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In my particular case, water fasting for 40 days was what my body needed to effect the transformation.
This 30 day detox fasting process also produces unparalleled detoxification, cleansing and tissue repair. With juice fasting, one can typically go indefinitely so long as the juice is made properly. The most important step you can take now is to: CHOOSE A START DATE for the 30 day detox fasting.
If you work, maybe you have enough time off available to at least take one or two weeks off. I have done plenty of long-term fasts while maintaining an active (and very demanding) schedule.
I needed this because I was also battling a liver condition that required thorough detoxification. So let’s start at the beginning with the truthbomb that weight loss and fat loss are NOT the same thing. For those not in the know there are a few different methods for measuring body fat including: Dexa Scans, hydrostatic weighing, skin calipers and Bioelectrical Impedance. The Blu Beets scale is going to be a great tool for weight management and fat loss over the upcoming year! Moving forward I want to reduce my body fat, increase my muscle mass, and lose inches from my waist, hips, and thighs.

I don’t really track what I eat rather I just eat real food, lots of fruit and veggies.
It’s definitely weird after a year + of not tracking anything to get back to being accountable to something. I have a smart scale and the only thing you have to watch out for is to get over obsessed with numbers!!! I’m pregnant right now and really enjoying not measuring any kind of body fat ?? Come February, I’ll be back at it!
I’ve been following the more intuitive method of just seeing how my clothes felt, how my body looked naked, and how I felt. The Beets Blu smart scales work on bioelectrical impedance, which whilst not as accurate as Dexa or Hydrostatic methods it is quick and easy, can be done by anyone and is much more affordable. Love that I can track all this, without having to actually DO anything other than step on the scale.
Setting goals is important, but identifying the reason behind the goals is what drives you! Scales have become really advanced, this is perfect for losing weight ?? You are definitely inspirational! If I feel like my favorite jeans are getting too tight, it’s time to step up my exercise routine and skip the dessert.
Such a love hate relationship with the thing lol… I love knowing my body fat but at the same time it’s like yikes!

That served me well for my 2015 goal of becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher, however for my 2016 goal of bikini competitor that is NOT gonna cut it. Dexa and hydrostatic are pretty accurate however that comes at a cost, both in time and money!
My old scale just did weight, and it had been gathering dust in the bathroom for a while, unused.
Which goes to show that you need consistency in the time of day that you weigh and measure yourself, as you would with ALL body fat measurement methods. Monthly weigh in, take measurements, celebrate successes BUT never forget WHY you are doing it.
So let’s see where my starting point is and find out weight, body fat, BMI, and get some stats here, stat!
Well this scale from Blu Beets is bluetooth so it tracks everything automatically to your iPhone, like magic! Whilst they do have a margin of error bioelectrical impedance scales measure fat loss quickly, easily, and you don’t need an extra person. No entering the digits into your phone app, you step on the scale and it does all the tracking for you.

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