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Taking the detox from FAT SMASH DIET, the intense cleanse from EXTREME FAT SMASH, and varying food from THE 4 DAY DIET, SHRED is a six week plan to a new way of life! Definitely stay away from those coffee concoctions that are full of calories–caramel macchiato, cinnamon dolce latte, caffe latte, etc. 1 bowl of soup (no potatoes, no cream sauces, no meat) -good examples: vegetable, lentil, chickpea, split pea, black bean, tomato bisque, etc.

Those who follow SHRED will constantly be eating, 4 meals or meal replacements (soups, smoothies, shakes) and 3 snacks a day, over a six week program.
If you need to break up the time into two workout sessions, that’s completely acceptable. What’s most important is that you actually perform the exercise for the minimum amount of time indicated. In the same way you need to vary your workout to see results, switch up your food intake to boost your metabolism.

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