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I used to steer clear of anything vegetarian or vegan, not only because I wanted meat, but also because I didn’t think there’d be anything for me to eat without grains or soy. I had a similar experience at Cafe Bliss in Victoria – but their  desserts weren’t as phenomenal as OrganicLives, and their non-dessert menu has some grains and soy.
Due to the popularity of the Paleo diet, especially in the United States, many people that accepted this diet invented their own Paleo dessert recipes. Before I wax poetic about Thanksgiving, let’s all take a moment to watch the greatest Thanksgiving commercial of all time, starring the two salt shakers pictured above.
I am thankful for family: The people who have always loved me, who taught me right from wrong, and who inspired in me the confidence to pursue my dreams. I am thankful for a home: A place to lay my bones and be sheltered from the elements of life. I am thankful for food: Whole foods and wholesome treats born from a creative spark and a labor of love. A gluten-free pecan pie with half the sugar and all of the taste of the classic corn syrup-filled version.
In a food processor or blender, add browned butter, sweet potato puree, sea salt, arrowroot starch, coconut sugar, blackstrap molasses, stevia powder, vanilla, and water.
Whisk together almond flour, sea salt, baking powder, arrowroot starch, and xanthan gum, if using.
Use a fork to cut chunks of butter into the dry mixture until pea-sized grains of dough appear.
Add egg white to dough mixure, 1 teaspoon at a time, until you can press the dough into a ball that holds together. If you used xanthan gum, you should be able to roll out the dough between two pieces of parchment paper. When dough has been rolled out to the right size, transfer it gently to a 9-inch glass pie dish. As interest in the Paleo Diet grows exponentially, it is evolving into more of a Lifestyle than a Diet. Paleo foods contain no refined or processed ingredients, no gluten, grains, dairy, or sugars.  It excludes agricultural ingredients and any foods that did not exist during Paleolithic times. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised recently to find some common ground with vegans: dessert.
Or, more specifically I first came across some macaroons that had incredibly clean ingredients. Voegtlin in the 1970s and was later accepted and promoted by many authors and gastroenterologists.
This one is different from the usual Paleo dessert recipes since it is much more complex and it resembles modern desserts. No, you do not have to painstakingly place the pecans atop the filling in overlapping concentric rings, cursing the day you spotted the glamorous Southern Living magazine photo that inspired your decorating scheme!
The sweet, slightly gooey filling has a caramel flavor due to the addition of browned butter.
Please bear in mind that these sweeteners contain nearly the same amount of carbohydrates and calories as white sugar.
The grain-free pie crust recipe below is neutral in taste, reminiscent of a traditional pie shell. It’s worth taking the time to complete this extra step, as it greatly enhances the flavor of the pie. If you make this change, please consider that the pie will not be particularly low in carbohydrates. This pie contains half the carbohydrates of a typical pecan pie when made with erythritol, a non caloric natural sweetener. The key ingredient in xanthan gum, a natural thickener that binds the dough together, imitating the presence of gluten. I have been a juvenile diabetic for 38 years now, and have used so many of the sugar alcohol sweeteners. The Paleo diet says NO to the worst offenders: refined sugar, dairy, legumes and grains, adhering to a pre-agricultural, hunt and gather food plan. Paleo is a gift for those of us on special diets, including diabetic, gluten free, dairy-free, sugar free and additive-free.

There are no empty calories – the diet is nutritionally dense and there are no chemicals to trigger cravings.  One small study of 29 participants published in Nutrition and Metabolism in 2010 found Paleo dieters felt just as full but consumed fewer calories than their Mediterranean counterparts. It puts you squarely in control of your health and diet.  In the final analysis, healthy eating means becoming sensitive to what your body wants, and this is different for each person.
The Paleo Diet Doesn’t include fermented dairy or sprouted grains, despite the fact that fermented and sprouted foods were a tradition in ancient societies, Paleo does not recognize their benefits. Is there too much fat on the Paleo Diet?  Meat during that period was wild – and as a result it was much leaner and lower in fat than our domestic cattle.
There are no alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, potato chips, bread, coffee. I eat meat with the majority of my meals, but have nothing against a once in a while meat-free option, especially when it’s grain, dairy, and soy free, and sounds as interesting as their menu. You don’t have to be an expert to know that the problem is caused by our lifestyle and our diet. The basic point of the diet is that our genetic material is not adjusted to our way of life and our diet, so we have to imitate the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors. Roll the dough a couple of strokes, peel off the top sheet, replace it on the dough, and flip over the sandwich. It was fresh and alive, free of industrial chemicals, processed carbs, refined sugar, preservatives, and junk food. What a relief! And Paleo is relatively easy to order in most restaurants, if you stick to a salad with no dressing, an entree of non-gmo meat, chicken or fish, and vegetables. Many people find the Paleo Diet dials down the chronic inflammation that causes their allergies, joint pain, insomnia, migraines, autoimmune disorder and diabetes. Most people on the Paleo Diet report that they lose weight and experience higher energy levels.
Fermenting and sprouting increases the life force in foods, including the nutrient value and digestibility. In the final analysis, Paleo means ending your relationship with addictive foods, starting with sugar, refined carbs, alcohol and food additives that aren’t food at all. Cholesterol and fat are not a problem for Paleo followers, but the jury is out on how much is too much. Many people remind us the life expectancy in the Upper Paleolithic was 33 years – not a compelling health reason to follow the diet. Paleo means no sweet fruits, such as bananas, mangoes, pineapples, grapes, mulberries, or fruit juices. I’ve been meaning to make it over to the OrganicLives restaurant, but in the meantime I stopped by their cafe at the Chopra Yoga Center. Most people today have a sedentary lifestyle, without a lot of physical activities and our diets depend way too much on artificial foods, especially carbohydrates and sugars. To be honest, it would be very difficult to achieve this in modern times, knowing how keen we are when it comes to sweets. Many people lose weight on the Paleo diet – Protein, fiber and fats help you feel satiated and energized.
Taking dairy, sugar and carbs out of their diet allows blood sugar to stabilize and decreases the cortisol and sugars that ignite inflammation.
However giving up prepared foods that are nutritionally empty may compensate for the extra expense.
Price Foundation has criticized the Paleo diet as too restrictive socially and nutritionally for children. However studies show that early humans were more likely to die from being eaten by a tiger or starvation, rather than from modern diseases such as obesity or diabetes.
Our ancestors virtually ate no sweets, and that’s why many proponents of the diet came up with various Paleo dessert recipes that would enable modern people to adjust to the diet easily. The good thing about these recipes is that any wild fruits may be used, since they were part of the diet of the Paleolithic people and all of them may be used as toppings for the Paleo pancakes.
The Paleo lifestyle emphasizes fitness, movement, sleeping well and maintaining energy levels.
She also takes issue with the assertion that cereal grains and potatoes were unavailable to early humans, citing archeological evidence. OK, but if you eat junk food the other 20% of the time, you’re defeating the whole purpose.

The diet also bans Omega 6 oils and extracted vegetable oils, such as corn, soy, canola, safflower, sunflower. And strangely enough, I didn’t notice any grains on their restaurant menu (though I have to find out what’s in their crepes and toast – I think it’s almond or coconut flour).
Cafe Bliss uses some sprouted grains, whereas OrganicLives focuses on almonds and coconuts instead. Experts know that people that lived tens of thousands years ago had no problems with obesity. None of these recipes are allowed to contain refined sugar or gluten, and they have to be based on the ingredients that were available to Paleolithic people, or at least similar ones. The pastry is baked for 15 minutes in a preheated oven on 220°C and then the lemon tart is added on top of it.
Roll, peel, flip, peel, roll… repeat the process until the dough is wide enough to cover your pie plate. The high quality, nutrient-dense foods in the Paleo Diet – plus no refined ingredients – can help maintain and increase your vitality. While she acknowledges that “many people do poorly on grains,” she doesn’t see any reason to restrict them entirely. Could it be an understandable overreaction to our modern mis-handling of dairy and industrial grains? It seemed that the only thing I’d choose to stay clear of was the almond milk in some of their drinks (high omega 6).
I can’t wait to try some of their other offerings at the restaurant (apple pie, pumpkin pie, coconut cream pie, cheesecakes ?!). The lemon tart is made of coconut cream, lemon rind, honey, eggs, lemon juice, agar powder and water.
The idea is to keep unsticking the parchment paper from the dough so that you can cleanly lift it off the parchment and onto your pie plate. Some Paleo adherents become so extreme and radical that it causes stress in their lives and the lives of the people around them. You can actually be addicted to sweet foods and still be Paleo, according to conventional wisdom. Imagine my delight when I found a treasure trove of desserts at two different raw vegan spots! I asked about the ingredients of the chocolate cake, and though I can’t recall what they were, they were all paleo-approved. That’s why the answer to the obesity problem of modern people is fairly simple, and the answer is: back to the basics. A good starting point can be mixed greens, spinach, radishes, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, avocadoes, walnuts, almonds and sliced apples or pears. Most Paleo cookbooks (mine is an exception) use high-carb sweeteners such as maple syrup and coconut sugar, both highly processed and addictive.
Each morning prepare a single serving from the large batch and then mix in meat (ground beef, beef slices, chicken, turkey, ground bison, pork chunks, etc.) or seafood of choice (salmon, shrimp, tuna, or any fresh fish or seafood). But, we can’t eat exactly the same foods as our ancestors and that’s why many new recipes based on the Paleo nutrition have been invented, including Paleo dessert recipes.
Honey is a true Paleo sweetener, but it is loaded with fructose sugar that can be detrimental to your health.
So it is possible for a person to follow the conventional Paleo diet and still show up with all the markers for the Standard American Diet – caffeine stress, sugar addiction, and all the diseases that go along. Salmon, halibut, or other fresh fish filets grill well with accompanying foil packs full of cut veggies with olive oil and garlic.4. The longest trial over two years showed no difference in weight loss between the paleo and standard diets.However, the great thing about the paleo diet is the reduction in the high fat, high sugar foods, avoiding fast and junk foods.
If most people take this step alone, they will lose weight – so great on the Paleo diet for getting that step to be taken.Find this article useful?

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