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Stretch marks are common during puberty and rapid growth spurts in adolescence, pregnancy, excessive weight gain and obesity, pregnancy,  when muscle mass increases rapidly and stretches the skin (like during bodybuilding), and sometimes when individuals use steroids for many months.
Stretch marks often start off as reddish or purplish in color and then become glossy skin that appears streaked in silver or white. Men and women can get stretch marks on several areas of their bodies, including the abdominal area, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms or lower back. Vitamin E creams, topical creams, ointments, gels and moisturizers are not particularly effective. We have fractional CO2 laser machine in the market today for stretch mark removal and  laser resurfacing. Before the procedure, we apply numbing cream to the area to be laser ed so that any discomfort is minimized.
Do we can see results after 2nd treatment or we have to wait till completion of all treatments? Hi, we treat stretchmarks with Fractional CO2 Laser or Carboxy Therapy, for your bloating problem, please come for doctor consultation for a proper assessment.
Most commonly associated with rapid stretching of the skin or sudden weight gain, Stretch marks or striae as they are called by Dermatologists are basically scars on the middle layer of the skin (also called the Dermis).
Stretch marks are mostly caused by rapid stretching of the skin that happens due to sudden growth spurts or quick changes in your body weight. While Stretch marks typically happen on the areas prone to fat storage due to weight gain, such as the belly or lower abdomen, they can also occur on the upper arms, shoulders, breasts, thighs, hips, lower back and buttocks.

While creams and oils to prevent Stretch Marks are a dime a dozen, studies done across the world have not shown any conclusive evidence that they work.
The beauty market today, especially in India is flooded with multiple creams, oils and Ayurvedic treatments that claim to be able to remove Stretch Marks. Multiple home remedies exist, all rooted in application of moisturizing and Vitamin E-based oils. And some Dermatologists swear by various topical medications that contain Retin-A and glycolic acid. However, giving hope to the affected are some recent promising studies using a laser treatment method called fractional laser resurfacing which has given some promising results and may be an area to watch out for in the future! We here at Team ObiNo are committed to helping you lose weight on your own by providing you with the most relevant, thought-provoking and informative Indian content on weight-loss. Stretching leads to a breakdown of connective tissue, inflammation, and then scar formation as the injury heals.
They may improve the stretch mark appearance after applying the product 2-3 times a day for few months. You will some results after every session, but the best result is after at least 6 sessions.
Stretch marks happen when the rate at which fat is accumulated under your skin is faster than the rate at which your skin can grow, causing the elastic fibers in the Dermis of your skin to actually rupture and tear. And while unsightly, they are in no way dangerous and do not pose a health risk of any kind.

They may also be triggered by sudden hormonal changes that typically happen naturally during puberty & pregnancy or un-naturally through body-building or hormonal therapy for various medical conditions. Typically lighter in color than the surrounding skin, they appear faintly shiny like scar tissue and occur sometimes in long lines on the affected area. Unfortunately, mother nature wins here since genetics, skin type and the rate of hormonal changes seem to be responsible for determining who will develop stretch marks and who won’t!
Adding to the hype are skin clinics that offer expensive and apparently cutting edge procedures using the Lasers, Dermabrasion and prescription retinoids. However all of these procedures are not only expensive but extremely unsafe in some instances and not at all proven as an effective cure. While some of them have been successful in reducing the visibility of the scarring, the stretch marks themselves never really go away, so don’t be fooled by these claims. We cater specifically to the Indian lifestyle and mindset and focus on Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Motivation and Support to help you achieve your Weight Loss Goals! Most people give up after using the products for 1 to 2 weeks as it is too much of a hassle and results are extremely slow and improvements are minimal.
We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a suitable time and date for your complimentary consultation.

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