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If it wasn't for Suzanne telling me on the phone that she didn't want me to be disappointed if 3 treatments didn't work, I would never have spent that extra money to get all 6 treatments at once. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures, but instead I measured every 3 days so I could document my results.
The results that the Chin & Neck Natural Sculpting System gave me are indeed a dream come true.
There is no guarantee that liposuction will work well for you and complications might occur. With the Natural Sculpting System, you can spot target your abs, back, legs, butt, arms, chin & neck safely and it won't cost you a fortune. You may be wondering if this is too good to be true, or you may say you've wasted your money on liposuction alternative products before. If you want to get good results with my product, you must be sure to use it exactly as instructed + you must follow the schedule. This story starts out when our now product coach Patty Zimmerman used the Abs Natural Sculpting System for the first time back in 2002. Patty then teamed up with a local supplier and started offering these amazing products through spas. After meeting Patty back in 2005, I began testing the Natural Sculpting System on every part of my body too. Simply put, you'll love your results as long as you are patient and can follow instructions. The first time I used the Abs Natural Sculpting System, I documented my results over an 18 day period. As you can see above, I got great results, but the first two treatments barely worked for me and this wouldn't be the first time that happened. After getting such good results on my stomach, I then tried the Legs Natural Sculpting System which comes in pairs. I was very disappointed to not even notice a difference, but like a good coach, Patty explained that some people need up to 6 treatments to get good results and I this was perfectly normal.
I didn't stop there, I then used 6 treatments of of the Natural Facelift System with the Chin Natural Sculpting System at the same time (these are the only two products you can do this with - the NFS is formulated differently and does not target fat).
How would you like to shed inches just like the astonished Natural Sculpting System users above and below? I started to accumulate fat around my hips and after using six Legs Natural Sculpting System pairs on my hips and legs, I lost 6.25 inches total. I was embarrased about the fat I accumulated under my chin over years and was strongly considering liposuction.
I considered myself to be in good shape and I exercised daily, but I could not get rid of the fat around my mid section until I tried the Abs Natural Sculpting System.
My wrinkles were getting so deep around my mouth that they were turning red in the evenings. I used the Natural Facelift System three times to target my eye wrinkles and I gotta say I am impressed. Now you too can tighten, tone, lift and firm your abs, back, legs, arms, chin, neck & face.
The Natural Sculpting System contains carefully selected, proven ingredients, that until now have never been applied to a cloth. Some of the ingredients in The Natural Sculpting System are flown in from as far away as France and Switzerland.
I would like to introduce you to a product that began as a result of a two-year study on homeopathic and herbal remedies. When the Natural Sculpting Systems were applied, skin would appear softer and cellulite, wrinkles and stretch marks disappeared. Step 1: Drink a 16 ounce glass of water before Natural Sculpting System use and drink lots over the days ahead. Step 2: Take a hot shower or rub a warm wash cloth on your target area to help open the pores of your skin.
Step 3 : Unfold the Natural Sculpting System (or Natural Facelift System) and place firmly onto your skin. Step 4 : Leave on your skin for at least an hour and make sure there is good contact with your skin and the cloth treatment. YES, the excess fat you lose should stay off as long as you maintain sensible eating habits. When you lose your desired weight and inches, I suggest that you use our Smoothing Cream to help you maintain your results. I would also suggest you purchase the product "HCG Homeopathic Drops" it will help the body to burn fat by increasing metabolic activity.

I believe our products will assist you in your weight loss attempts, but only in conjunction with a strict diet and exercise program.
Will the Natural Sculpting System System work on my cellulite, even if you don't have excess fat to lose?
None of my customers have reported issues from their use of the the Natural Sculpting System. If by chance you have sensitive skin, rub a little on and wait 24 hours before applying a single treatment.
No, you won’t feel strange just a soothing tingly feeling that let’s you know instantly that the product is working! We highly recommend you exercise and diet (decrease caloric intake) while using our Natural Sculpting System. The legs Natural Sculpting System can be used on your butt or anywhere on the body that you wish to tone, tighten and firm. I need to lose 6 inches from my waist and 10 inches from my thighs (5 inches from each thigh). While this fat seemingly sneaks up overnight, there are many changes throughout life that can trigger shifts in weight or resistance to weight loss. As we age, our metabolism gradually gets slower, making it more difficult to get rid of stubborn belly fat.
The hormonal changes that occur with menopause (loss of estrogen) can trigger the body to store fat rather than burn it, often around the midsection. In addition to causing aesthetic issues, postmenopausal belly fat can be dangerous to your health. You’ll have to work harder to see the same results you did when you were younger, but doing so will help you stay healthy, fit, and beautiful for many years to come.
Though many women choose to have a tummy tuck within a few years after they are done having children, women of any age can still be good candidates for this surgery.
To learn more about the procedure, pre and post op care, costs, and more, contact our tummy tuck experts in NY. Even though I didn't get results from the first treatment, when it was all said and done, I lost 13.75 inches in 18 days. I was 2 weeks away from scheduled chin liposuction and I decided to try this as a last resort before the surgery. The truth is, Liposuction procedures are very painful and the recovery time can take months.
Below are examples of just some of the complications people can suffer through as a result of liposuction surgery. I was introduced to the Natural Sculpting System by a friend who stumbled across these amazing spa products while visiting her family in Houston, Texas.
A three pack works about 90% of the time and some people need up to 6 treatments to achieve dramatic results. My friend Patty Zimmerman is even offering free phone consultations to ensure your success. I loved my results so much that I decided to find the source in Spain so I could negotiate better pricing. I was astonished to lose a total of 11.5 inches from 3 different areas of my stomach in less than three weeks. I only lost 2.5 inches, but my skin has never been this smooth and I got rid of my lumpy mid section.
I can't even tell you how grateful I am to have found your product and trust you enough to even try it. After trying every exercise program and cellulite cream in an attempt to make it smaller, I gave up and become extremely depressed for over a year. I was strongly considering liposuction when I found this miracle Abs and Back Natural Sculpting System product. The herbal and homeopathic blend on each facial treatment does not target fat like our Natural Sculpting System products.
I was so embarrased that I was doctor shopping for a facelift surgery when I found Suzanne's website and decided to try the Natural Facelift System. Be the first to experience this product made of natural herbs and developed by a leading Homeopathic doctor. Pharmaceutical: The manufacturer of the Natural Sculpting System, Aruspa Pharmaceutical, has been creating significant dermatological (Rx only) products for 27 years and uses cutting edge Scientific Pharmaceutical Research in their development process. Garza's staff pre- applying the herbal & homeopathic remedies to the cloth Natural Sculpting System.
Some have to be cultured in controlled environments and some are so scarce that we constantly worry about having enough to supply customers hungry for these results.

If you see a waiting list on the order page, sign up and we'll contact you when the Natural Sculpting System is available again. The study was funded by the Spanish Government and utilized one of the worlds leading experts in homeopathic and herbal research, Dr. Natera led the research team in studying all aspects of homeopathic and herbal remedies, including safety and measuring effectiveness.
The Natural Sculpting Systems consist of a lotion and gel combination applied using a special non-woven cloth. The Natural Sculpting System was tested at health spas for seven years with outstanding results! My daughter could not believe it.  As a matter of fact, when I was out earlier today, one of my daughter's friends thought that I was her!!
I could not believe it - and I asked my 9 year old son if they looked smaller (and he is always brutally honest) and he said "yes". Natera created the Natural Sculpting Systems to help you tighten, tone and lose inches from any target area. In other words everybody has a different chemistry make up of their body, so what works for one may work different for the other.
As we get older our metabolism slows down and we need all the help we can get to increase our metabolism to burn the excess fat. The herbal formula only goes into the fat layers, and as the fat is flushed through your system, it does not interfere with the normal cyclical properties of the human body. This "break-through formula" knows the difference between the softer, excess fat right under your skin and the lean muscle tissue you must have to survive and be healthy.
Women in particular can find it difficult to resolve problem areas around the belly, hips, and thighs. Even if you lead an optimally healthy life, it can be difficult to curb eventual postmenopausal weight gain–particularly if you have had, or plan to have, children. This is especially true for women who are inactive, are regularly stressed, and those who do not get enough sleep. Abdominoplasty isn’t for everyone, but for those who need a little extra help with extra belly fat, our tummy tuck specialists in Long Island and New York City may be able to help. I am glad I listened to Suzanne's recommendation and used six treatments See daily chart below. They use deceptive tactics and act like they have the magical cure that'll help you shed inches in a few days. I got good results from a three pack, but continued to use more treatments to finally get the results I have now.
Juan Antonio Castaneda is an herbological expert who has worked with the finest herbologist in all of Spain (where herbs are an important part of the wellness process) and as such has lent his expertise to the Natural Sculpting System. It will stick to your skin at first, but over time, parts will want to come off of your skin. These treatments will make that area smoother, firmer and hopefully you'll be amazed with your results like many of our customers. Although most people see wonderful results from a three pack and some people need more than three treatments, especially for the legs & thighs area. After using 6 treatments and calling Patty for coaching, I lost a total of 4 and half inches from my waist. She convinced me that the Legs Natural Sculpting System could work for me if I was patient enough to use 6 treatments.
The Natural Face Lift system truly works once you make a commitment to follow the instructions and drink lots of water.
Natera had collected significant amounts of scientific data and other valuable information. Based on the success of the Natural Sculpting Systems at health spas, they were developed for retail sale in Spain and Europe. I did not actually take measurements, but I can tell you that it was the most visible thing I have ever seen. All my friends were getting too excited and everyone including my kids noticed my new saggy pants.
I used 8 total pairs to get these results, but I did notice a big difference after the 4th pair. This has resulted in many testimonials about the effectiveness of the Natural Sculpting System.

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