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Especially as it pertains to the once-thought-of savior of Georgia’s between-the-tackles run defense, former 5-star prospect Ray Drew.
Returning edge-players Leonard Floyd and Lorenzo Carter are without a doubt the most talented returning edge duo, perhaps, in the nation (although the University of Tennessee disagrees). Normally a recruit like Jonathan Ledbetter, a defensive lineman capable of playing multiple techniques, would receive top billing as his skill set lends itself to him being an impact player from day one. As a former defensive back, I learned at a young age that there wasn’t a better teacher at the position than the former Bill Belichick (New England Patriots) pupil. And being as though he was on Saban’s staff as recently as the 2012 Southeastern Conference Championship Game (DB coach), which pitted Alabama versus Georgia in an all-time great tilt, his scheme most closely resembles what Saban is doing currently.
Both operate out of an odd-front alignment but mix in plenty of principles from a four-man front.
The name of the game is confusion by way of fabricated-pressure packages and stiff man coverage on the edges. This particular play stood out to me from the Army All-American game practice (props to 247 Sports’ Barton Simmons). Here we see Thompson operating from a 0-tech: He stacked and shed the center, shot the gap and made a spectacular backwards, one-armed tackle-for-loss on the running back.
Georgia is consistently one of the most talented teams in the nation despite the fact it hasn’t been in the thick of the national title picture under the current regime, in a while.

But when you factor in it will have, perhaps, the best rushing attack in the country, and is making huge strides to dominate the defensive line of scrimmage, now is as good a time as ever for them ‘Dawgs to procure that natty.
With the players we have returning, along with the impressive haul this recruiting cycle, THIS will be when we find out what Pruitt is made of.
I think UGA will be really good this season, probably pull a UGA and lose a couple games that should be won, an average UGA season. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. That was the recruiting pitch for the 2011 recruiting cycle that featured some of the most prominent names in high school football at the time: Isaiah Crowell, Jay Rome, Malcolm Mitchell, Damian Swann and Corey Moore, among others. And when you throw in the versatile Jordan Jenkins, you can pretty much pen UGA in at the top of the pass-rush list.
I made it my mission to follow every coach who came off his staff no matter where they’ve gone. He’s gone on to have top-ranked defenses at numerous stops while developing some philosophies and tendencies of his own. Yes he has the strength to apply the stack-and-shed technique and dominate the gaps to either side, but, to me, this dampens his explosiveness and only takes advantage of his strength.
If he is deployed as a 3-tech (from an even-front alignment), and allowed to predominantly one-gap penetrate, his ability to get quick in-your-face pressure will be worth its weight in gold when you factor in Floyd, Jenkins and Carter on the edges.

Personally, I think he’s going to put a freakishly nasty defense on the field this fall. One things for sure, competing in the SEC won’t be getting any easier in the years to come.
If, with all the staff changes, we still have the same inconsistency issues then I will take a harder look at Richt. But I think 2016 will be a great year when all these incoming freshmen (offense and defense) have experience under their belt and hopefully having the quarterback situation worked out with a clear leader on the offensive side of the ball. We all know everything revolves around the QB and replacing a 5th year senior can be a little scary, particularly with one who’s no stranger to throwing INTs. I know some of the things he does is maddening at times (game clock management for example) but you still have other coaches also calling the shots. People blamed Bobo (mixed emotions on that one), he got replaced with a what looks like a Bobo clone, funny enough.

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