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The context of this study is that lower energy expenditure resulting from weight loss is considered to contribute to ulterior weight gain. This is something that most people engaged in dieting or who want to lose weight through one way or the other fail to remember. This is a very simplified context that only considers food and exercise as the tools, but the equation of weight is by far more complex.
The remaining 24 were randomly assignment one of the 3 diets (low-fat, low-glycemic, very-low carb), but only 21 were able to comply with all the requirements and be included in the study. So I would say this study was well designed in terms of screening and selecting the participants. However, because metabolic pathways vary in energetic efficiency, dietary composition could affect energy expenditure directly by virtue of macronutrient differences or indirectly through hormonal responses to diet that regulate metabolic pathways. As I said above, many people fail to encompass that energy expenditure seems to decrease as one loses weight. In my interpretation, this means that the very-low-carbers spent more energy at rest and had a greater TEE compared to the other two dietary protocols. On the other hand, insulin sensitivity was much better in the very-low-carb group compared to the low-fat group. One of the non-surprising facts is that even though the very-low-carb group ate ~4 times more saturated fat compared to the low-fat group, the lipid profile of the very-low-carb group was better than that of the low-fat group (see HDL and TAG in the results table).

The researchers warn about the higher urinary cortisol and lower thyroid function (measured by TSH and T3) in the very-low-carb group. Let’s try to take the good out of it (experiment with it individually), learn from the bad, and leave out the rest. The authors acknowledge its short-comings and its strong points very well (see the ending of the study). It started with 681 participants who were screened by telephone, out of which 547 were excluded because they didn’t meet the required BMI, body weight, or because of other reasons. Though, we are talking about overweight and obese subjects here so we do not know about their leptin sensitivity. I’m not mentioning the low-glycemic group because most of their results seem to be in-between the results of the other two groups. I didn’t find consistent results in other studies when it comes to urinary cortisol excretion (though I may have not researched it enough). But I would say the difference between the low-fat group and very-low-carb group is very small (~0.78 vs.
Even though it supports some of the low-carb theories that have been well-voiced recently, stronger conclusions can be drawn if they are based on many more studies done with many more methods, approaches, and subjects.
I feel like I have a little bit of an advantage cuz I'm on trt and know my Adex dose there.

Plus, we should not forget that we are dealing with overweight and obese people and their hormonal panels may not be as good-looking as their leaner counterparts.
Please share your thoughts in the comment sections below and let’s try to learn from each other. Probably as I ate fewer carbs than usual (I probably have like 50 grams a day usually) and did not snack at all.
Since I had put on a couple of pounds during the holidays I don’t mind losing them this easily.Have you just finished the challenge? What were your results?Take the 2-week low-carb challengePSPeople who have significant amounts of excess weight tend to lose significantly more weight on the challenge. I have noticed increased energy and love that I can fast intermittently without guilt or hungar.

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