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I’ve always liked training toys of varying kinds and have had both good and bad experiences with different companies.  Here I’m going to list some of the best, either in terms of the equipment they provide, their customer service or, usually, both.
I had an issue with mine when it arrived and the owner called me personally to get it worked out (on top of offering to send a replacement, which was not necessary).  You don’t get better than that and for anyone involved in skating or who even wants a way to train lateral movements (for injury prevention or performance) I highly recommend Ultra-Slide on all counts. I often get asked where I get the handful of supplements that I use, or for other resources related to nutrition, supplements, etc. True Nutrition Around my own training, I use a couple of specific basic protein powders and I have been getting them from True Nutrition for a couple of years now.

What blend on true nutrition do you recommend and believe is the best quality with the best price?
Enter your address to receive weekly site updates, special book offers, and advanced notice of new books. For people who can’t handle fish oil capsules, Vitaglo carries the excellent Carlson’s liquid fish oil (the lemon flavor is surprisingly pleasant). In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

These are all companies that I have used in the past, continue to use now, and trust to provide quality service and good products. Free shipping on orders over $50 and relatively quick shipping, this is another company I can highly recommend.

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