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Paleontastic - primal diet paleo recipes blog, Looking for paleo chicken recipes you could prepare for your next lunch or dinner?
Today, please welcome my friend and fellow healthy lifestyle blogger, Kerri of Fitviews, as she shares her family’s reasons for and experiences with adopting the paleo diet. On Paleo my husband is now taking half the dosage of all his medications (or less) and doing 1,000 times better than we ever dreamed possible. I’ve been eating this way for a little over a month now and I’m feeling many of the same benefits that Kerri mentioned! I’m currently doing the Whole30 experiment after fiddling around with a few paleo ideas for the past couple months and noticing how much better I felt.
I hear you about the dark chocolate Laura; at least it’s better than chocolate chips! I am going paleo on the 1st of May… after my birthday, need to enjoy all the cake first. I sure will, I am in the process of trying to write down a week or two worth of meal plans to get my started.
Well today is the end of month one, it has been fairly easy after the first few days, not too many cravings. I am going to be incorporating more exercise this month and see if I can continue to lose, another 18lbs to go for me to reach my target. Thanks for taking the time to talk about this, I feel strongly about it and really like mastering more on this subject. Welcome to Fitknitchick, a website devoted to teaching midlife women how to be the healthiest, happiest and fittest version of themselves possible. I can not get enough of these simple, easy, and paleo breakfasts (think 2-ingredient pancakes)! Pop that muffin pan in to the oven which you previously preheated 400°F and bake for 15 minutes or however well you like your eggs. We’ve all heard the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal throughout the day. 7)You should tilting your pan and using your spatula in order to help the process that you fold half of omelet over the other side.

Everybody loves muffins, but most people use the traditional recipes which are far from paleo friendly. Green smoothie may look like more appetizing and delicious if they are packed with great nutrients.
So amazing that I was struck by how not-amazing I’d been feeling without realizing there was a problem.
Through trial and error with his diet we found that Paleo (actually maybe a tad closer to Primal for him, he does some dairy) made all of his symptoms rare if not completely absent. Eating Paleo I feel just all-around well: energetic, clear headed, and ready to take on my days. Most days you can find her wrangling kids (the people kind and the goat kind) and chickens, all the while sharing her adventures via instagram and twitter. I am still convincing my family to go all the way with me work on progress but we are close.
I just don’t eliminate any foods from my diet except ones I already know cause me issues. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. I am going to be incorporating some full body kettlebell workouts and working on increasing my pullups, as at the moment, I am pretty shocking at those haha. I'm Tamara, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, healthy living coach, author, PhD and lover of all things science-y. Having grown up in an Asian household in Atlanta, she loves creating and eating both Asian and American cuisine.
Tried both the scrambled and whole egg, scrambled work a little better and increased my cook time to 19 min. No problem about the double post, my comment filter thingy fixed it :) I just answered the previous commenters question. Stay up to date on blog posts and get in on the tips and tricks I only share with my newsletter subscribers. Typical to my style I jumped in with both feet and went strict Paleo a la Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution for 30 days.

My urge to binge eat is non-existent and my adult acne is no longer an issue (it seems to be dairy that causes that for me). What I do know is that we should all be searching for what works for us and not just following the crowd. And wow, and 18 lb weight loss is amazing (given that you had the weight to lose in the first place…).
Definitely loving the whole paleo diet, been on it for a long while now and planning to keep on going for a longer time. If you’re pulling them out from the freezer, thaw them out completely and then reheat in the microwave. In order to spice things up and friendly make this recipe paleo, you’re good to go to switch our regular potatoes for sweet potatoes.
Thanks for visiting!Way back in September, I followed the paleo diet for a little less than 30 days. He was simply removing foods that seemed to be an issue, but where he wound up was very much Paleo.
I love hearing about people who’ve experiment with diet and exercise and found what really works for them.
I’m a Cave Man style eater myself and the food on this site looks great and not very hard to make, but I did have the same question. Yes, I’ve lost pounds and inches too, but for me sticking with Paleo has more to do with how I feel.
I find it so very interesting that diet is soooooo directly related to health issues, even narcolepsy! And I know, from your questions and comments here and in response to anything I post about paleo on Facebook, that many of you are too.

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