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1Cut peppers, onions and chicken into medium sized chunks - not too small or they might fall of the skewers.
3Put the skewers on a grilling tray and sprinkle grilling spices over the meat and vegetables. 4Grill at about 180C in the oven for 10-15 minutes, turn the skewers over and grill for another 10 minutes. The information related to health and nutrition provided by this website is designed for educational purposes only. Drop dumpling dough from a Tablespoon onto gently boiling chicken mixture, making 4 dumplings.
The reason that Chinese food makes such great diet food is mainly due to lots of vegetables, very little meat, clever spicing and use of herbs and rapid cooking that keeps all the flavours and textures fresh and crunchy. A fabulous Chinese inspired meal with stir-fry chicken and crunchy vegetables; instead of wheat pancakes, thin egg omelettes are made as wraps for the filling, making a tasty low-calorie meal with bags of flavours and just a little heat! Note A fabulous Chinese inspired meal with stir-fry chicken and crunchy vegetables; instead of wheat pancakes, thin egg omelettes are made as wraps for the filling, making a tasty low-calorie meal with bags of flavours and just a little heat!
Heat up a wok or frying pan and add the sesame oil, allow the oil to get hot and then add all of the ingredients except the egg.
Heat up a small omelette pan and add half the whisked egg, allow to run over the base of the pan and cook a thin omelette, turning over after 2 minutes and cooking for a further 1 minute on the other side.

Spoon stir-fry chicken mixture into a bowl or onto a plate with the egg rolls (thin omelettes) and add the mixture to the omelettes and roll up. The whole meal is only 225 calories; add on 45 calories for 1 tablespoon of sweet chilli dipping sauce. It carries the meanings of malevolence, cattiness and mystery, as well as acumen, divination and the ability to understand herbs. 225 calories for the whole recipe means that this is perfect for those following the 5:2 diet for fast days, as well as those on the Weight Watchers diet too. My husband and I love watching old movies set in Hong Kong because it has changed so much – your memories are so interesting. My life in Hong Kong was from the late 1970s to the mid 1980s but sounds so much like yours. We lived on the New Territories too, Shatin, Castle Peak Road and finally at Hong Lok Yeun.
I remember my parents listening to BBC World Service on an old Philips radio, wondering and worrying how their parents were faring during the snow of 1963; we had our own worries however, Typhoon Wanda was on her way out and the havoc she wreaked remains with me as a vivid and horrifying memory. If the Trilogy in Cajun cooking is celery, onions and peppers, than the Chinese Trilogy has to be garlic, ginger and spring onions for me; if you have those three ingredients in any Asian inspired dish, then you have almost cracked the flavour code. I felt very greedy as I scoffed the lot, but, it was filling and packed full of Asian flavours.

I lived in the New Territories so to me Chinese New Year was fields full of plum blossom being brought to perfection under strings of artificial lights, days when the markets were closed and instead the streets were lined with ladies opening oysters from huge baskets, and village tennis courts transformed into open air opera stages. I also remember the plum blossom and mum taking me to a farm to buy a small tree for the patio!
So, for my second fast day this week, today, I gathered together my ingredients, as found in the pantry and the fridge, and there were the makings of another LOVELY Chinese meal looking at me.
Basically, the pancakes or wraps are just thin omelettes, but, I did allow a LARGE egg of them, so you should get two large thin pancakes (omelettes) out of a large egg. It’s a place that gets into your blood and once you have lived there for any length of time, the memories never leave you! Malcolm, my husband, was enjoying his stew and dumplings until he saw and smelt my lunch, and then wished he had participated in a fast day recipe! I visited my parents during the 70’s and 80’s when they still lived there and I had left home, so, we may have been at that same market or on the beach!

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