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All the heart healthy recipes in the cookbook are quick and easy to prepare while still being delicious and feature healthy natural foods prepared with smart cooking methods to make the food tasty and yet low in fat to help you lose weight naturally. This Whole Foods Recipes book demonstrates how easy it is to create great tasting, quick, low-fat, weight loss meals that are healthy for you and your family.
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There are also some favorite low-fat salad dressings, sauces, dips, soups, stews, cookies, muffins and other snacks that are full of whole foods nutrition.
Processed foods have many preservatives and additives that can have an adverse effect on our health, so going back to foods straight from nature can be beneficial for weight loss and general well being.

Healthy eating does not need to be complex or boring, just easy and delicious and that’s what you will find in this book.
It certainly saves a lot of time to have some delicious recipes on hand that you know are not loaded with fat and calories. These whole food diet recipes complement the theme of my first book where healthy eating using whole natural foods was the focus. Most are perfect for the times when you are busy getting home from work and want to fix a nutritious family meal in a hurry that all can enjoy.
When the weekend comes and you have more time you can make the more involved recipes or make the soups and stews in bigger batches that you can freeze and eat later on in the week.

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