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A girl next door who ignored her health for studies , now seeks a healthy life in a leaner body n shares her journey online.
Here on fitnessvsweightloss we write about fitness, weight loss,mobile app reviews,weight loss product reviews,Fitness studio review, dieticians etc. If you want to enjoy easy and tasty breakfast that will give you enough energy to start your work day, try these recipes for breakfast. Then put the remaining cheese and gorgonzola on top of the toast, put them in a pan and bake it for 5 minutes at 220 degrees. Everybody says have a “heavy” breakfast, now does that mean have oily stuff or eat till you are overstuffed ? First of all, Smoothie is not an add on, it’s a complete meal in itself provided the ingredients are healthy and nutritious. A big bowl of Yoghurt with lots of chopped fruits like strawberries, kiwi and banana is really healthy and satisfying alternative. These are all the options that I make in my daily life when I am in hurry and want something healthy and quick.
I would hardly call this a recipe but I thought I would share this great way to have breakfast with you guys. With that being said,  If you haven’t jumped on the stuffed avocado boat, then this is a perfect way to do so. This breakfast will take you less than 10 minutes to prepare and cook and is totally worth it! You can use cabbage, beans, broccoli and mushrooms too and saute them in ghee of coconut oil.

You can use a lot of variations to fill these cabbage rolls so that you are never bored of them. Serve with optional garnish of banana slices and some frozen blueberries with a drizzle of honey.
Making this task easier for you, here I am listing some quick and healthy breakfast options for a fitter you and your family.
I tried it myself with little tweaks like addition of capsicum and onion accompanied by subtraction of cheese. Add vegetables you love, little lime juice, seasonings, toss it and you are done; again protein rich and super healthy. Add in lots of chopped vegetables in mixture to make it more delicious and use less oil to keep it healthy. Would love to know more Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas, do share them in comments below.
I personally love Poha, Sabudana khichdi, sandwich, chilla,couscous, sprouts, idlis and usually my breakfast has one of these. I’ve been having breakfast like this a few days a week now during my weight loss journey and it has really helped me. What better way to start your day then with fresh avocado, tomatoes, lime and a sunny side egg.
The avocado is stuffed with thinly diced tomatoes, jalapeno, a squeeze of lemon and cilantro.
Heavy breakfast implies eat food that is nutritious and loaded with proteins accompanied by limited amount of carbs which provides sufficient energy to carry out daily chores and are completely digested by end of the day.

When you have something prepared in advance you will never skip your breakfast and indulge in unhealthy stuff. Add seasonings, fresh coriander and crunchy peanuts in the end for crispy effect, ditch the typical Aloo bhujia.
While buying Kellogg’s and muesli or anything packaged please read the ingredients before buying. The lime cleanses your system and the fresh veggies give you a boost without the added carbs. This low-carb, paleo breakfast is perfect if you are on a diet or simply want to eat a fresh light breakfast that won’t weigh you down. Take  5 minutes out of your busy calendar and make fresh oatmeal with lots of colourful vegetables. Vegetarian low carb options can be made from paneer,tofu,veggies, berries, coconut milk and BPC. Google for the ingredient you are unaware of but do not say ignorant to what you put in your stomach. BoredFastfood is a collector inspiration channel only and we really appreciate the hard working of origin blogger[s].

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