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Drink a cup of warm milk helps sleep is already known for many families, because milk contains a tryptophan, which can play a sedative effect like amino acids. Soybean Milk is calcium rich food, so at night to drink Soybean Milk can add calcium compensation at night.
Reminder: drink Soybean Milk range is not good before two hours going to bed, because the body cannot be completely absorbed, the will cause the accumulation in body.
You can eat some fruits or vegetables when you are really hungry, but please remember to choose some lower sugar content fruits or vegetables, otherwise sugar will become fat accumulation in your body when it cannot consume completely before you go to bed.
Tremella, lotus and other traditional healthy food is not containing sugar and fat, so eat at night will also gain fat. To add a small amount of honey into your warm milk or herbal tea, as some glucose can induce your brain to stop produce eating food desire hormone, eating desire hormone recently discovered that this neurotransmitter has relationship with keeping awake.

We all know the secret that potatoes can lose weight, but I am sure you have no idea it can also increase your sleeping quality.
Oat is valuable food to improve sleeping quality, contains rich N- acetyl -5- methoxytryptamine. In addition, eating bananas before sleeping will not cause weight gain, because it is low in calories, and fiber rich foods, can promote defecate. Rest assured, drink milk before going to bed not never get fat, but also can add calcium for your body. Of course, Soybean Milk also contains protein rich ingredients, can complement the human body needs after a hard day. In order to achieve this effect, as long as you baked mashed potato mixed with warm milk for drinking.

After reading the following information, you will know the 9 suitable food for slimming to eat in the evening.
These foods satisfy your appetite and also low-fat low calorie, eat at night do not have to worry about fat at the same.

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