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We provide balanced, nutritious hot meals freshly prepared and cooked each day by our Nursery Cook, including home grown produce.
All children and staff sit together at meal times promoting social development, good eating habits and table manners. Shanklin Day Nursery works in partnership with Leicester City Council to offer free tooth-brushing to all children in the Nursery to promote good oral hygiene and healthy teeth. I ran into a website for a home daycare the other day (which will remain anonymous) that was cognizant about the environment, exercise, and everything natural. I was really impressed when she said that she goes beyond the USDA standards to serve nutritious, organic, natural foods, free of artificial dyes and HFCS. It’s definitely not the worst menu ever but cereal, 1% milk, pizza, and whole grain muffins and toast certainly would make me send along a sack lunch.
So, allow me to present an alternative, nutrient dense menu any family or daycare could use.
Thank you for this sample menu, I have been racking my brain on what to feed my two kids under 4.
I actually designed this menu in response to a friend who has been running a daycare for over 5 years and wants to implement a Paleo menu. Just for the record and to avoid confusion: The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a voluntary program which reimburses daycare facilities a small amount for following their guidelines.
I always kept food simple with my daughter Evelyn from the beginning and now, at age 7, she likes just about everything.
It’s funny, my 10 month old hates the taste of sweet (apart from breast milk) and will only eat meats and eggs. Nuts are a bit more severe than just an allergen and in a daycare situation, many parents haven’t experimented on their children yet to see if they are allergic.
Yes, nuts and shellfish and others can cause anaphylactic reactions and that can be very bad. This is a great start and is exactly the type of things I make for my daughter for school snacks and lunches. They do offer farmer’s market vouchers for fruits and veggies too though, which is nice. I can imagine some items like nuts being an issue just from a cost perspective, but overall I’d much prefer to see that than the first menu! While this is a great menu for your own kids at home (or to send with them), another reason daycare menus are not that great nutritionally has to do with costs. Watch this video to hear why I went from a job in Corporate America making a good living to coaching with Beachbody; and the mindset that drove me to becoming a Top Beachbody Coach with a career that I LOVE! These two week meal plans are from Tosca Reno Eat Clean STRIPPED Plan, you can use these as guides for variety and ideas. As your Health Coach, my mission is to help you achieve the outcome you desire through nutrition, fitness, support and personal development. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your blood work and overall health, for motivation or to just have more ENERGY, I’m here to teach and coach you! Need personal coaching as you go through the 21 Day Fix? Apply to join my next 21-Day Fix Challenge Group!  I this group, I will provide daily accountability check-ins, recipes, menu plans and tricks to help you succeed.

I was just wondering how could I scale the 21 day fix recipes to make in a pressure cooker? Struggling to find a meal plan for the highest level of containers, if I were skinny already I wouldn’t need the FIX! Hi Michelle, I would suggest taking any of the meal plans we’ve posted that look good to you and simply create larger portions if you need to get more containers in. I had gastric by pass in 2009 and cannot eat much sugar, can I substitute something else for my fruit container, many fruits are too high in sugar for me to consume. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how regarding unpredicted feelings. My daughter Evelyn went to a home day care in California and we provided her lunch and snacks every day with no problems. If she chooses not to accept government funds in exchange for offering a grain and milk based diet, more power to her!
Kids love them, just give them one out of a fried egg, or gently boil eggs til the yolks are just cooked. She pulls my hands to her mouth when I have meat and she literally gags when I try to give her banana or papaya.
I will squish fish, liver, or chicken from soup between my fingers and give that to her in small bites. Likewise, those with egg allergies should avoid the recipes with eggs and those with lactose intolerance should avoid milk. To get into the USDA food program and IIRC we were required to serve bread products, and milk. My daughter went to a Reggio Emilia daycare 3 days per week when we were living in our home country (now overseas). Lunches were things like shepherd’s pie, beef stir fry and rice, mild chicken curry, baked fish, soup etc.
Nuts are probably cost prohibitive for a daycare but I put them on there knowing that some daycares are private and charge higher rates based on quality and to add variety. Or, you could pay quite a bit more for daycare if you can find a provider who would like to feed all the kids a healthy paleo diet! All of our programs are provided with a mid-morning snack, a hot lunch, and a healthy afternoon snack. I didn’t get any meal plans with my program and I find planning is neseccary with this diet. I use to exercise and I am trying to get back into it but I really need the portion control help. Plz reply as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. While these recipes may be a little more time consuming than typical SAD meals, they are on the simple side of Paleo. Should we redesign all the menus nationwide to exclude foods that contain potential allergens? I get tired of explaining that without the added sugars and flour, it’s fairly hard to eat too much!

While we do allow him to have a small amount of grains (usually for his lunch) we always end up sending in alternative snacks. And, they deal with all kinds of unexpected situations that can dramatically affect their income stream.
Our menu plan rotates on a four-week schedule and meets the nutritional requirements set out in the Canada Food Guide. I have had the containers for a while and I am having a hard time figuring out what to fix to follow the plan. Right now I’m feeding my 16 month-old son lots of paleo muffins (pumpkin, banana, applesauce flavored), eggs, sweet potato or butternut squash with beef or chicken stuck inside, tons of fruit and veggies. The morning snack was gf toast and fresh fruit (hmm, not my favourite idea) but the afternoon snack was just fresh fruit on its own.
In my state, a typical home daycare provider makes $150-$250 a week per kid (higher end for very young babies) – this is typically for more than 40 hours a week, too.
Each week our menu includes one fish meal and one vegetarian meal to ensure that our children are exposed to a wide range of nutritious foods to promote healthy eating habits for life. I knew how many of each container but putting together meals and feed my family too is completely different.
I don’t mind eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch but dinner a little diferant. If kids are fed a very simple diet from the beginning, you will not usually have too much trouble getting them to eat. Our baby is only 4 months so were not there yet, but my oldest is 10 and it has been a struggle to get her eating more healthful foods.
They also did lots of growing their own food and then cooking it with the children, which meshed really well with my own food philosophy.
It’s really sad that most folks don’t have a clue that the nutirional guidelines they are following are just so wrong!
Children should try new food items at home prior to having them at daycare to ensure they do not have an undiagnosed food allergy. Once you get into the habit of giving them taste explosions on a regular basis, their taste buds will always be craving new ones.
Which is why daycare providers will often feed their daycare kids cheap, bulk garbage foods even when they know what they’re feeding them is terrible. If your child is enrolled in our Infant Program and is not able to eat the food from our menus, then food must be provided by the parent.
Not to mention, there is this grand expectations from parents that you can feed them a home cooked meal while also never taking your eye or attention off them. Or, you’re going to waste the few precious hours of the day you get with just your family prepping food every night instead.

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