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We’re happy that the Coca-Cola company embraced its drug heritage in their new ad campaign.
Juicing is being used and celebrated as such, this is very similar to steroids and these both have some side effects that you may not be wanting! You’ve fallen of the band wagon and gained loads of weight, or maybe it’s just been a weekend of over indulgence, whatever the reason seem to be people are reaching for their wallets and spending ?200+ on a juicing machine to save them from all their worries of weight gain! This is in conjunction with using “juicing” as a way to replace meals, “join the fad”, detox, cure a bad weekend of binge eating or appalling alcohol consumption…a more appropriate term for how people are using it is “get out of jail card”!
Well I want to write this article today to show you what you’re not told about Juicing and let you know the pros as well as those cons, so you can make a truly informed and educated decision! If you take part and follow a juicing plan you will probably be looking for two things weight loss and a detox let’s debunk some of this then! Because you will just be having carbs as well you blood sugar levels will be constantly spiking and crashing, resulting in you potentially feeling awful, tired and with headaches. Honestly you can do without it in your life, if you really want or need to get more micro-nutrients in your diet then getting a good quality “Greens Powder” to supplement your diet is more than adequate. I really feel that you’re definitely better off just eating a good, wholesome diet with lots of veggies, protein and fat with that assisted with exercising regularly rather than trying to get a quick fix that will most likely make you feel awful and gain weight when you start eating again.
Why not save yourself a few hundred quid and just buy vegetables and eat them… Normally or does eating steamed greens seem to farfetched to be good for you? Or if you want to spend that much on a machine why not just buy organic food which will most definitely have more nutrients not only in the veg but also in the meat! Will is a Personal Trainer, Performance nutritionist, Chef and Distance cyclist who is passionate in helping people achieve their goals in a holistic way, coaching his clients through movement and truly understand food.

Continuing my health and fitness theme for January, I wanted to share some tips that are a little bit more realistic for those of us who are not exactly perfect when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Though they stopped putting cocaine in their soda pop, they’re definitely hinting at it in their tagline. Even with a bit of protein powder added these diets are just failing to meet daily protein requirements, which will cause you to lose muscle rather than fat, this will also cause your metabolic rate to reduce meaning you will end up getting fatter. He has a diploma in personal training, a qualified sports nutritionist; BTN qualified coach as well as over 10 years of experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge that matches. Sometimes there’s a lot of good advice out there but it can seem a little out of reach. Sorry, no more “rice mountain”, you are now a molehill, and veggies are your new substitution! However as abs are made in the kitchen the reality is that smaller amounts of food are going to make a big change.
I’ve been working with Missguided on their new Active Wear range which is amazing, the collection is right on the money in regards to stye and actually being a practical great gym gear set. From getting off the train a stop early, taking the stairs or running for the bus, each little mindset change gradually makes a difference.
I like to take a look at realistic indivividuals who have great insight as well as workouts online.
I have a Whatsapp group with some of my girls who are always sending over progress pic’s as well as inspiration. What is your actual goal, define this and work towards it, taking pictures is also a great way to see how far you have come.

I really like the idea of sleeping in your kit, I have never thought about this, but I am never motivated to go to the gym on a weekend even though I do nothing in the mornings.
I now work out in the afternoons because I have more energy then — not a morning person. You will also end up feeling weaker, hungrier and could potentially cause some other issues if prolonged.
With your only dietry intake coming from fruit and veg you will be having an over abundance of a varitey of sugars and will be living soley of these which really isn’t ideal for fat loss or for health. Will has also worked with some of the UKs leading food and nutritional supplement companies creating recipes for MyProtein, Cellucor, Vantage, Kezie Foods. It is very clear that long term dieting isn’t a sustainable solution, but swapping the higher calorie options for healthier higher fiber ones is a great way to still feel good and eat healthier without getting hungry. Hopefully your friends will always tell you when you may be going down the wrong road or biting into a burger too many! I’m going to start trying this so I actually get my arse out of bed and gym-it on a Saturday!
In reality a lot of us are consuming a lot more then we actually need to survive and that causes the excessive weight gain.

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