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First off, if you're going to try any supplements, or any product in general, know the manufacturer.
Active Ingredients: Pepper, Fennel, and Green Tea Extract (burns fat) and Coriander to improve digestion.
Active Ingredients: Has 12 active ones such as (Green Tea and coffee extract to burn fat, Cherry Stalk and Orange Peel Extract to drain water and toxins, Pineapple and Papaya (flat stomach), Citrus and Apple Pectins to reduce cravings. Purple Bottle in Black Currant Flavor for slimming has Guarana, Mate, Kola, Green Coffee to burn fat and reduce fat reserves, then Grape marc, nettle, Dandelion, Meadosweet, Vinis vnifera to eliminate water and toxins.
I actually took before and after photos of my body and stomach to see if it'll work, I'm just not confident enough guys to show you my tummy, yet.
If you want to try just one product from Kilo Off, then I recommend the Kilo Off 24 capsule. Just dissolve 1 sachet into a bottle of cold water (I prefer), shake for 10 seconds then drink. It has Tamarind, Balm, for digestion, relieves heavy stomach feelinds and flatulence, controls waist size variations and discomfort.

It improves digestion and reduces cravings, very important if you're trying to lose weight. Then when I focus on my diet, supplements, and combine it with workout, the progress is faster and results are better.
But if you want to combine it with the other products for faster results, then that's better. However, when I Kilo Off marketing team messaged me if I wanted to try their products, I did some research right away. Drink one in purple bottle in the morning before breakfast, then this one before lunch or dinner.
I went for the Kilo Off 24 capsule ( before breakfast), liquid drink (before lunch), then another Kilo Off 24 capsule before dinner. Knowing it's Made in France, from an established and reputable company, and made of natural ingredients, then I'm curious and agreed to try the products.
They launched Kilo off to over 20 countries worldwide such as France, UK, HK, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Italy, Russia and more.

Just to reiterate, I didn't just drink Kilo Off, I combine it with workout (at least once to twice a week I go to gym), that's why in just a span of 20 days, I already see the results on me.
It burns fat, drains water and toxins, keeps a flat stomach, reduces cravings, strengthens action. Just discipline yourself with the food you eat, combine with Kilo Off, for sure you'll love the result. Also just a disclaimer, I'm not encouraging everyone to drink supplements or slimming pills.

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