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As more and more people spend countless hours chained to their desks, the obesity epidemic is only getting bigger and scarier. TV, laptops, game consoles, computers and smart phones are keeping people indoors hooked to them. Instead of indulging in a double cream latte, choose a low-fat version, instead of sandwiches from the office cafeteria which are loaded with calories, make your own home-made sandwiches with fresh cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and lean meats.
It’s only human nature for us to look for a “quick fix” on things as tedious and unentertaining as weight loss. There is a lot of chewing involved in eating cruciferous vegetables so you as a result eat slower and may eat less. Myth # 14: If it’s a healthy food you can eat as much of it as you want and you won’t gain weight.
Unfortunately, eating large quantities of high-quality foods such as olive oil, some fish, brown rice or nuts can cause as much weight gain as eating butter, pizza and cookies.
While eating smaller more frequent meals is a good strategy for losing weight it does not boost your metabolism to burn calories faster. If you opt for pre-packaged foods, a fat farm or a diet-control company like Weight Watchers, Take off Pounds Sensibly or Jenny Craig or Herbal Magic then there will be a cost involved.
I went gluten free for 2 weeks a couple of years ago and I lost weight, especially in my stomach area. My brother switched from eating from dinner plates to eating off a dessert size plate and lost 30 pounds. Statistics show that most adults and children are weighing more than their counterparts of a decade ago. If you cut out all white foods you’d have to give up yogurt, cauliflower, much of the fish, all white chicken and pork, coconut, onions, white beans, tofu and potatoes.

In the winter, however, when the raw fruits and vegetables are picked green and shipped hundreds of miles and may sit for days en route and in the store, frozen fruit and vegetables that was picked in its prime and flash frozen is a better choice. However, there is no evidence to support cutting out gluten products helps with weight loss. These foods are also low in calories so if you fill up on them you will not be eating foods with more calories. A study tracked those who skipped one meal a day and discovered that they gained twice as much weight over the course of four years those who ate three meals a day. If you are burning more calories—no matter what you are doing—than you are consuming you will lose weight.
Eating portion-controlled meals every three or four hours instead of three meals a day helps fend off hunger cravings that cause binge eating. If you eat smaller, planned meals every three or four hours you will avoid getting over-hungry and then over-eating. However, if all foods are good for you, then you will use up your complete day’s calories on a double fudge brownie sundae or fettuccini Alfredo.
I just started to slim down and eating 4 to 5 small meals day, cutting out sodas, and eating after 7 pm is working well for me.
If you love cupcakes and pastries, go ahead but avoid the frosting if possible and stick to one cupcake not three. People who eat four or five smaller meals instead of skipping meals eat fewer calories over the course of the day. However, exercise will help burn calories and it is good for you for many other reasons including: healthy heart, blood sugar control, and muscle tone. If you plan for snacks every three to four hours you will have healthy snacks on hand and avoid hitting the cafeteria or snack machines for bad snacks.

Meals consumed while sitting at a table and concentrating on the food—not multi-tasking while you eat—help you stay aware of what you are putting into your mouth and stop when you have consumed allotted calories. Take 5 minutes to skip in the mornings, 10 minutes in the after noon to walk around the office during the lunch break, a few minutes in the evening to do an intense 7 minute work-out and another 10 minutes to walk after dinner. There is a kernel of truth in this myth because switching to whole wheat breads, crackers and pasta.
Get “good carbs” from such foods as: beans and whole grains like brown rice and whole-wheat bread. In terms of weight loss water can replace sugary juices and sodas and, in that way helps with weight loss although it does not speed up the weight loss process. The old story about a man losing weight eating only Twinkies is not incorrect BUT his body was being denied necessary nutrients. In fact buying whole foods instead of packaged, processed foods can save you at least $10 a week. Work out your calorie intake using online calorie calculators and watch the weight disappear magically. If you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or high LDL cholesterol, limit yourself to no more than 2 eggs per week.

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