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Health, fitness, fat loss, muscle gain, exercise – fitstep, You deserve the best fitness information! Kidney cancer refers to abnormal functioning of cells in kidney, which result in kidney damage. The development of different types of kidney cancers may take place in distinct ways, and therefore have to be treated differently. The kidney tissues are also examined in a few cases, under a microscope to identify if the symptoms are associated with kidney cancer.

Cushings’s syndrome is a rare disorder of the endocrine system that is marked by excessive amounts of the endogenous (bodily produced) corticosteroid hormone cortisol. Symptoms for Cushing’s syndrome are excessive sweating, dilation of capillaries (telangiectasia), atrophy of the skin(resulting in easy bruising), rapid weight gain in the trunk and face (central obesity), moon face, atrophy of mucus membranes, red or purple striae on the trunk, breasts, buttocks, arms or legs, muscle weakness in the hips and shoulders and facial hair growth(hirsutism). Hypertension, insulin resistance and hyperglycemia leading to diabetes mellitus can develop from Cushing’s syndrome.
After a positive test result, a CT scan of the adrenal gland and an MRI of the pituitary gland should be performed. Patients who cannot undergo surgery can choose from a number of drugs that inhibit cortisol production, but the success is limited.
Sometimes the adrenal glands are removed even when no lesions are detected, in order to suppress the excess cortisol. In Belgium the product is sold under the name "Rilatine" and in Brazil and Portugal as "Ritalina". Kidney cancer may be of various types, with the two common types consisting of UCC (urothelial cell carcinoma) and RCC (renal cell carcinoma). It is suggested to immediately seek medical advice, and get the required tests done so that appropriate treatment can be taken on time. If an individual notices a sudden weight loss at a rapid pace, it is suggested to seek doctor’s advice as soon as possible, as this could be a sign of kidney cancer.

An individual may have ongoing fever for a long period of time, or may suffer from fever every now and then at very short time intervals. An individual having a feeling of bad health on general basis should bring the case in front of the doctor.
If the symptoms indicate that a person is affected by kidney cancer, then a surgery may be required, which may involve removal of a part of a kidney or the entire kidney, depending upon the extent of damage caused to the kidney. Proper diagnosis is recommended to check if the pain is associated with kidney cancer or not.
A thorough medical check-up may be required to rule out the chance of being affected by kidney cancer. It is not necessary that a person affected by any of the aforementioned symptoms would be suffering from kidney cancer.
The reason for consistent fever can only by known with the help of proper tests and investigations.
An individual should go for a proper medical check-up which would involve urine tests, physical examination, blood tests, CT scan, ultrasound, and biopsy.

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