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Of course, this is only one generic plan- you need to carefully construct your own diet plan in order to properly meet the needs of your body while not aggravating your condition (we have plenty of the specifics list on this page). This can be done with the help of a nutritionist or dietitian in collaboration with your doctor.  Of course, it always bears repeating, your doctor is your first source of information and you should always consult her before proceeding with any changes. Aside from planning on your own, there are plenty of good cookbooks on the market which can be helpful in making sure you have delicious meals that you can prepare in advance. Another option is a program known as The Liver Bible.  This program centers around the Ezra Protocol, which is designed to meet the needs of the body as well as the palate without harming the liver, allowing for quicker repair of the damaged cells.
Any way you look at it, planning is a major part of your Cirrhosis diet.  The best patient is the informed patient who is ready to take charge of their condition and put themselves on the road to recovery. In this plan we start with a traditional bacon and egg breakfast, enjoy a chicken salad for lunch and two grilled chicken kabobs for dinner. WWF has released its Livewell report, that looks at whether it is possible to eat a diet that is both lower in GHG  emissions and more nutritionally balanced than current dietary norms in the UK. The research was undertaken by the  Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health at the University of Aberdeen.  The report’s GHG data is based, with adjustments, on the FCRN-WWF-UK commissioned How low can we go? To develop the 2020 diet the report  distinguishes between difference in male and female nutrient requirements and it also takes into account population growth.  Since the 25% reduction needed is an absolute one, the per capita reduction by 2020 will have to be more than 25%, because there will be more of us around.

The researchers find that it is possible to have a diet 25% lower in GHGs thatn today, that meets nutritional recommendations and that looks pretty normal too – they construct a 7 day illustrative menu and this is what Day One looks like. The report points out that there are of course many ways in which foods can be combined and that this is not a definitative diet; substitution of food in the list could take into account variations in food preferences, seasonality, culture or nutrient needs. As regards the 2050 target (70% reduction in food emisssion) the report also shows that it is possible with the right combination of food to achieve this, assuming that approximately 39% of the reductions would come from dietary changes and 31% from post-RDC savings (ie. The report’s key messages are that a diet can be achieved which meets dietary recommendations for health and the GHG reduction targets for 2020, without eliminating all meat and dairy products. Broadly the diet recommends eating more seasonal, regionally grown fruit and vegetables; eating less meat (red and white) and eating less highly processed foods which are more resource-intensive to produce.
While the Fife Diet is ending we know lots of people will continue sourcing and cooking from local ingredients. By Mike Small Over the past eight years we’ve seen new food businesses rise and fall.
By Mike Small For the last eight years we’ve been exploring how to build a sustainable food movement. Rebalancing the UK diet in line with the Eatwell plate and reducing meat-based proteins could achieve a diet that would meet the 2020 GHG target.

It points out that this report just looks at nutrition in relation to  GHG emissions and that more work is needed to integrate wider issues of sustainability into the modelling process and to develop broader dietary advice. White bread tops the carbohydrates while apples, pears and bananas are top of the fruit and veg category. Meeting the GHG targets for 2050 and dietary recommendations will require a radical shift in food consumed, though it would be possible to include some meat or dairy products in verysmall amounts if other food in the diet were low in GHGs.
A 2050 diet could include food such as meat and dairy, but in very much smaller amounts than the current diet; this would only be achievable by limiting the range of other food in the diet. It was concluded that it was unrealistic to create an actual diet as it could only be based on food available today and current estimates of GHGs for food commodities, both of which are likely to change over the next 40 years.

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