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Obesity is also associated with an increased risk of many other diseases, including hypertension, stroke, hypercholesterolemia, osteoarthritis of weight bearing joints, sleep apnea, restrictive lung disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, gallstones, and infertility. In general, weight loss can be achieved using a balanced diet that neither avoids nor focuses heavily on one food group. Puede disfrutar de sus comidas mientras hace pequenos ajustes a las cantidades de alimentos en su plato.
The kidneys, the frequently forgotten but life-sustaining organs, remove waste from the bloodstream and regulate fluids in the body. Hill's™ pet foods are specially formulated with precise nutrition to help make pets healthier, and candramatically change their lives.

If your dog is diagnosed with kidney disease, your veterinarian may describe it as either acute or chronic.
Chronic, or long-term, kidney disease can result from the above factors, plus: Breed and hereditary tendencies, in coordination with nutritional factors and immune system defects.
Unfortunately, the signs of kidney disease usually do not appear until more than two-thirds of kidney function has been lost.
Its recommended that patients with stones in their kidneys should consume fish, chicken, cheese and mineral water. For people with phosphate stones: meat, fish, cabbage, string beans, cauliflower and grapes.

If the kidneys are not able to do their job, the result could be life threatening for your dog. Patients with kidney disease (especially patients on dialysis) face many emotional and social stressors. For me, there is no greater happiness than partnering with these patients in their health and emotional content.

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