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It was an overcast morning, typical of Spring weather in the Bay Area, nothing unusual about it, or so it seemed at first. With 26 letters in the alphabet (we're already up to G60)… this is going to be a very BIG map! I would like to share a very, very short story about a map written in 1946 by Jorges Luis Borges. I was a receiving alphanumeric sequences in this spot, but would I have the same luck elsewhere? By then I had grown comfortable with the specialness of this side effect, so much that I had completely forgotten the inflammation and bruising on my skin, the cat scratch on my neck.
Let us imagine that a portion of the soil of England has been levelled off perfectly and that on it a cartographer traces a map of England. Big winner Henry J, this Bingo Service Provider hopes you have enjoyed the quality prize, donated and hand-delivered by AIR FRANZ representative, Franzy. On the afternoons of Thursday and Friday, September 14-15, several of the IAM layover passengers noticed the infection and rash on the side of my face. But before I go, I just wanted to make sure, I use the time of my visit to ask the right questions.
I've made contact with my representative friend from the National Center of Disease Control in Atlanta.
Architect-author Rem Koolhaus writes in his book entitled MUTATIONS that ‘a city is a condition caused by endless mutation’. After the initial shock experienced looking at this photo, I traveled back into my memory . Following a spontaneous impulse to find out, if it makes a difference if “I see” while pointing the camera, I took the pictures of Kristin blindfolded. According to a book in the “oversize” shelf of a book store, scientists consider a fossil to be a dead piece of life. And now, after I wrote it all down, I wish I could be like this stone, which refuses to talk about why it is looking so poked.
The possibility of a causal influence of emotional stress, especially of stressful life events, on the course of various skin diseases has long been postulated. Biofeedback can improve cutaneous problems that have an autonomic nervous system component. I will be in San Francisco, not far from you, on November 18th & 19th for a Pediatric Hypnosis Certification Seminar. How fortuitous that you are able to find a window in your rigorous seminar schedule for a follow up visit during your brief stay in the Bay Area! Yes, I am very lucky that your rigorous travel schedule will allow me the opportunity once again to visit with you! I sincerely apologize for my lack of consideration, I in no way intended to further your level of stress.
Today I felt beside myself with exuberance because while making a pie graph of my known stresses, which, as it happens introduces its own set of anxieties [i.e. While riding my bicycle to and from the dentist, I thought more about the influence of stress on my condition. Hajoe once confided in me that he did not want to have a broken tooth pulled because it was a part of him. Let's not spend any more time focusing on the cause, when I know the cure for your problems.
It's time to take action, time for a NEW direction concerning your treatment, time to alleviate the whole of the problem. Should you decide that your condition somehow serves you well at this time, I can no longer assist you, and must remove myself from your case, and refer you for psychiatric counseling. On the other hand, should you decide to do away with this problem, once and for all, including any future bingo calling, I can assist you in making the desired positive change in your life.
If you're prepared to move forward during my brief stay in San Francisco, I need to know now? You don't need a crystal ball in deciding this matter, either you desire positive change, or you don't! Regarding your prognosis about my condition, I find myself in agreement with your recommendation. I'm also profoundly happy to see you are ready to stand up to your conscious mind and TAKE CHARGE. As for anything additional that you'll need to bring to the session, I advise that you only bring whatever you feel will facilitate your comfort! I can see from your comments above your concern is to have a playmate with a dermatological probleM!
I respect your opinions, however I decline to allow you to sway my patient, and what is good for her. This is not a joke, her dermatological problems are a direct result of the STRESS in her life, perceived or otherwise. I don't play a Board Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherary on TV, but I do function as one in real life. As far as your comment about me being on the road, that is my choice of travel, I don't feel a need to apologize for it, or change it!!
However in light of your post, I will honor your request and that of all the other concerned IAM's, whoever or whatever they may be.
From the pictures Kristin posted below it looks like your session in San Francisco was a success. If she is cured of Bingo, does that mean she won't understand any longer the lingo of numbers in a row? As far as Kristin is concerned she should have no recollection of Bingo or any of it's numbers. I hope this short note during this festive holiday season finds you & yours in good spirits.
With many kids and families preparing for summer activities and sports, Safe Kids Oregon is encouraging parents and coaches to keep kids safe from sports and recreation injuries, including dehydration and heat illness.
Kids are at greater risk of dehydration and heat illnesses than adults because they generate more heat but sweat less.  Knowing how much water is enough is an important part of keeping kids safe while at play. Dehydration occurs when a body loses more water than it takes in (such as through sweating). Safe Kids Worldwide invites you to watch this 11-year-old rap about hydration in this fun video.
The updated 2013 Safe Kids Tip Sheets are posted on the Fall Prevention & Sports Safety page.
The proposed proof of concept patient trial will include two components: a dose-finding study in DMD patients to confirm translation of safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics from an adult to a paediatric population, followed by a Phase 2 trial that will include clinical markers of muscle health as well as levels of utrophin expression and other novel biomarkers. In preparation for the clinical studies, drug material manufacture and long-term regulatory toxicology studies will be commissioned.

The Company will present its utrophin modulation programme and biomarker development at the Muscular Dystrophy Association Scientific Conference, 21-24 April 2013, Washington DC, US. DMD is caused by genetic mutations that prevent patients from making the structural protein dystrophin, which leads to progressive muscle wasting and is ultimately fatal.
INSPIRATION DES ESPACES UNIQUES BATAILLE DE COULEURS Un feu d'artifice de teintes petillantes pour reveiller votre espace dans une explosion de couleurs. I rolled out of bed, grabbed hold of some overgrown vines and swung across backyards until I reached my favorite neighborhood cafe. Early letters in the alphabet were paired with low range numbers, while G, residing deeper in the alphabet - paired with higher numbers. And, after what happen to you, you should not swing on overgrown vines through backyards either. Luckily, if my alphanumerical value is something like SQ26, the value is no longer restricted to a location. I would like to take a moment to outline the details, for the record, in case this infection has spread.
Against doctor's orders, I decide to perform my open air bingo calling service at the Skyview Dinner Club.
With no more work to do, I salute IAM Facilities and Ambassadors, and a few remaining layover passengers, and I'm on my way back to the Bay Area. Ron won't detect any mutations of my brain, do you think, I should tell him, that I sometimes feel slightly detached from my brain. While the boom itself was not visibly attached to your body, its presence was consistent with the time of your visual impairment. After it dies, a footprint is left in some mud, and after a while only the bones remain, often broken by trampling. Clinical wisdom and experience, as well as many anecdotal observations and uncontrolled case series, support this opinion.
Examples include biofeedback of galvanic skin resistance (GSR) for hyperhidrosis and biofeedback of skin temperature for Raynaud's disease. I would like to visit with you, possibly (over dinner-my treat) while there, if you could fit it into your schedule. I wish to assert that I DO very much appreciate your openness as a professional, your willingness to share your research and findings with me, your patient.
Instead of listening to my body's unique rhythms, I have become a resonator for bingo chatter. Nothing further can be accomplished through viewing the past, we must now move into the present, and from here to the future through future pacing. Instead of listening to my body’s unique rhythms, I have become a resonator for bingo chatter.
As I need time to incorporate these concerns and any others you may have into your session.
My second concern is to motivate the patient towards an acceptable action of resolution, be that treatment, medication, etc..
Get a grip here, don't you feel your friend's health is more important than a Bingo Game? I spoke with a colleague of mine while in San Francisco, and some interesting things came of it.
Speaking of spirits, it's been exactly one month today since our session in San Francisco.
Ron, I have been doing my assignment, listening to my affirmations and self-hypnosis recordings, listening to my affirmations and self-hypnosis recordings. The biomarker programme has commenced and includes the collaboration with Children’s National Medical Center of Washington DC, funded by the DMD organisation, The Foundation to Eradicate Duchenne, which was announced by Summit in February 2013. Summit has selected a specialist contractor capable of manufacturing and formulating GMP grade drug material for use in the long-term toxicology studies, the patient proof of concept trials, and ultimately any potential future registration trials and market use. Summit is pioneering utrophin modulation to stimulate production of utrophin, a functionally similar protein to dystrophin that is expressed in foetal and regenerating muscle, and which has the potential to restore and maintain healthy muscle function. Just in case you are unaware of this, spacecraft, memory, hyperlinks, and virtual coffee from juan's are not your only options for space and time travel. This map, in such a case, should contain a map of the map, which should contain a map of the map of the map, and so on to infinity.' Why does it disturb us that the map be included in the map and the thousand and one nights in the book of the Thousand and One Night?
A washed out black and white photograph of a small propeller plane, a creature, built out of metal parts, that appeared to be a combination of dinosaurian and a fighting machine, a white, embroidered bridal or communion dress with a hood that was propped up on a dressmaker’s dummy. One could watch right there, right then, how people became infected with this rash, I am sure, Kristin had introduced.
It has come to my attention that the incubation period (10-14 days) is nearly over and this concerns me. En route, I sense layover passenger Laura's uneasiness about being in the Shuttle Bus with me. It opens up the eye beyond the doom of boom and it feels like a roll of double sided eyelid tape.
Franzy was there with her camera to document and in her opinion this photograph substantiates a developing psychological condition. Ron didn’t diagnose yet, I jump ahead and say it as a committed placebo patient with a disco - nnected idea: Kristin’s latest outbreak is a fossil. With time, they are buried by water and sediments that accumulate and “fossilize” the “thing”. I reviewed the available evidence on the role of stressful life events in triggering or exacerbating skin diseases.
Your recent disquisition about the influences of stress on dermatological diseases was somewhat stress-inducing causing a minor setback that has since passed, like the threat of rain. My intentions were only those of education & information concerning your dermatological problem.
Stress IS likely the reason my inflammation, rash, and subsequent mutations have thrived despite consumption of B-vitamins. Perhaps this is the only entertainment your conscious mind has at the moment, like a child in a playground, it doesn't want you to leave.
I've allowed you time enough for any secondary gain benefit, or gratification you may have, or be receiving from your problem!
Your business or condition is not to be used as a side show for those of IAM with nothing better to do. But it will not happen at the expense of my patient, unless she should decide to seek help elsewhere, which at this point, may not be a bad idea!
I don't come to your car wash, or should I say your airplance wash and tell you how to wash your planes. As you could tell from my response to you, my concern was that of Kristin's well being and overall health. Utrophin modulation is a disease modifying approach that has the potential to treat all genetic forms of DMD.

Summit is now engaged with the regulatory authorities and expects the dose finding study to start in H2 2013. Why does it disturb us that Don Quixote be a reader of the Quixote and Hamlet a spectator of Hamlet? People always think, distances are too long to be covered by plane in a direct flight, while in reality 99.99 percent of all distances are too short to be covered by aircraft.
They come in all shapes and sizes and his job was to take them, press them into an ink pad and roll them onto a piece of paper. B4 dessert, I install a bingo antenna and call a few rounds of numbers in the order in which I receive them. May be I had a stye, or hordeolum and the inflammation did not occur at the base of my eyelashes in form of a red swelling but right in front of my eye - in form of a boom.
While it runs between my eye and my head, it automatically glues the eyelids to the temple, and therewith keeps the vision open. I hope that you will inform me when you receive lab results from your colleague in Atlanta. The role of stressful events in vitiligo, lichen planus, acne, pemphigus and seborrhoeic dermatitis was either controversial or insufficiently explored.
Cognitive-behavioral methods may resolve dysfunctional thought patterns (cognitive) or actions (behavioral) that damage the skin or interfere with dermatologic therapy. Perhaps I should draw up a pie graph to present over dessert, detailing the stresses that may have influenced my condition.
Also it's time to repair any damage that may have been done (however slight) to your DNA and overall Health. Please guard yourself and your subconscious mind from those that do not support you in bettering yourself. With such resistance on your part, I'm not sure at this point I even want to continue with her treatment! I found that I had a fear of flying due to the recent state or threat of terrorism associated with flying. Summit’s programme includes the lead candidate SMT C1100 that is expected to enter clinical trials in patients during H2 2013, and earlier-stage next generation utrophin modulators that are being developed to add further value to the programme. SMT C1100 is the Company’s leading utrophin modulator drug and it has successfully completed a Phase 1 healthy volunteer clinical trial in late 2012. It is nevertheless the map that precedes the territory - precession of simulacra - that engenders the territory.
One of the great advantages of IAM is the ability to eliminate the distance itself; possibly using a yet undocumented underlying system of alphanumerical numbers. I remembered that Kristin once wrote, that she was interested in “travel through mutation”, which made me think, that I should call Dr.Ron, to get an opinion. Accordingly, fossils are preserved remnants of once living things often buried in the ground, and when I flipped through the pages of that book I looked at fossil fishes, fossil ammonites, fossil turtle, fossil dragonfly, fossil ginko leaves and fossil skulls. The role of stressful events in psoriasis, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis and urticaria was apparently clearer.
Responsive diseases include acne excoriee, atopic dermatitis, factitious cheilitis, hyperhidrosis, lichen simplex chronicus, needle phobia, neurodermatitis, onychotillomania, prurigo nodularis, trichotillomania, and urticaria. Could this format be a quick and digestible delivery method for such information while you are in a conference mindset?
As I mentioned before they are not so easily communicable in pie graphs but I do have stress-related concerns. Perhaps she should keep her nose planted more in her spell checker, and less in my practice!
The audible numbers have faded with the exception of 1-16 which come up every so often during self-hypnosis (by 16 I always experience a surge of energy). Summit is presenting its utrophin modulator programme at a major international conference being held later this Spring.
The most accurate map possible would be the territory, and thus would be perfectly accurate and perfectly useless.
What brought me to IAM was the search for a solution, what I left with was a search for possibilities. I have slipped under the radar but I feel lousy about exposing the stranded filmcrew, Jason - the new IAM Layover Support Crew Member, the Ambassadors, the Shuttle Bus driver, suspicious layover passenger Laura, and our hosts, to my infection. My hands are all over those prizes and I even join in for the BBQ and a taste of some prize-winning cake.
However, only a few studies met acceptable methodological standards for stress measurement. Hypnosis can facilitate aversive therapy and enhance desensitization and other cognitive-behavioral methods.
And also a one-way plane ticket to some place far far away, perhaps a Comedy club of sorts, seeing as though they fashion themselves to be Comedians! I'm now glad to announce I no longer possess that fear, and have even changed my mode of transportation in the future as needed.
Ron for a visit, and he finds out that - in comparison to you - there is nothing in my brain, then where is it then? I now work hard to introduce juggling into my bingo routine but my fingers keep getting caught in the holes of the whiffle balls. I shall take you to your subconscious mind where we can make the positive change you desire!
I don't need to tell you how serious your problem is, nor the complications ahead, should you choose to pacify a friend or two, who thinks your problem is cute!
Also whoever conceived the idea of the plane, and designed it for me, Thank You, it's awesome, that was a brilliant idea! Examples include acne excoriee, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma, dyshidrotic dermatitis, erythromelalgia, furuncles, glossodynia, herpes simplex, hyperhidrosis, ichthyosis vulgaris, lichen planus, neurodermatitis, nummular dermatitis, postherpetic neuralgia, pruritus, psoriasis, rosacea, trichotillomania, urticaria, verruca vulgaris, and vitiligo. Once we have completed our work there, your conscious mind will just have to find a new friend to annoy or play with in it's playground. No longer will it be able to manipulate you, for YOU will be in CHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY, not your bothersome, lonely, lost, chattering conscious mind.
Adding that the large majority of studies were retrospective, it seems wise to conclude that only preliminary evidence has been published so far on the role of stressful life events in bringing on or worsening any dermatological disease. Further research is mandatory, either in the form of prospective studies or, more feasibly, of well-designed case-control studies with adequate statistical power. Future studies should also pay more attention to protective as well as vulnerability factors in stressful events. Further, it would be important to investigate other sources of psychological stress, such as chronic stress and everyday stress.

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