
Exercising at home is easy and convenient, and following the advice, will help you to lose weight. More health tips: Eat lot of fruits and vegetables, low fat and reduce the red meat, instead you can eat fish. Balance yourself on the right leg and lower yourself into a single-leg squat with your right arm forward, the left arm back and the elbows bent. Push off your right foot and leap up and over to your left foot, swinging your arms open to sides of the shoulders (just like how you jump sideways over a huge puddle), land in a single-leg squat on your left leg with the left arm forward. Balance on your left leg and extend your right leg out low in front with the toe pointed as you twist the upper body to the right. Here on fitnessvsweightloss we write about fitness, weight loss,mobile app reviews,weight loss product reviews,Fitness studio review, dieticians etc. Did you know that doing exercise while managing the diet as well is a secret recipe for most fit people? Before we talk about which are the best weight loss exercises for women let us highlight two important benefits of exercising. Following a simple cardio & strength training routine for about 20 minutes a day is enough to start feeling the difference within a week! A good way to reduce weight is to get on a weight loss plan that has a balanced diet and an exercise routine that helps you in effective weight loss. Now question arise that what type of exercise is needed and where should it be done, answer is simple that you need simple exercise at home for reduction of weight or weight loss.

Remember that staying in good shape with do-it-yourself exercises at home is not that hard and impossible.
Open your arms on both sides and form a circle (at least 10), large enough, first forward, then backward.
The best part is that you can finish the set of exercises in flat 15 minutes and don’t require any equipment. Bend one of your knee across to the opposite elbow and then quickly jump to switch the legs. Remember to inhale while your feet are together and exhale while rotating, draw abs in tighter while exhaling. She was called a skeleton way back in school but she managed to gain 17 kgs during her graduation. This is the reason why you see unfit people struggling at the gym or early walkers at community parks still looking the same size even after days of dedicated exercise routine.
Most women find it easier to diet than exercise simply because controlling what you eat is more convenient than actually taking time out to exercise. Working out at least 20 minutes a day helps the body absorb the food better resulting in better regulation of your metabolism. Cardio is an aerobic form of exercise that involves your heart working more to pump blood which therefore will burn more calories besides keeping your heart strong. Running with proper hydration can help you shed that extra weight by burning serious calories. Lunges – a compound leg directly improves your performance of natural, everyday movements besides sculpting your legs.
When doing glute kick back, make sure to get a full range of motion by bringing your leg as far forward and then extending leg back as far as possible.
Besides it will help boost your immunity, improve your blood flow and make you feel & look younger.

Similarly jogging is another simple exercise which can be done at home in any season however, dancing is also effective and has the same effect like jogging. Even you may not expect to see immediate results, but be sure that they will come with time. If you are one among them, I welcome you here because I am going to tell you about a few moves that will help you lose belly fat. Some people see results easily with watching what they eat but most have to start exercising to lose weight or have been strictly recommended by the doctor for better health. Whether it is floor or step aerobics, cycling, skipping, treadmill walking or elliptical trainer, cardio exercises are an effective way of burning calories but remember that over-training can lead to injury and even make you hit weight loss plateau which is difficult to break.
Add variation like side lunges, lunges with rotation or even dumbbell lunges to achieve additional benefits.
Walking is simple weight loss exercise and it reduces your legs extra weight, after this, you can enjoy with light jumping and can warm up your body. Light weight lifting is also an important weight loss exercise, for healthy life and fitness you need to keep walking.
However, research says that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is more effective than plain cardio in getting rid of belly fat. It would be nice if you could add a small section of dos and donts so that readers know wher to focus their attention while exercising, when to stop and what to avoid.
Better to work your way up the cardio ladder and then alternate hiit to boost up the metabolism and core strength. HIIT will also strengthen the body’s core muscles that help in creating flatter abs that are more drawn in.

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