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Finely tuned, a good diet will increase health, energy and sense of well being while reducing fat, packing on muscle and optimizing physical performance.
Insulin is the hormone – produced in the pancreas – that allows glucose into cells where it can be utilized as fuel.
Hyperinsulinemia is the chronic & acute elevation of insulin as a result of habitual consumption of excess carbohydrate. The food we eat also elicits a hormonal response that determines how energy is stored in the body.
Eating protein along with carbohydrate in the correct proportions will negate the insulin reaction and the fat storage trigger. You should base your diet on lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. The argument to eating this way is that during this period, ailments prevalent in today’s world such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes and auto-immune diseases were nonexistent. Plus there have been numerous studies that support the Paleo approach, including moving the way our ancestors did, which I’ve written about here. With the risk of now confusing you, where this diet becomes a little grey however, is that not all our ancestors ate this way.
As recent studies have revealed, we can’t really know what our ancestors ate with 100% certainty, and there is undoubtedly a huge variation amongst different populations. In my experience working as a personal trainer and health coach for nearly 6 years now, I’ve definitely noticed the best health & fitness results (including that of myself) come from those who stick to a low-carb, high protein and fat diet, to the likes of the Paleo diet.
Like Chris Kresser, I prefer to not be so rigid by only eating the above list of acceptable foods. Then the strict Paleo diet will probably work well for you if you’re intolerant to the main offenders – dairy, wheat & gluten. If you’re intolerant to gluten, you could try carefully preparing your grains to break down this difficult to digest protein and to neutralise the phytic acid, however it is still going to be a carb at the end of the day! You might like to watch the video below that I found on the Weston A Price website, that explains how to properly prepare grains and legumes. So as you can see, my approach is still relatively Paleo but with a little carefully monitored flexibility. The Paleo diet’s name is derived from the Paleolithic era, a time period that ended around ten thousand years ago and lasted around two and a half million years.
The Paleo diet goes back to the philosophy that if the human being’s genetics have not changed since this era ended hence food habits should also be based on that era.
The paleo diet recommends consumption of foods that the human race has consumed over thousands of years. Many researchers blame the increase in occurrence of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, depression and infertility on out lifestyle.

The Paleo diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.
What ended the paleolithic era was the development of agriculture as civilization became more modern. This website is for informational purposes only and is in no way intended as medical counseling or medical advice. Though insulin is absolutely essential to life, chronic and acute elevation of insulin (through heredity or eating too much carbohydrate) will decrease the cells sensitivity to it. In the absence of ingested protein, your body will break down muscle to fulfill its protein requirement.
For example, we have the traditional Inuit and the Masai who ate a diet high in fat (60-70% of calories for the Masai and up to 90% of calories for the Inuit), but we also have traditional peoples like the Okinawans and Kitavans that obtained a majority (60-70% or more) of their calories from carbohydrate.
Instead of following a Paleo diet, I like to follow more of a Paleo template which allows for a little more individuality and flexibility. With dairy, I would encourage you to have predominantly organic and keep it fairly limited.  I’ve read that people with dairy intolerances do fine on raw milk, however some believe too much bacteria is present.
When I’m ready to pop out some kiddies, they’ll definitely be on the Paleo style of eating too! Researchers feel that these food consumption habits are a healthier choice and many studies have reported that people’s health improved if they followed this diet.
Once you start following the Paleo diet you will automatically remove all processed foods from your diet. But once you follow this for a month and see the benefits, you may find value is sticking to it.
The food in this modern version of an ancient lifestyle includes things that were presumably what humans ate in that time period. This causes the pancreas to secrete more insulin than is normal to get glucose inside the cell.
Diseases like Diabetes Type II, coronary heart disease, depression, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, osteoporosis & obesity have all been scientifically linked to a diet too high in processed carbohydrate.
Eating “Good” fat (polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3, DHA, EPA) does not slow metabolism, subjects do not feel hungry and energy is released from fat storage.
This has resulted, sadly, in the before mentioned diseases, plus also depression, Alzheimer’s, infertility and food intolerances.
So it’s impossible to say that the diet of our ancestors was either “low-carb” or “low-fat”, without specifying which ancestors we’re talking about. When I advise my clients to eat the Paleo way, they almost immediately experience increased energy and get much leaner and stronger.
I listen to my body and know when I’m having too much of something or if I need to cut it out completely.

I am realistic though, and don’t beat myself up when I have the occasional blow-out dinner with friends! Winston knows no other way of eating, and actually doesn’t recognized packaged processed foods as edible! Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals in optimal quantity and following this diet will ensure that you do not face any deficiencies and will maintain an optimal balance of nutrients in their body.
It also recommends consuming these foods in their most natural form, i.e with minimal cooking and preferably eaten raw. Many dieticians recommend consuming Calcium and Vitamin D supplements if you do follow this diet over a longer period of time.
His degree is in health science and he's a certified personal trainer who loves helping people reach their goals.
Glucagon releases stored energy (glucose) out of the liver and into the bloodstream where insulin pulls that energy out of the bloodstream into your cells to be used as fuel. This process is known as “insulin resistance” and the resultant condition is “Hyperinsulinemia”. However, every now and again I do coach someone who does very well on a high-carb (more fruit, veggies, and gluten-free carbs such as brown rice and quinoa), low protein and fat diet, or a mixed diet.
While that is not possible in the modern era, equivalent physical activity is recommended in this diet. The reasoning behind it is that we are genetically programmed to eat what our ancient ancestors ate. We need to maintain a healthy balance of these two hormones for optimal health, mental & emotional balance, and physical performance.
This period of time comprises 99% of human history and is the diet to which the human species is genetically adapted. A lot of this depends on your Primal Pattern Diet Type, which I help clients determine through my CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. The theory is that if we eat similar foods to the humans of that period we will have significant health gains.
These essential fatty acids also help in hormone production, regulating blood pressure, blood clotting, immune response & inflammation response. The human heart and skeletal muscles prefer fatty acids as fuel where the brain prefers glucose.

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