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Support: QCV is only a phone call away and ready to help out with a variety of tennis- and school-related issues. Because of QCV more than 87,000 kids in 182 schools now have the opportunity to learn to play tennis because of Jump Start QuickStart, and that doesn't even count the six grades that have moved on since we started. The first generation of affordable electric vehicles consisted of city cars — vehicles that offered 90 miles or less of range, enough to get you to work, around town, and back on a charge. The Nissan Leaf SL has the EPA-estimated range to travel from New York City to Philadelphia. There are certain times you should never attempt a drive from New York to Philadelphia, but Sunday morning is normally smooth sailing, and we made sure to leave before 9 o’clock.
A glance at the ChargePoint and PlugShare websites reveals many stations for EV charging between the two major cities, but we were planning to arrive in Philly in the morning and be back in New York by the evening. Description Light and compact, so can be used anywhere for jump-starting or for powering USB devices.
Volume discount Quantity Price a‚¬ You save a‚¬ 1 7,99* --- 5 7,19* 10% = 0,80 * incl.

Unit Close The warranty for this item can be extended to 48 months for an additional charge.Tick the box to order the item with an extended warranty.
0 Profi Power Quick start system Mini Jump JPR 9000 2940012 Jump start current (12 V)=1000 A Order no.:" 791441 - 62 Would you like to link to this product from your website or forum? Description With this starting equipment your vehicle starts also in the case of empty battery In this way you can be prepared in case of battery failures, emergencies and braked Simply connect using 12 V socket in the car and the battery will have enough energy to start the vehicle. Other customers also searched for: 5035048185124, Black & Decker, BDV040, jump starter, portable jump starter, battery booster, booster station, jump starters, portable battery booster User manual STARTHILFE_BDV040_de_en_fr_nl_sv_es_it - Ver.
Parents, grandparents, older junior players, tennis instructors, recreation supervisors and  community volunteers are also invited to attend QuickStart training sessions. That slate of EVs served its purpose, but you had to stick to your immediate vicinity to avoid frustration and that dreaded range anxiety.
Traffic was no issue, but we left NYC with only 90 miles of charge, so we would need a boost to make it the whole way.
It can be carried easily in the glove compartment or any other suitable storage space in the car.

QCV encourages parents, grandparents, community volunteers and parent-teacher organizations to get involved in tennis at school as volunteers and providers of financial support for ongoing QuickStart Tennis programs at schools. Then the 107-mile Nissan Leaf, available in SV ($34,200) or SL ($36,790) trims, arrived on the scene. We knew we would be charging at some point, so we turned off the ECO button and let highway instincts take control. We zeroed in on a purportedly free fast charger located on the Rutgers University campus some 3.9 miles off the New Jersey Turnpike.
Schools that join USTA as organizational members receive the USTA Physical Educators Kit for Teaching Tennis in Schools.
Today we have tennis in 182 schools with 87,000 students in 25 counties and 3 cities, and we're not done yet!

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